Monday, September 19, 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Jul 11 15:59:54 2005
[15:59] benjo: "will this page be finished this evening?"
[16:00] ronron: "oh, i forgot" ----> " i don t like the green" -> " can you change it to purple"
[16:01] benjo: lol
[16:33] ronron: (Link:
[16:34] benjo: haha
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Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Jul 12 09:41:48 2005
[09:41] benjo: uhm... did you overwrite the header image of
[09:42] ronron: hm
[09:42] ronron: possible
[09:42] benjo: now it´s white background again :-)
[09:42] ronron: i updated the gfx path yesterday, it must be due to that
[09:42] ronron: can you update it again ?
[09:45] benjo: yes
[09:47] benjo: done
[10:28] benjo: (Link:
[10:29] benjo: (Link:
[10:32] benjo: (Link:
[10:33] benjo: or did i misunderstand you again? ;-)
[10:34] ronron: no it s perfect
[11:02] benjo: do you know a javascript to bookmark page that works in firefox *and* in explorer?
[11:02] ronron: no :D
[11:02] benjo: :-(
[11:03] ronron: you have to do tyo sepate things
[11:03] ronron: + if you wanna manage other browsers (NS,etc) it ll be worse
[11:03] benjo: hm
[11:16] benjo: yeah, i found a way
[11:16] benjo: (Link:,bookmarken.279.artikel.html),bookmarken.279.artikel.html
[12:40] ronron: firefox problem +_+
[12:40] benjo: -_-
[12:41] benjo: since when does rolf care about firefox?
[12:42] benjo: probably since he saw the statistics
[12:42] benjo: ;-)
[12:42] ronron: :D
[13:49] ronron: zuruck haup button is reauired :D ?
[13:59] benjo: huh
[13:59] benjo: i made one
[13:59] benjo: inside the last layout for that confirmation page :-)
[13:59] ronron: yup but if i can avoid it
[13:59] ronron: so lazy today
[13:59] benjo: lol
[14:51] benjo: i can´t believe it
[14:51] benjo: (Link:
[14:51] benjo: works fine in firefox
[14:51] benjo: in IE nothing to see
[14:52] ronron: lol
[15:24] benjo: i dont know if i should laugh or cry
[15:25] ronron: just get drunk tonight
Session Close (benjo): Tue Jul 12 16:36:23 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Jul 13 08:54:30 2005
[08:54] ronron: -_-
[08:54] ronron: sure that he s going to call balint
[08:54] benjo: of course
[08:55] benjo: balint must be quite pissend too
[08:55] benjo: pissed
[08:55] ronron: YES!
[08:55] benjo: :-D
[08:55] ronron: the thing is that i did not change anything
[08:55] ronron: my code is still the same
[08:55] ronron: he has memory problems
[08:55] ronron: i only display a text on top page
[08:56] benjo: probably he just needs to clean his cache or sth
[08:56] benjo: ;-)
[08:56] ronron: rolf, episode 4587 : discover of the cookies
[08:56] benjo: lol
[08:57] benjo: oh.
[08:57] ronron: lol
[08:58] ronron: the age check is currently displayed only when you have received your code so...
[08:58] ronron: balint must have found an excuse to sleep a bit more
[08:58] benjo: haha
[08:58] benjo: probably
[08:59] benjo: btw:
[08:59] benjo: on that "vorschau" page the bottom part is missing
[08:59] benjo: with the payment or form
[08:59] benjo: or is this the plan?
[08:59] ronron: i removed it
[08:59] benjo: ;-)
[09:00] ronron: cquse when you subscribe, it s nto really clear to be redirected on a page that says "thank you" and display a subscription form just below
[09:01] ronron: actually, did you made a welcome page ?
[09:01] benjo: uhm
[09:01] benjo: no.
[09:01] benjo: what welcome page do you mean
[09:02] ronron: phone number filled -> age check passed -> welcome poor guy
[09:02] benjo: ah
[09:02] benjo: yes
[09:02] benjo: i did
[09:02] benjo: didnt i send that?
[09:03] ronron: i don t think so
[09:04] benjo: yes, i sent you a "welcome page" for phonenumber registration stuff as well as one for the "gratis-vorschau"/newsletter thing
[09:04] benjo: but i'm going to send it again
[09:06] benjo: ok
[09:06] benjo: sent you both
[09:06] ronron: ok thanks
[09:09] benjo: hopefully balint is going to kick ass when he comes next week
[09:09] benjo: ^^
[09:09] ronron: :D
[09:10] benjo: he holds him
[09:10] benjo: and we beat
[09:18] benjo: (Link: there sould be at least the navigation at the bottom O-)
[10:59] benjo: (Link:
[11:24] ronron: did you send me the cancellation confirmation page ?
[11:24] benjo: yes
[11:25] benjo: are you sure your email account is working fine?
[11:25] benjo: ;-)
[11:27] ronron: hmm i m sure i dod not get this page
[11:28] benjo: how can that be
[11:28] ronron: what s the subject of the mail ?
[11:28] benjo: i sent it 30 min. ago
[11:28] ronron: ah ok
[11:28] benjo: "cancellation screen"
[11:28] ronron: i thought it was few days ago
[11:28] ronron: i don t get mail automatically
[11:29] benjo: ah
[11:38] ronron: (Link:
[11:38] ronron: see you ! but you can subscribe if you want
[11:38] benjo: :-)
[11:42] benjo: ok on the confirmation pages there is no register form needed i think ;-)
[11:42] benjo: (Link:
[11:42] ronron: :-I
[11:42] ronron: ok ok
[11:43] benjo: no i mean... rolf wants them everywhere, but on these pages it´s needless i think
[11:43] benjo: ;-)
[11:43] ronron: done
[11:44] ronron: if you see other shits
[11:45] benjo: (Link:
[11:45] benjo: ;-)
[11:45] benjo: ah no
[11:45] benjo: sorry
[11:45] ronron: AHAH !
[11:45] benjo: but on the confirmation page
[11:45] benjo: when you entered your email
[11:46] benjo: or...
[11:46] benjo: better do nothing
[11:46] ronron: i can keep it
[11:46] benjo: rolf schould better decide it
[11:46] benjo: cause he wants it differently anyway
[14:11] benjo: chapter 2943:
[14:11] benjo: rolf: "ben, how can i read php-files?"
[14:11] benjo: ben: "read?!"
[14:12] benjo: rolf: "yes, how can i read them, i have no php program"
[14:12] benjo: "§=)/%=&/!?=(`§
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[08:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Jul 14 08:36:42 2005.
[09:51] ronron: he could at least ask my opinion
[09:52] benjo: ^^
[09:52] benjo: he doesn´t check anything
[09:52] ronron: so balint, does jonathan yorked great on 6tv ?
[09:52] benjo: lol
[09:52] ronron: NO?! i will tell all to the boss
[09:56] benjo: i'm only wondering why that god damn boss doesn´t get that this guy has no plan of anything
[09:59] benjo: i mean, how do you want to build up an internet-thing with somebody, who hasnt got *any* experience with that
[09:59] ronron: rolf is the father of internet, he s amrican for real
[09:59] benjo: lol
[10:00] benjo: he´s the father of the brandnew 2-finger-typing-system
[10:01] ronron: (/ 0 \) naugthy guy :D
[10:03] benjo: i think you dont need to know php, but at least you should know what that acutally is when you manage such things...
[10:04] ronron: the bad thing is that when i try to explain something, for example session, or getting answer from balint (i call one onf his scripts, he gives me a number, etc), he don t catch it
[10:04] benjo: yeah that´s what i mean
[10:05] ronron: last time i talked for 10 mins about 6tv, and after 10 mins, he asked me "but, are you talking abt 6tv or???" i wanted a ropde to hang myself
[10:05] benjo: the problem is, i´m not sure yet if he´s only a bit confused sometimes or if he´s just stupid
[10:05] benjo: lol
[11:27] benjo: we should install a camera in this room
[11:27] benjo: with microphone
[11:28] benjo: so that we have proofs
[11:28] benjo: ;-)
[11:28] ronron: i should learn german then
[11:28] benjo: better not
[11:29] benjo: because if you understand everything, you would get even angrier
[11:29] ronron: it s always interesting
[11:32] benjo: our razr is fat (Link:
[11:35] ronron: v1150 : (Link:
[11:36] benjo: 2 megapixels ROCK
Session Close (benjo): Thu Jul 14 12:06:10 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Jul 14 12:59:21 2005
[12:59] ronron: i need you for my mail
[12:59] ronron: for eacgh sentence, can you make a cartoon ?
[12:59] ronron: with hot colors
[13:00] benjo: lol
[13:00] benjo: what kind of mail?
[13:00] benjo: ;-)
[13:00] ronron: i have to do a mail abotu how to promote our services
[13:01] benjo: are you joking or do you mean that seriously?
[13:02] benjo: :-|
[13:02] ronron: about the mail, that s true
[13:02] ronron: about the cartoon huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
[13:02] benjo: :-PÜ
[13:02] benjo: i better ask, because in this company nothing is impossible
[13:05] benjo: can you write me a program with which i can read php-files?
[13:05] ronron: PHPreader v.
[13:05] ronron: you can also read php files on your tv with that
[13:06] benjo: i dont understand that because i have no windows on my tv
[13:06] ronron: it s normal, only houses have windows, tv has a SCREEN
[13:06] benjo: funny
[13:06] benjo: but this thing here says i have windows
[13:07] benjo: :-/
[13:07] benjo: rolf, a moment ago:
[13:07] benjo: "ben, i have a great idea! let´s register!"
[13:07] benjo: i told him 2 weeks ago to do that
[13:07] benjo: :'-(
[13:07] ronron: lol
[13:10] benjo: damn... everybody he´s talking to on the phone is cheating him
[13:10] benjo: cause it´s so easy
[13:15] ronron: look, we have a good position on google
[13:15] ronron: if you type, we are 3rd !
[13:15] benjo: lol
[14:14] benjo: it´s like
[14:14] benjo: (Link:
[14:16] ronron: :D
[14:16] ronron: you know jesus lol ?
[14:19] benjo: hm
[14:19] benjo: nope
[14:19] benjo: ;-
[14:19] benjo: )
[14:19] ronron: a guy who took paintings from jesus stuff(Link:
[14:20] ronron: and adding texts on it
[14:20] benjo: like this: (Link: ?
[14:20] ronron: (Link:
[14:20] benjo: haha
[14:21] ronron: i love this one :(Link:
[14:21] benjo: cool
[14:22] benjo: sometimes you must take care not to say "lol" in a "real" conversation :-)
[14:23] ronron: sometimes i tell that without paying attention, that s true :|
[14:23] ronron: owned
[14:23] ronron: (Link:
[14:24] benjo: rotfl
[14:24] benjo: ^^
[14:24] benjo: "cause you suck, lol"
[14:24] ronron: the whole colelction is there :(Link:
[14:25] benjo: wicked
[14:25] benjo: (Link:
[15:22] benjo: this is hard work
[15:22] benjo: rolf wants a banner
[15:22] benjo: 400 x 400 pixels
[15:22] benjo: but
[15:22] benjo: not bigger than 50 KB
[15:22] ronron: hm
[15:22] ronron: wbmp file :D
[15:23] benjo: :-D
[16:25] ronron: mega mail to rolf and Ad sent (/ 0 \)
[16:26] benjo: mega mail?
[16:26] ronron: for the site promotion
[16:26] benjo: ah that one
[16:26] benjo: with the cartoons
[16:26] benjo: :-=
[16:26] ronron: only texts, i did not have time
[16:26] benjo: :-(
[16:26] ronron: they r not going to understand a line of that
[16:27] benjo: ^^
[16:27] benjo: but this is good for you
[16:27] benjo: because they adore you
[16:27] benjo: :-)
[16:28] ronron: x_x
[16:28] benjo: "jonathan is *so* good! he knows so much"
[16:29] benjo: so much words i´ve never heard of
[16:29] ronron: my brain stays at home
[16:30] benjo: better
[16:30] benjo: otherwise you would become crazy
[17:29] benjo: coool (Link:
[17:30] ronron: emule dedicated key
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Session Close (benjo): Thu Jul 14 17:34:15 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Jul 15 08:47:48 2005
[08:47] benjo: today is a great day
[08:47] benjo: launch of
[08:47] benjo: ;-)
[08:48] ronron: champagne !
[08:48] ronron: (download trillian if you have a msn account, it works fine (contrary to msnmessenger that can t be installed :D
[08:49] benjo: why trillian?
[08:49] benjo: i have trillian at home
[08:49] ronron: i mean at work
[08:50] benjo: and why?
[08:50] * benjo is confused
[08:50] ronron: can be usefull if you have a msn account and you want to connect on msn from there :|
[08:51] benjo: uhm
[08:51] benjo: ok
[08:51] benjo: but why do you think i need msc-account?
[08:51] benjo: ^^
[08:51] benjo: msn
[08:51] ronron: ithought you had one, liek everybody ö_Ö
[08:52] benjo: it´s a pity that trillian doesnt support skype as well
[08:52] benjo: that would be cool
[08:52] ronron: skype is a piece of shit
[08:53] benjo: yes
[08:53] benjo: i only use it to speak
[08:53] benjo: not like all the others here for typing
[08:59] benjo: lol
[08:59] benjo: rolf: "i cant open the internet"
[09:02] ronron: i forgot the key at home
[09:02] ronron: i m alwas redirected to a virus website names "404error"
[09:02] ronron: ---> did you type the .com at the end of the url ?
[09:02] ronron:
[09:02] benjo: muahahar
[09:08] benjo: can you create me an account for
[09:08] benjo: or give me any pass
[09:08] ronron: 0123456
[09:08] ronron: xxpass
[09:08] ronron: it shoul work
[09:08] benjo: thx
[09:20] ronron: you r so lucky to have "earphones", i m jealous ä_ä
[09:20] benjo: :-)
[09:20] benjo: just go to ralf
[09:20] benjo: maybe he has some left
[10:33] benjo: i couln't be arsed to work today
[10:33] benjo: want to go home :'-(
[10:33] ronron: i went to bed at 4am :|
[10:34] benjo: me at 2:30
[12:04] ronron: \ö/ ths index page of 6tv is..... 6tv.php
[12:04] ronron: even if there are 145236 index pages
[12:04] benjo: how is it possible to set the domain directly to that php file?
[12:05] benjo: ah you mean the old frameset for ultracams content
[12:05] benjo: ah
[12:05] benjo: dont care
[12:05] benjo: pause
[12:05] benjo: ;-)
[14:39] ronron: grrrr
[14:39] benjo: :-/
[14:44] ronron: can you give me a text
[14:45] ronron: cause i think rolf did not understand
[14:45] benjo: lol
[14:45] benjo: ok
[14:45] ronron: old users, please click here to go to the old version...
[14:47] benjo: that'll do:
[14:47] benjo: "Du willst lieber zurück zur alten Version von Klick hier!"
[14:47] ronron: you also put the a tag (l)
[14:47] benjo: yeah so that you see where is the link ^^
[14:48] benjo: ;-)
[14:50] ronron: but... the aqzuestion is... where am i going to put this link :|
[14:50] benjo: hm...
[14:50] benjo: good questian
[14:50] ronron: when you click on the right eye of nikki
[14:51] benjo: lol, yeah
[14:51] benjo: or the left nipple
[14:51] benjo: and we make a sound
[14:51] benjo: on rollover
[14:51] benjo: like "quueiiiiieeeck"
[14:51] benjo: :-|
[14:51] ronron: (+_+)
[14:52] benjo: maybe you can put the link at the top row next to the memberlogin?
[14:52] benjo: then i can reduce the link text a little bit ;-)
[14:52] ronron: i finally had rofl 's text
[14:52] benjo: ah
[14:53] benjo: damn, 10 seconds work for nothing
[14:53] ronron: actually he did not understand that when you type it redirects to /v2
[14:53] benjo: yes it´s hard
[16:45] ronron: 45mins left :|
[16:45] benjo: i hope so... cause the boss wants the images on to be changed...
[16:45] ronron: huh?
[16:45] benjo: but i dont know *when* yet :-/
[16:45] benjo: i heard in the phonecall
[16:45] benjo: they were talking about that
[16:46] ronron: they want to put a 60 y.o woman instead of nikki nova
[16:46] benjo: maybe
[16:46] benjo: ;-)
[16:55] benjo: he is a damn bootlicker
[16:56] benjo: boss said, the pictures in the movie categorie are crap
[16:56] benjo: and he said "yes of course you´re right"
[16:56] benjo: ]:->
[16:57] ronron: lol
[17:02] ronron: err rolf is on holidays ?
[17:03] benjo: huh?
[17:03] ronron: that was not what he said ?
[17:03] benjo: no
[17:03] benjo: he just told you that ad is on holidays
[17:04] benjo: what he already told several times
[17:04] benjo: ;-)
[17:04] ronron: oh fuck
[17:04] benjo: but me for example, i'm not interested in holidays if it´s not my own
[17:05] ronron: i thought we would not see rofl for one month :|
[17:05] benjo: that would be party
[17:05] benjo: a girl with really big tits sitting on his chair in the meantime
[17:06] ronron: your adult website experience changes you
[17:06] benjo: lol
[17:06] ronron: :)
[17:28] benjo: 5 minutes left
[17:28] benjo: i can´t wait
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[09:00] benjo: cool you organised a headphone? ;-)
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Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Jul 18 10:36:30 2005
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Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Jul 18 13:21:21 2005
[13:21] ronron: i love this kind of discussion
[13:22] benjo: definetely
[15:13] ronron: HI
[15:13] benjo: lol
Session Close (benjo): Mon Jul 18 16:08:02 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Jul 18 16:40:11 2005
[16:40] benjo: can you give me the link to that jesus lol again?
[16:40] benjo: i don´t log the icq-history
[16:43] ronron: (Link:
[16:44] benjo: thx lol
[16:48] ronron: ...HI
[16:48] benjo: hi
[16:48] benjo: how are you
[16:48] benjo: asl
Session Close (benjo): Mon Jul 18 17:14:05 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Jul 19 08:55:06 2005
[08:55] benjo: butthead
[08:55] ronron: we r only at the start of the day and he's already like that
[08:55] ronron: must be a disease
[08:55] benjo: usually it begins at 14
[08:56] benjo: but not that early
[08:56] benjo: ;-)
[08:56] benjo: this guy is too stoned
[10:41] benjo: (Link:
[10:41] benjo: jesus lol
[10:58] benjo: HI
[10:58] ronron: Hi
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Jul 19 13:15:16 2005
[13:15] benjo: i can´t be nice to him any longer
[13:15] benjo: i´m a ticking time bomb
[13:15] benjo: ^^
[13:16] ronron: i love when he stands up on your left to verifiy what i m currently doing :D
[13:17] benjo: this only happens when he has got nothing to do
[13:17] benjo: when he´s bored by his stupid life
[13:18] ronron: hey , everyboy dream of being a project manager @ telepronto in his life
[13:18] benjo: ;-)
[13:20] benjo: i don´t want to know how much money he receives for this job
[13:20] benjo: i think i would become very angry
[13:20] ronron: i don t think he earns that much
[13:21] benjo: i hope
[13:36] benjo: it´s funny... when balint is in hungary, rolf is talking the whole day with him by phone... but when he´s sitting next to him, they are changing only a few words ;-)
[13:36] ronron: we ll talk later then
[13:36] benjo: muaharhar
[13:46] benjo: he´s not only an excellent project manager... but he´s talented graphics designer as well!
[13:47] ronron: we just have to see homevideo :D
[13:47] benjo: :-)
[13:58] benjo: i'd like to have one of those: (Link:
[13:59] ronron: you r are crual, as i have to wait 7pm to eat :|
[14:00] benjo: O-)
[16:48] ronron: rolf discovers Strg+C
[16:49] benjo: yeah
[16:49] benjo: i think he found a tutorial on the internet
[16:50] benjo: §"$)(/&!"§
[16:51] ronron: who has firefox (copyright rolf 2k5)
[16:51] benjo: ...
[16:51] benjo: bunghole
[16:52] benjo: i
[16:53] benjo: i'm sure he uses aol at home
[16:53] benjo: cool (Link:
[16:55] ronron: hehe original
[16:56] benjo: everybody
[16:56] benjo: except of you!
[16:56] ronron: oh fuck
[16:56] benjo: YOU ARE TEH STPUID!!!1
[16:56] ronron: i wanted to say it
[16:56] benjo: ;-)
[16:57] benjo: we could make a website out of his quotes
[16:57] ronron: rolf-o-tron
[16:57] benjo: lol
[16:59] ronron: (*)collector(*)
[17:03] benjo: RTFM
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Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Jul 20 10:45:00 2005
[10:45] benjo: could you update your local i changed some images. not that you overwrite them ;-)
[10:45] ronron: ok
Session Close (benjo): Wed Jul 20 11:38:51 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Jul 20 11:42:02 2005
[11:42] ronron: ‡ rolf, official google expert ‡
[11:42] benjo: :-@
[11:43] benjo: he´s so clevefr
[11:44] ronron: look we are listed on google, you can find us on the 254654th page when you type "sex"
[11:44] benjo: lol
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Jul 20 13:27:47 2005
[13:27] ronron: i feel depressed
[13:28] benjo: what shall i say
[13:28] benjo: i can´t see this stupid wanker anymore
[13:31] benjo: and why you?
[13:32] ronron: \o/ let s get fired after my 6 months here
[13:32] benjo: you are already 6 month in here?
[13:32] ronron: no after 6 months they will renew my contract or not
[13:32] benjo: ah
[13:32] benjo: yes the same for me
[13:33] benjo: but i´m sure i found a better job till then :-)
[13:37] benjo: do you want to work here for a long time?
[13:37] ronron: no
[13:37] ronron: if i get fired
[13:38] ronron: i leave the flat :)
[13:38] ronron: and i will move to indonesia
[13:38] ronron: here a tpronto it s just to get some money
[13:38] benjo: and if they want to hire you longer again after the 6 month?
[13:39] ronron: i ll stay a bit
[13:39] ronron: but i ll move in 2006 to indonesia anyway
[13:39] benjo: i mean... the job itself would be ok... but i can´t work with that guy
[13:40] benjo: he is like a brake for the whole company
[13:40] ronron: i dunno how richard and cie can t see that
[13:40] ronron: the fact that he does not know the domain he works for
[13:40] benjo: yeah that´s what i´m wondering...
[13:45] benjo: lol... he´s such a butthead
[13:45] benjo: (Link:
[13:45] benjo: first he told me to change the pic of that grandma and he gave me another one
[13:46] benjo: i changed it
[13:46] benjo: and now he wants me to take the old one again
[13:46] ronron: so sexy
[13:48] ronron: the worst for you is to be obliged to work on a website withotu having the opportunity to make it better
[13:48] benjo: exactly
[13:48] benjo: and, i mean... i´m employed as a web-"designer"!
[13:49] benjo: not as a "do-like-rolf-wants-it"
[13:49] ronron: that s why it s nice to be a developer
[13:49] ronron: you can tell him you need 4 days to do that
[13:49] benjo: right
[13:50] ronron: even if it takes you 10mins
[13:50] benjo: and everybody thinks that he´s a good designer and has an opinion...
[13:51] benjo: that´s why i like to work on the html-stuff... he has no idea how long this takes and cannot check it anyway
[13:56] ronron: can you change the orange bg of homevideo ?
[13:56] ronron: it s so horrible
[13:56] benjo: lol
[13:56] benjo: i would like to
[13:56] benjo: ask rolf
[13:56] benjo: ;-)
[13:56] benjo: but... that´s not all
[13:56] ronron: even this simple bg is not neat
[13:56] benjo: nearly everything is horrbile
[13:57] benjo: :-/
[13:57] ronron: the lines are not...lines
[13:57] benjo: a lot of curios there
[14:03] benjo: doesnt balint check that this guy is too stupid?
[14:04] ronron: i complain him
[15:03] benjo: chapter 29945: rolf discovers ftp-program
[15:03] ronron: rolf marketing ideas
[15:04] ronron: lolesque
[15:04] benjo: lol-o-mat
[15:05] ronron: he can t imagine that people who come to homevideo can surf at home
[15:05] benjo: no they are all working
[15:06] benjo: in germany people dont have internet access at home
[15:06] benjo: ;-)
[15:07] ronron: if i want to dl sex things i get them from home, not at work....he s so dumb
[15:07] ronron: ci
[15:08] benjo: i´m sure he often jerks off at work
[15:11] ronron: congratulations ben, you work on homevideo is fantastic
[15:11] ronron: we can proudly call it : V2
[15:11] benjo: ^^
[15:11] benjo: lol
[15:12] benjo: "jonathan, can you plz make a redirect to"
[15:12] benjo: and then.... champagne!
[15:12] ronron: sorry, i have to mush work with this keywords implementation on meta tags on 6tv
[15:12] benjo: lol
[15:13] ronron: aaaaargh
[15:19] ronron: [15:18:41] rolfi_nrw a dit : I copied the sex stories to Q:\Jonathan. Please delete the folder, if you have copied them to your harddrive.
[15:19] benjo: :-/
[15:19] ronron: Jonathan folder :D
[15:20] ronron: with girls featuring horses in it :D
[15:20] benjo: aren´t you proud of your own folder now?
[15:53] ronron: we had a discussion with balin and rolf
[15:53] ronron: i complain balint a lot
[15:54] ronron: about url rewriting, rolf does nlot understand anything, but tries to do as if he understood the whole stuff
[15:54] benjo: haha
[15:54] benjo: thats what he always does
[15:55] benjo: an opinion to everything
[15:55] ronron: balint wants to make a random system that would display different movies on homevideo (different order, to give thei mpression to the user that the content is alwas updated)
[15:56] ronron: so balint made 20 different randoms
[15:56] ronron: rolf : " no, 20 is not enough, 100 would be great"
[15:56] benjo: ...
[15:56] benjo: but isn´t there a random display at the moment already?
[15:56] ronron: no movies are listed by date
[15:57] benjo: kay
[15:59] benjo: have you ever been to la baule?
[16:00] ronron: hm no but i know it, why ?
[16:01] benjo: a friend of my father is going to marry there in september
[16:01] benjo: and i'm going to travel there
[16:02] benjo: is it cool?
[16:03] ronron: (Link:
[16:03] ronron: hm :D
[16:03] benjo: stormy
[16:03] benjo: ;-)
[16:11] ronron: lol
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Jul 21 10:22:40 2005
[10:23] 336067819: i know a guy who buy candies just to be loved by his project manager :-d
[10:23] benjo: ^-^
[10:23] benjo: we have a deal
[10:24] benjo: buy candies everyday and i won´t ask you what you´re doing
[10:24] 336067819: :D
[10:45] benjo: cool, we have gauge in homevideo as well
[10:45] 336067819: yup
[10:45] 336067819: what a bitch :D
[10:45] benjo: ;-)
[10:51] benjo: (Link:
[10:51] benjo: rolf sent me that link ;-)
[10:52] 336067819: me too
[10:52] benjo: ah
[10:52] 336067819: he discovers what we calle "the internet" so tell him his links are wonderful, he ll be happy
[10:52] benjo: maybe he is ambitious to learn sth abt this business ;-)
[10:52] benjo: haha
[10:53] 336067819: he plans to do his own website
[10:53] 336067819: but first
[10:53] 336067819: he needs a PHPreader to read php files
[10:53] benjo: :-D
[12:36] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Jul 21 12:36:39 2005.
[12:38] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Jul 21 12:38:23 2005.
[12:48] 336067819: does rolf send you tons of links?
[12:48] benjo: not tons
[12:48] benjo: but sometimes... ;.-)
[12:48] benjo: "look, i found this site on the internet. you can nearly find *everything*. it´s amazing: (Link:"
[12:49] 336067819: next step : learn that you can access to the majority of sites without typing : http://www.
[12:50] benjo: :-D
[12:51] 336067819: and then : you don t have to type again the whole url when it has been visited earlier and it s present in the address bar
[12:52] benjo: this is
[12:52] benjo: this is *too* crazy... he won´t believe it
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Jul 21 12:57:55 2005
[12:57] benjo: leave the computer off an just type sometimes on your keyboard... rolf won´t check that something is different... :-D [Offline Message (7/21/2005 [11:54])]
[12:58] 336067819: i m so affraid of typing a line of code on dreamweaver
[14:56] benjo: do you know virtual blowjob?
[14:56] ronron: ???
[14:56] benjo: videos
[14:56] ronron: no
[14:56] benjo: called "virtual blowjob"
[14:56] benjo: hm
[15:21] ronron: lets dance
[15:21] benjo: ???
[15:22] ronron: your music :D
[15:22] benjo: yeah i´m listening to
[15:22] ronron: with hi quality earphones
[15:22] benjo: all thoses ringtones
[15:57] ronron: french anthem :O
[15:57] benjo: allez les bleus
[15:57] benjo: ;-)
[15:57] ronron: it was few years ago, allez les bleus :(
[15:58] benjo: :-/
[15:58] ronron: now we have difficulties to beat faroe islands :D
[15:58] benjo: the german team has problems as well at some time...
[15:58] benjo: ;-)
[15:58] ronron: zidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane
[15:58] ronron: sorry
[15:59] benjo: :-)
[15:59] benjo: he is the best player
[15:59] benjo: but too old
[15:59] benjo: :-)
[15:59] benjo: like everyone says to oli kahn
[15:59] ronron: yup but kahn is morev than too old
[15:59] ronron: :|
[16:00] benjo: when i was in england, everybody made jokes about the age of the german players... but now it´s vice versa... the german average age is now ~20y and the brits are much older
[16:01] ronron: just imagine my sister who lives in london, during england-france of euro 2004
[16:01] ronron: they all bet for england, expect of her
[16:01] benjo: i was in london when germany played agains england in the wembley stadium
[16:02] benjo: the last match in that stadium ever
[16:02] benjo: and the english lost
[16:02] benjo: ^^
[16:02] benjo: and we went through the city hiding for hooligans
[16:02] benjo: ;-)
[16:02] ronron: you are obliged to win the next world cup now :D
[16:02] benjo: ye
[16:02] benjo: we *must*
[16:03] benjo: :-)
[16:03] benjo: but i´m quite confident that we will win :-)
[16:03] ronron: if the brazil tem plane crash and france dos not qualify, you have chances
[16:05] benjo: lol
[16:06] benjo: there will be a riot going on in this company during the championship
[16:06] benjo: so many nationalities...
[16:06] benjo: but we all have to bet for the dutch team when we don´t want to get fired
[16:06] benjo: (if they qualify)
[16:06] ronron: lol
[16:07] ronron: HI
[16:08] benjo: :-)
[16:21] benjo: wtf
[16:21] benjo: (Link:
[16:21] benjo: (Link:
[16:22] ronron: the twins are ok anyway :D
[16:25] benjo: would be a great cd cover for a death metal band
[16:25] benjo: (Link:
[16:26] ronron: \o/ my hero \o/
[16:26] ronron: i had a puzzle featurgin him :D
[16:27] benjo: i had the whole series B-)
[16:27] benjo: even battle-cat
[16:27] ronron: battle cat?
[16:27] benjo: and the original he-man costume:
[16:27] benjo: (Link:
[16:27] benjo: dont you know battle cat?
[16:28] ronron: i know cosmocats
[16:28] benjo: that was he-man´s cat and his faithful companion
[16:30] benjo: (Link:
[16:30] ronron: wow. i m afraid
[16:31] benjo: ;_)
[16:31] benjo: do you know string emil?
[16:32] ronron: hm no
[16:32] benjo: (Link:
[16:32] ronron: ah yeah i know him :D
[16:32] benjo: he´s a real pimp
[16:34] ronron: grrrrr
[16:34] ronron: (Link:
[16:34] benjo: whoa
[16:34] benjo: let´s ask rolf if we can use this for a layout
[16:35] benjo: muaharharh (Link:
[16:36] ronron: with mega-beard
[16:38] benjo: if you can afford a porsche with such crap, i would do it too (Link:
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Jul 21 16:50:50 2005
[16:50] benjo: impossible (Link:,,22989-1702712,00.html),,22989-1702712,00.html
[16:51] ronron: huh
[16:51] benjo: again
[16:51] benjo: (Link:
[17:01] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Jul 21 17:01:57 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Thu Jul 21 17:30:39 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Jul 22 09:22:26 2005
[09:58] ronron: wow this ivanja is a REVOLUTION
[09:58] benjo: viva la revolucion!
[09:59] benjo: (Link:
[10:00] ronron: :D knew it
[10:00] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Jul 22 10:00:48 2005.
[10:02] ronron: (Link:
[10:02] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Jul 22 10:02:32 2005.
[10:02] ronron: (Link:
[10:25] ronron: so i finally changed my razr v3
[10:25] benjo: firmware update?
[10:25] benjo: to record movies?
[10:25] ronron: no for a 3320
[10:26] benjo: aaahh...
[10:26] ronron: the difference is quite big regarding possibilities
[10:26] benjo: coool
[10:26] benjo: how much was it?
[10:26] ronron: i took a new subscription
[10:26] ronron: so....1€
[10:27] benjo: alright
[10:27] benjo: i have to wait 2 years :-(
[10:27] ronron: you can t cancel before
[10:27] ronron: in france it s possibile with some of the operators
[10:27] ronron: cause when they change terms of use, if you do not agree
[10:28] benjo: yes if the change their terms, its possible as well
[10:28] ronron: you can cancel you subscription :D so let s say i made my business with that in france, brand new phone every 2months
[10:28] benjo: but they dont ;-)
[10:28] benjo: ^^
[10:29] benjo: in germany your subscription leasts for 2 years. and after that you get a new phone if you subscribe for another 2 years
[10:30] ronron: yup i took two years engagement too, we ll see what i ll do when i ll leave germany (the guy told me "ok ok but you have to stay two years there !"
[10:30] ronron: my as
[10:30] ronron: s
[10:30] benjo: no no... if you move to another country, you can cancel your contract
[10:30] benjo: i think
[10:31] ronron: cool :)
[10:32] ronron: do you know this tool ?
[10:32] ronron: (Link:
[10:32] benjo: no
[10:32] ronron: i va installed it on the phone
[10:32] benjo: cool, now i can watch the homevideo content in the train
[10:33] ronron: it plays divx :-)
[10:33] benjo: kewl
[10:33] benjo: that´s why i asked you if you know "virtual blowjob" on yesterday... that would be cool for mobile
[10:34] benjo: i´m sure there are some freaks who need to wank around the whole day
[10:34] ronron: lol
[11:03] benjo: i need a bluetooth headset :-|
[11:03] benjo: do you know a good oneß
[11:11] ronron: i dunno if motoral do some
[11:20] benjo: (Link:
[11:20] benjo: why dont we have that on
[11:20] benjo: it´s praggirls content....
Session Close (benjo): Fri Jul 22 12:36:21 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Jul 22 14:06:15 2005
[14:06] benjo: (Link:
[14:06] benjo: you need sound for that
[14:33] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Jul 22 14:33:56 2005.
[14:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Jul 22 14:35:40 2005.
[15:25] ronron: this is really shit
[15:29] benjo: ^^
[15:30] benjo: "oh this is really shit. we talk later then"
[17:37] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Jul 22 17:37:30 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Fri Jul 22 17:38:12 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Jul 25 08:55:54 2005
[08:55] benjo: i found a great new site on the internet
[08:55] benjo: (Link:
[08:56] ronron: strange it s ip filtered to my flat
[08:59] ronron: protected again then :D
[08:59] benjo: :-/
[08:59] ronron: it s in test process, i dont want it to people buy content that does not exists
[09:00] benjo: i was wondering if the content is on your own server... cause the preview pics are on that domain as well...
[09:01] ronron: i can t put the content online (actually it s fake content)
[09:01] ronron: as i am waiting for the license for this ckech thing
[09:01] ronron: czech
[09:01] ronron: (adultczechcontent)
[09:02] benjo: so you really use only your own content for that?
[09:02] ronron: the preview pics were taken from hv content of course
[09:02] ronron: cause i don t have the license as i said
[09:08] ronron: (Link:
[09:08] ronron: nice movie :D
[09:08] benjo: lol
[09:09] benjo: which one is the puppet
[09:09] ronron: lol
[09:10] ronron: actually i wanted to launch my site with the hv content gf told me not to so i m wainting for these fucking license (they let you download the movies from their server, but you have to wait up to 5 weeks to receive the license by mail
[09:11] benjo: do you have a license for hv? ;-)
[09:11] ronron: rolf sold it to me for 2,99€
[09:11] benjo: harhar
[09:12] ronron: actually he wanted me to subscribe to in exchange
[09:12] benjo: ^^
[09:12] ronron: actually i you know how to use premiere, hv content can be useful
[09:13] ronron: cause actually you only see black people fucking
[09:13] benjo: lol
[09:16] ronron: but on this site,, they use the same content than homevideo, but the quality is quite good for the same movies
[09:17] ronron: like this one :
[09:17] ronron: (Link:
[10:24] ronron: did i give you this link ? (Link:
[10:25] benjo: no
[10:26] ronron: it s to promote adult content or other things (your or their)
[10:26] ronron: i think via sms payment
[10:28] benjo: isn´t it the same as mobileview does?
[10:29] ronron: must be more or less the same
[10:29] benjo: i registered my own keywords yesterday
[10:29] benjo: for sms chat
[10:30] benjo: ^^
[10:30] ronron: registered ???
[10:30] benjo: applied...
[10:31] benjo: i can make a single portal now with fake girls :-)
[10:32] benjo: they pay me 83 ct per sms
[10:32] ronron: :D
[10:32] benjo: :-)
[11:04] ronron: i don t want to work on this google thing
[11:04] ronron: just because i don t want to have to explain rolf how it works
[11:04] benjo: ^^
[11:36] ronron: we talk later then
[11:37] benjo: :-D
[11:38] ronron: can t wait for the magic sentence
[11:38] benjo: "oh yes, that´s really shit!"
[11:44] benjo: lol
[11:44] ronron: yes :D
[11:44] benjo: bingo
[11:44] ronron: but no "then" this time
[11:45] benjo: yes he said
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Jul 25 14:28:56 2005
[14:29] ronron: [14:27:04] rolfi_nrw a dit : jonathan, I just sent you some more keywords for
(Link:,), maybe you can use them. Are you coming clear with the texts from the sex stories to do the subpages ?
[14:28:15] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : evrythign is clear for me, even if it s not my fault that the server is not well optinmized for the url rewriting thing
[14:28:43] rolfi_nrw a dit : you mean with ?
[14:30] ronron: nooooooooo!
[14:31] benjo: lol, now he´s talking to david probably
[14:31] benjo: "david, can you explain me what jonathan said?"
[14:34] ronron: i think that david made the server with his feet
[14:35] ronron: i can t understand why it s still working when you see the config files
[14:35] benjo: lol
[14:36] benjo: but its nice that the server stands in spain
[14:36] benjo: ^^
[14:36] ronron: i only have one line of code to put online
[14:36] ronron: and this fucking server does not reckognize it ::-[14:37] benjo: has it apache running?
[14:37] ronron: yup
[14:37] ronron: but 1958 Apache
[14:37] benjo: :-(
[14:37] ronron: PHP ver. -12
[14:40] benjo: Apache 2.0.52
[14:40] ronron: the thing is trhat david just have to remove a "#" in a php file
[14:40] benjo: :-/
[14:41] ronron: i told him to do but....."i don t have time, i ll check if i can do it next week"
[14:41] ronron: it was one month ago .D
[14:41] benjo: pfff
[14:41] ronron: actually i think that he s not so familiar with php things
[14:42] ronron: there was not any database when i arrived :D
[14:42] benjo: i have no plan neither about those things...
[14:42] benjo: but mod_rewrite is loaded
[14:43] ronron: also, when i put a htaccess file in a folder
[14:43] ronron: it disappears
[14:43] ronron: and i can t delete the folder containing it :D
[14:43] benjo: :'-(
[14:45] benjo: nice: (Link:
[14:45] benjo: lol
[14:45] ronron: W O R L D W I D E T E L E C O M M U N I C A T I O N S
[14:45] ronron: \o/
[14:46] benjo: :-@
[14:47] ronron: (Link:
[14:50] benjo: this is for a museum
[14:50] benjo: first internet-grafic ever
[14:50] benjo: from 1985
[14:51] ronron: when you see this bottomnav on the pages
[14:51] ronron: if you click on the phones or laptop it s ok
[14:51] ronron: but if you click in another zone of the pic....
[14:52] benjo: this is supposed to be an easteregg
[14:52] ronron: on some pages it will redirect you to a shtml.exe thing (?)
[14:52] ronron: (Link:
[14:53] ronron: at the bottom
[14:53] benjo: lol
[14:53] benjo: wtf omg
[14:53] ronron: does the error message in french for you ?
[14:54] benjo: actually i dont have any error message
[14:54] ronron: when you click ?
[14:54] benjo: yes
[14:54] benjo: :-P
[14:57] benjo: my sister lives in dunkerque now
[14:57] ronron: poor girl
[14:57] ronron: she s not lucky in her life ?
[14:58] benjo: she
[14:58] benjo: she *has* to live
[14:58] benjo: student exchange
[14:58] benjo: for half a year
[14:58] benjo: :-/
[14:58] ronron: only half a year that s ok
[14:58] benjo: but before she had a girl from there
[14:58] benjo: who lived here for half a year
[14:59] benjo: and you could buy cheap dope at her :-D
[14:59] ronron: lol
[14:59] ronron: i love dunkerque
[14:59] benjo: yeah she was always stoned
[14:59] benjo: or drunk
[15:14] benjo: do you know another pornmovie-sharing-something like you had on your old chewing-cum?
[15:14] benjo: i´m looking for this since ages
[15:14] ronron: ???
[15:14] benjo: it wasn´t your own content right?
[15:14] ronron: yup
[15:14] ronron: >
[15:15] ronron:
[15:15] ronron: >
[15:15] ronron: they all provide an aff program
[15:15] benjo: aight thx
[15:17] ronron: you want to be an aff from this site or do the same thing as them ?
[15:18] benjo: hm...
[15:18] benjo: i´m only looking for good movie content to make my own site... :-D
[15:18] benjo: but the thing is i want to make my own design and implement the movies
[15:18] ronron: if you told me "movie content" without good
[15:19] ronron: i would have told you to tzake homevideo content :D
[15:19] benjo: :-)
[15:19] ronron: for the content i m waiting the license for
[15:19] ronron: the price was 1600€/100movies
[15:20] benjo: c'est trop cher pour moi maintenant
[15:20] ronron: all movies sent by mail + preview screenshots + mini clips for each movie
[15:20] benjo: yes you gave me the link already
[15:20] benjo: but i dont want to spend money on the content before i start
[15:20] benjo: so --> affiliate shit
[15:20] ronron: so take homevideo content lol
[15:20] benjo: how can i
[15:20] benjo: ?
[15:20] ronron: q/homevideo
[15:20] ronron: lol
[15:20] benjo: just copy the movies to my server ;-)
[15:20] benjo: lol
[15:21] ronron: takes too much time :D
[15:21] ronron: my upload ratre is low at my flat
[15:22] benjo: :-D
[15:26] ronron: if you need an affiliate program :D think about me :D
[15:26] benjo: yeah when it´s done...
[15:26] benjo: or have you finished it already?
[15:26] ronron: the code is finished
[15:27] ronron: only a matter of content now
[15:27] benjo: but not the content
[15:27] benjo: aight
[15:27] benjo: what do you share?
[15:27] benjo: ^^
[15:27] ronron: depends on the productivity
[15:28] ronron: for example, i m goign to contact bgi porn sites to ask them to join my program
[15:28] ronron: so i ll have to give them a big part :(
[15:28] ronron: but if they bring me a lot of sales it s ok
Session Close (benjo): Mon Jul 25 15:37:25 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Jul 26 09:56:22 2005
[09:56] ronron: (Link:
[09:56] ronron: watch it entirely lol
[09:56] ronron: really funny
[10:00] benjo: muahahar
[10:00] benjo: cool
[10:00] ronron: poor guy
[10:00] benjo: :-D
[10:35] benjo: "that google thing"
[10:36] ronron: it s a beast
[12:39] benjo: (Link:
[12:39] ronron: lol
[12:40] ronron: i thought pulp fiction was first :D
[12:40] benjo: but tarantino is quite good :-)
[12:44] ronron: could you make make a wonderful banner for ?
[12:44] ronron: without informing rolf abt that ?
[12:44] benjo: lol
[12:44] benjo: for what?
[12:45] ronron: for toplists and other craps
[12:45] benjo: kay
[12:45] benjo: size?
[12:45] benjo: animated?
[12:45] ronron: 468*60
[12:45] ronron: the reste is as you want
[12:45] ronron: 20kb max :D
[12:45] benjo: :-Ü
[12:45] benjo: :-P
[12:46] benjo: and why mustn´t rolf know about?
[12:47] ronron: because he will say "i don t like silicone"
[12:47] ronron: don t want to lose time
[12:47] benjo: lol
[12:47] benjo: :-D
[12:47] benjo: aight
[12:56] benjo: mail
[12:56] ronron: ok thx
[12:57] benjo: de rien
[12:57] ronron: hum 468x60 ???
[12:58] benjo: what did i sent you?
[12:58] ronron: i think its 368
[12:58] benjo: d'oh!
[12:58] benjo: uhm
[12:58] benjo: no, it´s 468
[12:58] ronron: even the neame of the file is 368
[12:58] benjo: :-/
[12:58] benjo: just change it
[12:58] benjo: ;-)
[12:59] ronron: no it s ok
[12:59] ronron: thunderbird risezed it (dunno why)
[12:59] benjo: yes i mean: change the name, then it works ;-)
[13:46] ronron: (Link:
[13:47] benjo: lol
[13:48] ronron: thank you microsoft
[13:48] benjo: micr0$0ft is T3H P33N!!!!!11
[13:49] benjo: ph34r my l33t skillz
[13:50] ronron: (Link:
[15:03] benjo: now he asked me the 4th time what i´m doing within the last 3 hours
[15:07] ronron: and ?
[15:07] ronron: you DID a BANNER
[15:07] ronron: for me :D
[15:07] benjo: ^^
[15:07] ronron: actually we are now listed on this fucking toplist
[15:07] benjo: great
[15:07] ronron: strange music tastes
[15:53] ronron: nice wallpaper you have :-D
[15:53] benjo: :-)
[16:09] benjo: ah... do you still need the bitches?
[16:09] ronron: yup
[16:09] ronron: buttons should be the same then the banners you created for homevideo,6tv, direktsex...
[16:12] benjo: ok.. you only need 3 different banners with celebs on it? without any text?
[16:12] ronron: let your creativity talk :D
[16:13] ronron: i just want great things to make people click on it :D
[16:21] ronron: \o/
[16:23] benjo: when do you need them? O-)
[16:23] ronron: i m not in a hurry, it s just that i plan to make a admin tool to manage banners on our sites
[16:24] benjo: is it enough when i make them tomorrow morning?
[16:24] ronron: you can do them for next december if you want :D
[16:24] benjo: i'm so busy at the moment :-D
[16:25] ronron: yup, i know you changed your wallpaper today :D
[16:25] ronron: (Link:
[16:25] benjo: and i had to sabotage
[16:25] ronron: lol
[16:25] benjo: new it
[16:25] benjo: knew
[16:25] ronron: i ll find some others
[16:28] ronron: useful for forums : (Link:
Session Close (benjo): Tue Jul 26 16:30:23 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Jul 26 17:15:34 2005
[17:15] benjo: this is *really* cool (Link:
Session Close (benjo): Tue Jul 26 17:28:34 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Jul 26 17:31:13 2005
[17:31] benjo: lol
[17:31] ronron: i can t find words
[17:31] ronron: let s say "lol" too
Session Close (benjo): Tue Jul 26 17:32:18 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Jul 27 09:38:28 2005
[09:38] ronron: discover of google maps..... +_+
[09:39] benjo: yeah he asked me "where can i get the google satellite thing"
[09:39] benjo: but the other guy
[09:39] benjo: not rolf
[09:41] ronron: i wish he could tell me something interesting one day
[09:45] benjo: "jonathan, have *you* heard about that new google maps thing already?"
[09:45] ronron: no !
[09:47] ronron: ...
[09:47] benjo: ^^
[09:48] ronron: jonathan, can you work on the 6tv problem ?
[09:48] ronron: ok, but
[09:48] ronron: -> what is the problem ?
[09:49] benjo: he hoped that you know it
[09:49] benjo: :-)
[09:49] ronron: -> what can i do if the billing is entrely managed by balint ?
[09:49] ronron: my pages are done, i just get 0,1,2,3,4 from balint and display the needed page
[09:50] benjo: just tell him: jonathan --> makes the the html and the implementation, balint --> evertything else
[09:50] benjo: :-)
[09:50] ronron: can you mail me the log file :D lol
[09:51] benjo: oh yes, that is really shit
[09:51] ronron: REALLY shit
[09:51] benjo: what will balint think about him?
[09:51] ronron: in caps
[09:51] ronron: strange
[09:51] benjo: new
[09:51] benjo: + 10 credits
[09:52] ronron: in 2005, rolf discovers spams, that is not tolerated anymore :D
[09:52] benjo: :-D
[09:53] benjo: HAR HAR
[09:54] benjo: the other day he asked me if i know where to get a massmailer where you can fake the sender address
[09:54] benjo: ^^
[09:55] ronron: ok rolf, if i want i can send you a mail with
[09:55] ronron: WTF ? WONDERFUL !
[09:55] benjo: lol
[09:56] ronron: si if we have problems, bill gates will go to prison instead of us !
[09:56] benjo: :-D
[09:57] benjo: that is REALLY clever!!!!!!11
[10:32] benjo: (Link:
[10:33] ronron: wow
[10:33] ronron: better than telepronto
[10:33] benjo: a bit
[10:34] benjo: but they have also funny looking people
[10:34] benjo: (Link:
[10:34] benjo: ;-)
[10:34] ronron: lol
[10:35] benjo: would like to have such shirt (Link:
Session Close (benjo): Wed Jul 27 13:49:04 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Jul 27 16:40:35 2005
[16:40] benjo: lol:
[16:40] benjo: (Link:
[16:40] ronron: yummie
[17:38] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Jul 27 17:38:19 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Wed Jul 27 17:44:03 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Jul 28 08:59:13 2005
[08:59] ronron: (Link:
[09:25] ronron: he wants to be in CC
[09:25] ronron: ...
[09:25] benjo: ^^
[12:10] ronron: (Link:
[12:37] benjo: lol
[12:37] benjo: (Link:
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Jul 28 14:01:06 2005
[14:01] benjo: (Link:
[14:04] ronron: you should make a joke
[14:05] ronron: sure he ll try to click
[14:05] benjo: ^^
[14:06] benjo: would be a good banner with an excellent click rate
[14:06] benjo: lets link the cancel button to
[14:24] benjo: lol
[14:25] benjo: rolf: "did you talk with him about the url rewriting?"
[14:29] ronron: lol
[14:30] benjo: do you hear if a guy comes from belgium?
[14:31] ronron: no
[14:32] ronron: new employee?
[14:34] benjo: lol
[14:34] benjo: i mean, do you hear when a belgium guy speaks french that he is belgium
[14:34] benjo: like a dialect or something
[14:35] ronron: ah ok
[14:35] ronron: they have sometimes strange accent
[14:36] ronron: when a french guy says "r"
[14:36] ronron: a guy from belgium would says "rrr"
[14:36] benjo: ah ok
[14:36] benjo: :-)
[14:37] ronron: so in france we have a lot of jokes about belgian
[14:38] benjo: i can imagine... like we have about bavarian people or people from east germany ;-)
[14:39] ronron: all our jokes about belgian are based on the fact the belgian people are considered as morons or "fake" french :D
[14:40] benjo: we make jokes about the bavarians that they are only the *real* germans
[14:40] benjo: they eat sauerkraut and schnitzel all day ^^
[14:41] benjo: and wear leather stuff
[14:41] benjo: like every german
[14:41] benjo: :-)
[17:35] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Jul 28 17:35:26 2005.
[08:37] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Jul 29 08:37:39 2005.
[10:24] benjo: alright, i sent you the new banner for the toplist by mail
[10:24] benjo: i think this one will have a much better click rate
[10:24] ronron: can you upload it directly on 6tv
[10:24] benjo: ok
[10:25] ronron: you just have to replace the current bannier.gif file
[10:25] ronron: in gfx/banners
[10:26] ronron: we r 7th and 16th on the toplists
[10:26] ronron: finally
[10:27] benjo: is it updated daily?
[10:27] benjo: or realtime
[10:27] ronron: every 20 mins
[10:27] benjo: kk
[10:27] ronron: we did not have out clicks
[10:27] benjo: yes
[10:28] ronron: but we could get the top 5 soon
[10:28] ronron: so the banner will be viewable without scrolling
[10:29] benjo: the doesn't support html tags
[10:29] benjo: the
is displayed
[10:29] ronron: going to chekc that
[10:29] ronron: if i did not lost my password :D
[10:29] benjo: :-D
[11:04] ronron: what is he doing ???
[11:05] ronron: keyboard contest ?
[11:05] benjo: playing tetris
[11:05] benjo: :-D
[12:00] benjo: yeah, rank 6 on adultmaker :-D
[12:19] ronron: (Link:
[12:19] benjo: whooao
[12:19] benjo: fat garfield cat
[12:19] ronron: with gloves and socks
[13:27] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Jul 29 13:27:41 2005.
[13:29] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Jul 29 13:29:27 2005.
[14:11] ronron: 5th
[14:14] benjo: ye0r
[14:14] ronron: 3hits left to be 4th
[14:14] benjo: B-)
[15:11] ronron: 4th
[15:11] benjo: you're the man
[15:11] benjo: ;-)
[15:11] ronron: actually
[15:12] ronron: i think that the OUT numbers of the other sites
[15:12] ronron: are big cause they are on the tioplist since a long time
[15:12] ronron: so we could be easily first in few days
[15:12] benjo: really cool
[15:13] ronron: and i have a lot of other toplist to subscribe to
[15:13] benjo: but i dunno if this is important... is there much traffic going on?
[15:13] ronron: what i see is that from 27-07 to 28-07
[15:13] ronron: we had 200 more visits +_+
[15:13] ronron: 2 8 - 07
Session Close (benjo): Fri Jul 29 16:54:54 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Jul 29 16:59:44 2005
[17:34] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Jul 29 17:34:41 2005.
[05:21] *** You have been disconnected. Sat Jul 30 05:21:22 2005.
[05:22] *** You have been disconnected. Sun Jul 31 05:22:49 2005.
[19:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Sun Jul 31 19:35:06 2005.
[20:47] *** "benjo" signed off at Sun Jul 31 20:47:03 2005.
[08:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 01 08:35:42 2005.
[09:57] benjo: whooooaaaarrr
[09:57] benjo: rank 1
[09:57] ronron: :D
[09:58] benjo: but the outs are still bad
Session Close (benjo): Mon Aug 01 13:40:38 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Aug 01 15:52:14 2005
[15:52] benjo: (Link:
[15:52] benjo: not bad
[15:53] ronron: (Link:
[15:53] ronron: i like this
[15:58] ronron: but....
[15:58] ronron: they made netdebit thing :(
[16:19] ronron: 153th Hi of the day
[17:37] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 01 17:37:31 2005.
[21:05] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 01 21:05:09 2005.
[22:14] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 01 22:14:01 2005.
[23:17] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 01 23:17:40 2005.
[23:57] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 01 23:57:01 2005.
[08:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 02 08:36:23 2005.
[08:51] benjo: uhm... am i stupid or did they kick out our banner on (Link: ?
[08:52] ronron: yup
[08:52] ronron: they consider us cheating, cause we send them too many hits
[08:52] benjo: lol
[08:52] benjo: they bastards
[08:52] benjo: ;-)
[08:52] ronron: do you have a banner for ivanja ?
[08:52] benjo: yes a small one
[08:53] benjo: 160 x 60 px
[08:53] ronron: send it to me then i ll put it on all our fabulous sites
[08:53] benjo: *THUMBS UP*
[08:54] benjo: done
[08:54] benjo: but what do we do with these suck0rrrrzzz? :-)
[08:54] ronron: nothing
[08:55] ronron: going to implement other lists
[08:55] benjo: but before i'm going to write them a mail.... that they SUCK
[08:55] benjo: dear mr. adult list maker
[08:56] benjo: YOU ARE TEH SUXx0RRRRR
[09:59] benjo: this is crazy:
[09:59] benjo: (Link:
[09:59] benjo: its a whorehouse in cologne
[09:59] benjo: it means you get 50 € for fucking one of these bitches
[10:01] ronron: not a fake ???
[10:02] benjo: i don´t think so
[10:02] benjo: because the "pascha" is very well established
[12:57] ronron: argh
[12:57] ronron: these fucking tv guys just came to my flat
[12:57] benjo: tv guys?
[12:57] ronron: they ask 250€ for the right to watch tv
[12:57] benjo: muaharhar
[12:57] benjo: GEZ
[12:57] ronron: they come everyday
[12:57] ronron: my gf becomes crazy
[12:57] benjo: you don´t need to let them in
[12:58] benjo: just tell them that you dont have any tv or radio
[12:58] benjo: i dont for that neither
[12:58] benjo: pay
[12:59] ronron: the guy just told "but you download movies, it s not legal !!!"
[12:59] ronron: huh?
[12:59] benjo: lol
[12:59] ronron: just to let them enter
[12:59] benjo: these wanker try every way to get into the flat
[13:45] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 02 13:45:37 2005.
[13:48] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 02 13:48:04 2005.
[14:41] benjo: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
[14:41] benjo: i'm always scared
[14:42] ronron: 2 screens protect me
[14:42] benjo: :-D
[14:42] ronron: but not from sound
[16:15] benjo: do you want to send only the link to the postcard by mail or do you want to send the image(s)?
[16:15] ronron: the img will be included in the mail
[16:16] benjo: hm
[16:16] ronron: it avoids us to store cards datas in a db
[16:16] benjo: and how do you handle the text?
[16:16] benjo: i mean... generating grafics or displaying text dynamically
[16:16] benjo: then we have to send html mails
[16:16] benjo: ?
[16:17] ronron: yup everything in html
[16:17] benjo: ok
[16:17] ronron: u can also create a template
[16:17] ronron: i ll just have to upload it on the ftp
[16:18] ronron: just replace the postcard img by {POSTCARD}, the message by { MESSAGE}, etc
[16:20] benjo: ok first i make the grafics... and then we can see where to put the variable textfields and so on
[16:20] ronron: ok
[16:21] ronron: if you want to add stamps functionnalities just tell me
[16:21] benjo: for the date or what
[16:22] ronron: (Link:
[16:22] ronron: :D
[16:22] benjo: yes but what do you mean by stamp funktionalities?
[16:22] ronron: if you want to allow users to select the stamp for the card
[16:22] benjo: ah ok
[16:47] ronron: (Link:
[16:47] ronron: we ll just have to edit this thing
[16:47] benjo: argh
[16:47] ronron: ?
[16:48] ronron: i spent 3days doing this page
[17:00] ronron: did you receive smthg on your mailbox ?
[17:00] benjo: uhm
[17:01] benjo: yes
[17:01] benjo: an asshole called "apache" sent me a postcard
[17:01] benjo: ^^
[17:01] ronron: hehe
[17:02] ronron: should be ok now
[17:03] benjo: did you receive sth in you mailbox?
[17:03] ronron: yup, going to impement it
[17:03] benjo: (y)
[17:04] benjo: i make 2 different fronts
[17:04] benjo: tomorrow
[17:04] benjo: ^^
[17:04] ronron: the stamp will be fixed then ?
[17:04] benjo: if you want you can create stamps :-D
[17:04] ronron: ........Ö_Ö
[17:04] benjo: but i can make few if you think
[17:05] ronron: actually little stamps with pornstars in it would be great
[17:05] ronron: with crowns :D
[17:05] benjo: hm
[17:05] benjo: ok
[17:05] benjo: i'll do that
[17:20] ronron: can u check yer mail pls ?
[17:21] benjo: yeah cool
[17:37] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 02 17:37:49 2005.
[18:42] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 02 18:42:00 2005.
[20:23] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 02 20:23:14 2005.
[08:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 03 08:36:42 2005.
[09:10] benjo: i think we should place the text like "click here for free movie" on on the backside of the card, where the other text is shown
[09:10] benjo: or what do you mean?
[09:11] ronron: actually as it s postcard, the card has to be nice looking, only a pic with a text like happy, birthday
[09:11] ronron: the ads will be displayed in the reste of the mail
[09:11] benjo: yes
[09:11] benjo: aight
[09:12] benjo: but the first one i made on yesterday is ok you think?
[09:12] ronron: yup
[09:12] benjo: or too much of text
[09:12] ronron: people can be encouraged to click on the circle in the center
[09:12] ronron: but well see via the stats what people will send so
[09:13] benjo: go go go
[09:16] benjo: i would only send a postcard to somebody when i'm convinced that the guy will start roaring receiving it :-)
[09:16] benjo: do you have any ideas?
[09:16] ronron: hmmm.... checking postcards sites :p ?
[09:22] benjo: hm
[09:22] benjo: no
[09:22] benjo: :-)
[09:22] benjo: but the woman wants me to do other things first
[09:23] benjo: :-/
[09:23] ronron: it s ok as i have to make the admin we r not in a hurry
[09:23] benjo: kk
[09:25] benjo: lol
[09:25] benjo: rolf asked me:
[09:25] benjo: "ben do you know how i can write sth into blogs?"
[09:25] benjo: i said "hum?"
[09:25] benjo: he wants give people advice to in blogs and boards
[09:25] benjo: :-|
[09:26] benjo: this is embarassing
[09:26] benjo: ;-)
[09:28] ronron: tell him that blogs is a conspiracy made by FBI
[09:29] benjo: :-D
[09:29] benjo: i tried to explain that you can only leave comments in blogs
[09:29] benjo: not write your own article
[09:30] ronron: roflie's blog
[09:52] ronron: me neither
[09:52] benjo: ^^
[10:38] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 03 10:38:23 2005.
[10:38] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 03 10:38:44 2005.
[13:00] benjo: sent you another 2 postcards
[13:02] ronron: ok
[13:05] ronron: is it the same dimensions
[13:05] benjo: sure
[13:05] benjo: i make another postcard and then i start with the stamps
[13:17] benjo: the last one is in your mailbox now
[13:17] ronron: thx
[13:23] benjo: can you make a preview function before sending?
[13:24] ronron: hm dunno
[13:25] ronron: i can for sure, but is it useful ß
[13:25] benjo: hgm
[13:25] benjo: maybe not a preview before sending but after sending you can see what you send ;-)
[13:26] benjo: like "you sent this postcard to .....:"
[13:26] ronron: yup i t s easy
[13:26] ronron: i ll do it when this fucking img resizing will work :D
[13:28] benjo: ;-)
[13:38] benjo: do you make a 'real' physical resizing or just scale the shit by html?
[13:40] ronron: real
[15:20] benjo: i dunno what kind of stamps i can make... :-(
[15:20] benjo: no ideas
[15:21] ronron: like the one you gave me
[15:21] ronron: but with pornstar instead
[15:22] benjo: hm
[15:22] benjo: but this is not very fancy
[15:22] ronron: fancy = ?
[15:23] benjo: i dont know ;-)
[15:23] benjo: that´s the problem
[16:26] benjo: sent you pornstarstamps
[16:26] benjo: ;-)
[16:26] ronron: thx
[16:52] benjo: rolf wants another 4 postcards
[16:52] benjo: just for info
[16:53] ronron: :D
[16:53] benjo: you made a complete cms?
[16:53] benjo: or did you have that already
[16:53] ronron: did it today
[16:53] ronron: but not finished
[16:54] ronron: i like to have nice looking admin :D
[16:54] benjo: not bad
[16:58] ronron: so from now you can direclty add cards/stamps :D
[17:01] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 03 17:01:22 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Wed Aug 03 17:08:33 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Aug 04 09:27:41 2005
[09:28] ronron: now it s sure that we ll be at the world cup 2006 :D zidane is back :D
[09:28] benjo: but you can´t win with only 1 player ;-)
[09:28] benjo: you need 10 more zidanes
[09:28] benjo: :-)
[09:28] ronron: but thuram and makelele are back too :D
[09:29] ronron: +henry, etc (love)
[09:29] benjo: we'll see :-)
[09:29] ronron: france 12 - germany 1
[09:29] benjo: we are lucky that we don´t need to qualify
[09:29] benjo: :-D
[09:40] ronron: about the health insurance
[09:40] ronron: do you know if i have to pay by myself
[09:41] ronron: or ttpronto pays ?
[09:41] benjo: you don't need to pay that
[09:41] benjo: its always thing for the employer
[09:41] ronron: nice then
[09:41] ronron: i believed i had to pay 150€ each month on my own
[09:42] ronron: second good news after zidane s return
[09:42] benjo: ^^
[09:43] benjo: i want klinsmann to play again ;-)
[09:44] ronron: platini :D
[09:44] benjo: and beckenbauer
[09:44] benjo: and lothar matthäus :-D
[09:45] ronron: zidane is a bit old but, i think he can still does magic things with his feet
[09:45] benjo: :-)
[09:46] benjo: this is what we call "football" in germany :-)
[09:46] benjo: doing magic things with feet :-D
[10:15] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Aug 04 10:15:09 2005.
[10:16] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 04 10:16:52 2005.
[10:45] ronron: !!!!!!!!!!
[10:45] benjo: ...
[10:45] ronron: MEGALOL
[10:45] benjo: muahaharhar
[10:45] benjo: harahar
[10:45] benjo: HA HA
[10:46] benjo: sometimes it happens that i say "lol" in real conversations
[10:46] benjo: this sucks
[10:46] benjo: ^^
[10:46] ronron: me too :|
[10:46] benjo: damn internet life
[10:46] benjo: :-D
[10:46] ronron: like the term "fake"
[13:22] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 04 13:22:08 2005.
[13:24] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 04 13:24:01 2005.
[13:26] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 04 13:26:43 2005.
[14:52] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 04 14:52:38 2005.
[15:13] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 04 15:13:47 2005.
[09:51] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 05 09:51:23 2005.
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[11:05] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 05 11:05:19 2005.
[11:23] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Aug 05 11:23:56 2005.
[11:25] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 05 11:25:54 2005.
[11:27] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Aug 05 11:27:56 2005.
[11:29] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 05 11:29:46 2005.
[11:47] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 05 11:47:11 2005.
[13:32] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 05 13:32:44 2005.
[14:05] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 05 14:05:47 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Fri Aug 05 17:30:43 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Aug 09 09:04:28 2005
Session Close (benjo): Tue Aug 09 09:19:01 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Aug 09 09:33:05 2005
[09:33] benjo: we should make banners on (Link:
[09:33] ronron: (Link:
[09:33] benjo: :-D
[09:34] benjo: rolf said some minutes ago: "there must be a board... damn, i want to leave some messages"
[09:34] ronron: i thought he was joking when he told me that yesterday.... so..... he was serious
[09:35] benjo: yes
[09:35] benjo: but the new idea is good... nobody else before had the idea to make advertising in the usenet
[09:36] benjo: :-D
[09:36] ronron: i made him discover yahoo groups
[09:36] ronron: "but, is it free to get a yahoo mail account" ???
[09:36] benjo: ^^
[10:02] benjo: send you the footer by mail
[10:48] ronron: hm can i remove the little arrow ? :D
[10:49] benjo: if you want
[10:49] ronron: \o/
[10:49] benjo: i thought it would be to small
[10:49] ronron: too lazy to make a new table
[10:49] benjo: but i dont care ;-)
[10:49] benjo: yes
[10:52] ronron: hm do you have the rollover version of your postcard link ?
[10:52] benjo: :-|
[10:52] ronron: :D
[10:52] ronron: :D:D:D
[10:52] benjo: we dont need rollover :-)
[10:52] benjo: ^^
[10:52] ronron: or i do it in the dirty-way
[10:53] benjo: i'm too tired to think
[10:53] ronron: i hope i ll see my salary increase when i ll put the pcards thing online
[10:54] ronron: as rolf thinks it s hard work to do that
[10:54] benjo: ^^
[11:02] ronron: jonathan, please change the ecards for , so that people can enter max. 10 email-adresses to tell their friens. like here: (Link:
Besides that, it should not be needed to enter a friends name, only optionally. Only the name of the sender is important, so we can send out a mail like: You got a personal mail from Jonathan.
[11:03] ronron: ......
[11:03] ronron: he s so dumb
[11:03] ronron: i m going to say happy birthday to ten people at the same time :D
[11:04] benjo: :-@
[11:04] ronron: if he wanted a recommandation thing...
[11:05] ronron: i dunno what to say to him
[11:06] ronron: i could run away and never come here anymore
[11:06] benjo: hm...
[11:08] ronron: he thinks that people will fill 534 emails of their friends to send a little 500*300 file
[11:08] ronron: where is the fun aspect now?
[11:09] benjo: oh, i think he means that only optionally
[11:09] benjo: so if you want, you can send the postcard to different friends
[11:09] ronron: yup but it s more a spam machine for users...
[11:09] benjo: aight
[11:10] ronron: hi, xxx@xxx.xx, you receive a postcard from xxxx@xxx.xx :|
[11:10] benjo: try to explain him ;-)
[11:10] ronron: no way
[11:10] benjo: :-D
[11:11] ronron: we talk later then
[11:11] benjo: *THUMBS UP*
[11:11] benjo: oh yes, that is really shit
[11:11] benjo: it´s coming
[11:11] benjo: i'm sure
[11:11] benjo: like
[11:12] benjo: "AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhh, yes, thats REALLY shit!"
[11:12] ronron: lol
[11:12] ronron: before it was : we talk later then
[11:13] ronron: now its "i would say we talk later then"
[11:13] ronron: power +1
[11:13] benjo: huh
[11:13] ronron: argh
[11:15] benjo: ?
[11:17] ronron: i hate him
[11:18] ronron: marketing lesson #1
[11:18] ronron: "people do it, let s do it"
[11:18] benjo: it´s just to hard to convince him
[11:18] benjo: even if he realises that he´s wrong ;-)
[11:19] benjo: he won't change his opinion
[11:19] benjo: ^^
[11:19] benjo: wanker
[11:19] ronron: i m going to ask him if we could sell viagra from the mails
[11:19] benjo: lol
[11:19] benjo: to earn some extra $$$$$
[11:19] benjo: :-D
[11:20] benjo: maybe he is buying that from mails
[11:30] *** You have been disconnected. Tue Aug 09 11:30:55 2005.
[11:32] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 09 11:32:29 2005.
[11:46] ronron: how do you say "your friends" in german
[11:46] ronron: deine freunde ???
[11:46] benjo: yes
[11:46] benjo: but in some cases "deineN freunden"
[11:46] benjo: depends
[13:44] benjo: :-(
[13:44] ronron: ?
[13:44] benjo: none of you noticed my easteregg (Link:
[13:45] ronron: i noticed it
[13:45] benjo: alright
[13:50] benjo: did rolf give you the german texts for the postcards
[13:50] benjo: ?
[13:50] ronron: not all
[13:50] ronron: i asked him to translate me error messages
[13:50] ronron: => "it s useless"
[13:50] ronron: OKOK
[13:50] benjo: ...
[13:58] ronron: Jonathan, please make the popUp-window on
wider, so that the user can see the full email-form.
Additionally, the font size at the bottom of should be for all menue points the same (as Vorschau/Cams/Videos). Please replace the cut arrow pic (below the ,ine) by another background, so that it looks the same as above the line.
[13:58] ronron: he wants the same size....
[14:00] benjo: Jonathan, alright!
[14:00] benjo: ;-)
[14:05] ronron: as rolf must make postcards thing as important as other parts, you have to make it bigger, then
[14:06] ronron: so i need to have the rollover thing, i have to cut the file once more, as he wants the arrow to be there...
[14:06] benjo: kk
[14:42] benjo: sent you the shit
[14:42] benjo: but you have to cut & place the stuff on your own :-D
[14:42] benjo: ^^
[14:43] ronron: it will take 2 months
[14:43] ronron: i want it to be perfect
[14:43] benjo: :-)
[14:55] ronron: he could wait to be at home
[14:55] benjo: lol
[15:12] benjo: damn
[15:12] ronron: we have a winner
[17:02] ronron: ... for the third time ?
[17:02] benjo: ^^
[17:38] benjo: right
[17:38] ronron: i will make a 60000px height page
[17:38] ronron: and put the cancel link at the bottom
[17:39] benjo: yeah yeah yeah
[17:40] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 09 17:40:04 2005.
[21:30] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 09 21:30:35 2005.
[00:13] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 10 00:13:26 2005.
[08:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 10 08:35:49 2005.
[08:57] ronron: wunderbar
[08:57] ronron: 3 clicks
[08:57] benjo: *THUMBS UP*
[09:01] benjo: maybe we can try a banner, only pink, with the fat blinking text "FUCK ME"
[09:01] benjo: ^^
[09:01] benjo: maybe that´ll work ;-)
[09:01] ronron: let s try
[09:01] ronron: and if you have other text it s welcome too :D
[09:02] ronron: christian ? let s click and fuck them all !
[09:02] benjo: lol
[09:12] ronron: ONE card sent :D
[09:12] ronron: we can say it s a success
[09:12] benjo: whoa cool
[09:13] benjo: he wants the cards on every page now
[09:13] ronron: ?
[09:13] benjo: on every domain
[09:14] ronron: it s nto a problem but it d be nice if he can discover outlook one day
[09:14] benjo: :-D
[09:14] ronron: that s true he never send mail
[09:14] ronron: we do n t keep a trace of what we do
[09:15] benjo: and that´s right... it´s too dangerous if our knowledge comes in the hands of DR: EVIL
[09:15] ronron: :D
[09:21] ronron: great news
[09:21] ronron: the guy sent the postcard to himself :D
[09:21] benjo: lol
[09:22] benjo: there are 4 different banners on the server now
[09:22] benjo: gfx/banners/
[09:22] ronron: ok thx
[09:22] ronron: going to edit the toplist account
[09:42] ronron: FUCK MICH
[09:42] ronron: i like this one
[11:13] *** You have been disconnected. Wed Aug 10 11:13:30 2005.
[11:15] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 10 11:15:13 2005.
[11:57] *** You have been disconnected. Wed Aug 10 11:57:53 2005.
[11:59] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 10 11:59:35 2005.
[12:36] benjo: (Link:
[12:36] benjo: stupid dog
[12:45] benjo: (Link:
[12:45] benjo: this is the content they want on
[12:46] ronron: rolf " i have a new concept"
[12:46] benjo: megaLOL
[14:45] benjo: lol... they were talking about that stuff for 2 hours and he doesn't even know if it´s an affiliate or redirect or contentprovider or what
[14:45] ronron: lol
[14:45] ronron: what kind of content -> dunno
[14:45] benjo: the information i have:
[14:45] benjo: put domain on print-ad
[14:45] benjo: that´s all
[14:46] ronron: better than nothing :p
[14:46] benjo: yes
[14:46] ronron: i have the domain name :D
[14:46] benjo: i would like to know *which* domain :-D
[14:46] ronron: ans you gave it to me 2 hours before, so i had the time to prepare my speech
[14:46] benjo: :-)
[14:48] benjo: maybe the guy told them "hey, i have a great opportunity for you to make money. i have this site, you just redirect one of your domains to mine, and make ads for that! it´s so easy!"
[14:49] ronron: this is INTERNET !
[17:38] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 10 17:38:20 2005.
[18:20] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 10 18:20:19 2005.
[22:28] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 10 22:28:41 2005.
[22:28] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 10 22:28:43 2005.
[23:01] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 10 23:01:53 2005.
[08:37] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 11 08:37:27 2005.
[09:23] ronron: if they don t renew it because that s shit
[09:23] ronron: not because they find the link easily (and not easy to find)
[09:23] benjo: yes
[09:25] ronron: because "OH THIS IS REALLY SHIT"
[09:25] benjo: ^^
[09:25] benjo: but the content is really shit
[09:26] benjo: and when we promise to have the greatest content of the world on the freepages, the users are disappointed
[09:26] benjo: but otherwise we can´t make ads with "we have only crap content"
[09:26] benjo: ;-)
[09:26] ronron: we have 1259 movies clips
[09:26] ronron: 2Mb/clip :D
[09:26] ronron: users can fidn for free on other sites
[09:27] ronron: but, you r a graphist, i m a developpeur and rolf is the PROJECT MANAGER, as richard told me, rolf is "THE BRAIN" of the team
[09:28] benjo: muhaharh
[09:28] benjo: richard said rolf is "THE BRAIN"?
[09:28] benjo: :-D
[09:28] ronron: yup
[09:28] benjo: LOL
[09:28] benjo: he needs to reduce his cocaine consume
[09:28] ronron: lol
[09:29] ronron: before cancelling you account, you must play our minesweeper game, and make at least 250000pts
[09:30] benjo: lol
[09:30] benjo: tell that rolf
[09:30] benjo: :-D
[09:30] benjo: he will like it
[10:14] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Aug 11 10:14:49 2005.
[10:16] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 11 10:16:32 2005.
[10:36] benjo: we're going to be rank #1 on the toplist
[10:36] benjo: cool cool
[10:36] benjo: ;-)
[10:37] ronron: will we get ONE click today ? suspense
[10:38] benjo: ^_^
[11:01] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Aug 11 11:01:09 2005.
[11:02] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 11 11:02:50 2005.
[11:08] benjo: handy: 01703510015
PIN: 73399056

[11:09] benjo: this is what rolf gave me
[11:09] benjo: but it seems as it doesnt work
[11:09] benjo: ^^
[11:32] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Aug 11 11:32:28 2005.
[11:32] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 11 11:32:42 2005.
[11:39] ronron: he does not understand anything
[11:39] ronron: what about this cancellation link problem ???
[11:39] ronron: the problem is not abt that...
[11:40] benjo: we both know that he is a fool
[11:40] benjo: but i dont know hot its possible that richard and the others dont recognise this
[11:40] benjo: how
[11:40] benjo: and say that he´s "THE BRAIN"
[11:40] ronron: it was as if he told balint "so balint, what about the postcards system ?"
[11:40] benjo: ^^
[11:41] ronron: did you install the payment for postcards ? #_#
[11:41] benjo: @_@
[12:43] ronron: mail from rolf :
[12:43] ronron: Hi Jonathan,

please put this website on our domain (Link:

Thanks, Rolf
[12:43] ronron: ???
[12:44] ronron: which site ? which domain ?
[12:44] benjo: :-/
[12:44] benjo: i know the domain
[12:44] benjo: david registered it on yesterday
[12:51] ronron: i begin to think that we are going to promote a site that uses an affiliate program too...
[12:51] benjo: i wanted to say that too
[12:52] ronron: because in their pages they just redirect to a site using their own params (site_id, etc)
[12:52] benjo: yes
[12:52] benjo: q
[12:52] benjo: seen that
[12:52] ronron: did they guess that telepronto is a morons's society, we are unmasked
[12:53] benjo: (Link:
[12:54] benjo: i loaded it up
[12:54] ronron: good team job :D
[12:55] ronron: copying pages is the most difficult thing to do, a MI-RA-CLE
[12:57] benjo: for sure
[12:57] benjo: rolf is uncheatable
[12:58] benjo: cool
[12:58] benjo: our "reseller-id" is bWlkPTEwJnBpZD03ODYmc2VjdXJlPTFyS0ZIa0ZUZVcmcHJlaXM9NDk5JmludGVydmFsbD03
[12:58] benjo: ^^
[12:58] ronron: :D
[12:58] ronron: nice choice
[12:58] benjo: ;-)
[12:58] ronron: i will disguise tomorrow, with a beard and everything
[12:59] ronron: "hi i have a website, i make money from it"
[12:59] ronron: "can you create domain names for me, using my content"
[12:59] benjo: don't you remember, i told you that story on yesterday already ;-)
[12:59] ronron: "of course ill give you some money from that, at least 5.....errr 60%
[12:59] benjo: about that "new project"
[13:00] ronron: they have a strange philosophy
[13:00] benjo: "hey guys, why dont you make advertising for my homepage? i give you some money for that, i promise to be honest"
[13:01] ronron: we could use the same society than for homevideo for googling the pages :D
[13:01] benjo: :-D
[13:01] ronron: "we put 1,323,851,652,621 pages listed on google :D
[13:01] benjo: they'll be happy
[13:02] ronron: look : if you type cat and horse having sex in the garden of sun", we are first
[13:02] benjo: lol
[13:03] ronron: i think i ll save these discussions between you n me :D
[13:03] ronron: to read them in the train
[13:03] benjo: ^^
[13:04] benjo: i would rather record all of rolf's phonecalls and make them public on a page called "bastard project manager from hell"
[13:04] ronron: when i see this parkplatz thing
[13:05] ronron: i tell to myself i could do better alone
[13:05] benjo: of course
[13:05] benjo: i often think so
[13:05] benjo: but they have the money
[13:05] benjo: capitalism IS TEH SuXX0rrrr
[13:05] benjo: :-D
[13:05] ronron: hm
[13:06] ronron: that s really what we thought
[13:06] ronron: (Link:
[13:06] ronron: the promote this site
[13:06] ronron: or is it their site?
[13:06] benjo: but i think this guy is supposed to be the owner of that site
[13:06] benjo: yes
[13:06] benjo: he told that on yesterday at least
[13:07] benjo: not of that site especially, but he said: (listen!)_
[13:07] ronron: i like the font size=145 copiright
[13:07] benjo: "80% of internet content comes from me"
[13:07] ronron: lol
[13:07] benjo: he really said that
[13:07] benjo: i tried not to laugh
[13:08] ronron: and rolf "woooooow then YOU are THE INTERNET, i finally meet you Mr Internet"
[13:08] benjo: lol
[13:08] benjo: i like it when we get offline for 30 seconds everyday
[13:09] benjo: when rolf realises that, he walks to ralf and says "ralf, the internet is broken!"
[13:09] benjo: and when he comes back it works again
[13:09] ronron: :D
[13:09] ronron: so mr internet has a great site :
[13:09] ronron: ...that does not work :D
[13:12] benjo: (Link:

[13:12] benjo: these both come from mr. internet as well
[13:16] ronron: the boss don t want to share revenues with webmasters by having his own content, but he s ok to be fucked by using others content as a simple webmaster
[13:16] benjo: too dumb to get that
[13:19] benjo: i told you i have my own keyword + shortcode for sms-chat now :-)
[13:19] benjo: just for fun
[13:20] benjo: i'm going to make kind of a single platform with fake bunnies
[13:20] benjo: ^^
[13:20] ronron: hehe
[13:54] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 11 13:54:50 2005.
[14:02] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 11 14:02:02 2005.
[14:15] ronron: France - Germany on nov,12 :D
[14:16] benjo: :-D
[14:16] benjo: :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
[14:16] benjo: first on wednesday
[14:16] benjo: holland : germany
[14:16] benjo: 0 : 1000000000
[14:16] ronron: but only if we do not have to make extra matches to qualify
[14:20] benjo: lol
[14:20] benjo: (Link:
[14:20] benjo: Handy-Nr. : 01737456430
Login: miguel
[14:21] ronron: hmm does not work
[14:22] benjo: maybe cause i'm logged in?
[14:24] ronron: it s only pictures ??
[14:25] benjo: its only text ;-)
[14:32] ronron: yummie :(Link:
[14:32] ronron: let s have sex tonight behind Kaiser's
[14:33] benjo: :-D
[14:33] benjo: but i cant believe how they make their business...
[14:33] ronron: i d like to see stats instead
[14:34] benjo: yeah
[14:35] ronron: i have the stats lol
[14:35] ronron: (Link:;unique?login=sxtreff);unique?login=sxtreff
[14:35] benjo: :-D
[14:35] ronron: 4 per day :D
[14:35] benjo: WHOAAAARRRR
[14:36] benjo: this is ridiculous
[14:36] benjo: and embarrasing
[14:36] ronron: at least, if they have 1sales per 30day, the ratio is nice
[14:36] ronron: that s why they say it s usccessful
[14:36] benjo: plz show this link to rolf
[14:36] ronron: and most of the visits are us :D
[14:37] benjo: as a proof that he's got punk'd
[14:38] benjo: omg
[14:39] ronron: 62 visits in 4 months :D
[14:39] benjo: hope this stats are representative
[14:40] benjo: but thats tp´s way to make business:
[14:40] benjo: 1.) sign contract
[14:40] benjo: 2.) make advertising
[14:41] benjo: 3.) get login for member area
[14:41] benjo: 4.) realise that member area is crap
[14:41] ronron: lol
[14:42] benjo: 5.) say "everybody is cheating in this business"
[14:42] ronron: i liked this sentence
[14:42] ronron: but you ll see this sentence will be on all manuals on "how to succed in int INTERNET", by Rolf
[14:43] benjo: :-D
[14:45] ronron: [14:42:40] rolfi_nrw a dit : (Link:
[14:43:27] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : is it their site too ?
[14:43:50] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : you can promote this site with : (Link:
[14:44:21] rolfi_nrw a dit : I don`t know ... maybe
[14:45] ronron: i did not ask him to say " i dunno, maybe"
[17:48] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 11 17:48:04 2005.
[19:11] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 11 19:11:34 2005.
[00:17] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 12 00:17:16 2005.
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Aug 12 13:27:55 2005
[13:27] benjo: i've seen your php image changer for the toplist banner works?
[13:28] ronron: i have a pb with that
[13:28] benjo: yes
[13:28] benjo: ;-)
[13:28] ronron: our image library does not support animated gif
[13:28] ronron: only normal gif
[13:28] benjo: only the first frame of the animation is shown
[13:28] benjo: ye
[13:29] ronron: i could ask i-talk-in-my-beard to update the server specs but....
[13:29] ronron: i'll be in indonesia when it ll be done
[13:29] benjo: lol
[13:29] ronron: postcards is a gib success :D
[13:30] ronron: i forgot : HI
[13:30] benjo: :-D
[13:30] ronron: 4 postcrads sent
[13:31] benjo: great success
[13:31] ronron: same traffic then parkplatzmegacool
[13:32] benjo: we should install a payment for that
[13:32] benjo: we'll become *real* richt
[13:32] benjo: $-)
[13:32] ronron: only when the cancellation on 6tv will be solved
[13:32] benjo: $_$
[13:32] ronron: people still cancel !!!
[13:32] benjo: they bastards!
[13:32] ronron: so
[13:33] ronron: rolf told me to make the info link a bit smaller :D
[13:33] ronron: it was font size 16px, now it s 13
[13:33] benjo: :-D
[13:33] benjo: how dare they
[14:56] benjo: :-D :-D :-D (Link:
[14:57] ronron: at least it s original
[14:57] ronron: not like "aaaargh my eyes-ivanja"
[16:13] ronron: Gesamtergebnis = ???
[16:13] benjo: =
[16:13] benjo: total result
[16:13] benjo: or sth like that
[16:14] ronron: beacause people rate 6tv on the toplist
[16:14] ronron: but i dunno if it s good rating
[16:14] benjo: where?
[16:14] benjo: in the stats?
[16:15] ronron: in the toplist itself
[16:15] ronron: you can see little stars
[16:15] benjo: ah
[16:20] ronron: so do we have good rating ?
[16:20] benjo: yes sure it's 5 stars
[16:20] benjo: ;-9
[17:43] ronron:
[17:43] ronron: is it that ?
[17:43] benjo: (Link:
[17:43] ronron: of (Link:
[17:43] ronron: ok ok
[18:02] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 12 18:02:38 2005.
[18:54] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 12 18:54:08 2005.
[23:02] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 12 23:02:36 2005.
[11:33] *** "benjo" signed on at Sat Aug 13 11:33:28 2005.
[15:27] *** "benjo" signed off at Sat Aug 13 15:27:03 2005.
[15:27] *** "benjo" signed on at Sat Aug 13 15:27:05 2005.
[20:23] *** "benjo" signed off at Sat Aug 13 20:23:35 2005.
[12:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Sun Aug 14 12:35:47 2005.
[15:27] *** "benjo" signed off at Sun Aug 14 15:27:23 2005.
[15:27] *** "benjo" signed on at Sun Aug 14 15:27:25 2005.
[22:05] *** "benjo" signed off at Sun Aug 14 22:05:27 2005.
[11:33] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Aug 15 11:33:46 2005.
[13:07] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 15 13:07:37 2005.
[13:48] benjo: hey mr. pr0nsite pro
[13:49] benjo: why aren't you in a suit, like rolf wanted us?
[13:49] benjo: :-D
[13:49] ronron: i did not find a shirt like the one he wears
[13:49] ronron: sorry
[13:50] benjo: i´ve seen such a shirt in a movie the other day
[13:50] benjo: very old one
[13:51] ronron: with cary grant
[13:51] benjo: :-D
[13:53] benjo: i made a fake-site
[13:53] ronron: ?
[13:53] benjo: with fake bunnies
[13:53] benjo: for sms-chat
[13:53] benjo: ;-)
[13:53] benjo: looks like private
[13:53] ronron: show me :D
[13:53] benjo: as they designed their pages on their own
[13:53] benjo: ^^
[13:53] benjo: for example (Link: :-D
[13:54] benjo: but pssssst
[13:54] benjo: TP must not know this :-)
[13:54] ronron: if they dunno for me it s ok :D :D
[13:54] ronron: :D
[13:54] ronron: .... :D
[13:54] benjo: ^^
[13:55] benjo: i try to get some people who are looking for private sex contacs
[13:55] benjo: :-)
[13:55] benjo: a friend (Link:
[13:55] benjo: ^^
[13:56] ronron: but from where the pics come?
[13:56] benjo: uhm...
[13:56] benjo: from...
[13:56] benjo: uhm....
[13:56] ronron: you bought them of course :D
[13:56] benjo: sure
[13:57] benjo: but i forgot the name of the guy
[13:57] benjo: he said his name was internet
[13:57] ronron: i know him
[13:57] ronron: it s my model
[13:57] ronron: just imagine, he s got 80% of THE INTERNET !
[13:57] benjo: :-O
[13:57] benjo: damn rich man
[13:58] benjo: i want to earn money with that shit :-|
[13:58] benjo: i need traffic :-)
[13:58] benjo: or people shall click on the banners
[13:59] ronron: hi i m jenna -> wanna chat with me -> click here to join 6chats :D
[14:11] ronron: rolf discovers nedstat
[14:11] ronron: ....
[14:11] ronron: i wanna cry
[14:11] benjo: :-/
[14:14] ronron: [14:11:48] rolfi_nrw a dit : (Link:
[14:12:10] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : probably the worst free stats tool available :D
[14:14:02] rolfi_nrw a dit : yes maybe, but the guy told me it would be very easy to implement ...
[14:14:32] rolfi_nrw a dit : if you find a better one, you can chose the better one
[14:14:37] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : like all the free stats tools, actually
[14:15] benjo: :-D
[14:17] benjo: do you think google adworks is alright for that contacts stuff?
[14:17] benjo: to get traffic?
[14:17] ronron: dunno if they accept this kind of content
[14:17] benjo: it´s not optimised in any kind of way yet... made the site at the weekend
[14:17] ronron: but as it s not explicit sexual cotnent it may be accepted
[14:17] benjo: i think they accept sms chats and contact stuff
[14:18] benjo: thats why i´ve chosen to make sms chat
[14:18] benjo: instead of hardcore
[14:19] benjo: i have 3 different partnerprograms, dunno if it´s good...
[15:00] ronron: can you offer me one cigarette, it sn early pazuse :D
[15:00] ronron: pause
[15:00] benjo: but they are bad for you
[15:00] benjo: ^^
[15:00] ronron: i gave my pack to my gf 3 hours ago "no i won t smoke i promise"
[15:00] ronron: but it s hard :D
[15:00] benjo: really?
[15:00] ronron: yup
[15:01] benjo: shite
[15:03] ronron: THIS IS REALLY SHIT
[15:03] benjo: oh yes
[15:49] ronron: lol
[15:50] benjo: ^^
[15:50] benjo: the boss was really pissed
[15:51] ronron: i was asking myself this week end about the necessity to talk with the bos about the situation
[15:51] benjo: i wanted to do this later
[15:51] benjo: cause i'm here for only a few weeks yet
[15:51] benjo: ;-)
[15:52] ronron: ?
[15:52] benjo: ?
[15:52] ronron: you mean you leave in few weeks
[15:52] ronron: or you are there since few weeks ?
[15:53] benjo: i dont leave
[15:53] benjo: im here for a few weeks
[15:53] benjo: :-)
[15:53] benjo: do you want to tell him that you will leave?
[15:53] ronron: no
[15:53] benjo: but?
[15:53] ronron: that we can t work this way
[15:53] benjo: aught
[15:54] benjo: aight
[15:54] benjo: i only want these people to know that its *only* rolf´s fault ;-)
[15:55] ronron: this guy could be ok to sell flowers or cigarettes
[15:55] ronron: but not in internet domain
[15:55] benjo: lol
[15:55] benjo: i think so too
[15:55] benjo: but remember he´s "THE BRAIN"
[15:56] ronron: hmm i forgot, sorry
[15:56] benjo: :-|
[15:56] ronron: you can say one day, if it s two months it s ok too
[15:57] benjo: rolf said "ok then we have to employ another programmer" :-D
[15:58] ronron: if he only knew the ammount of work i have :D
[15:58] benjo: ;-)
[15:58] ronron: add a site on extremetraking -> 3 minutes :D
[15:59] benjo: "adding a site on extremetraking takes abt 2 month, mr. project manager"
[15:59] benjo: ok
[17:37] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 15 17:37:35 2005.
[18:07] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 15 18:07:41 2005.
[21:54] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 15 21:54:09 2005.
[08:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 16 08:35:56 2005.
[08:53] ronron: seems we got fired from the second toplist :D
[08:54] benjo: pfff. they bastards
[08:54] ronron: lets find a new one \o/
[08:54] ronron: i think it will take me 1 week
[08:54] benjo: at least
[10:48] benjo: sent you an image
[10:48] benjo: should be a popup on
[10:48] ronron: ...
[10:48] benjo: :-/
[10:48] ronron: can t do it
[10:48] ronron: i have popup blocker on mozilla :D
[10:48] benjo: ^^
[10:49] benjo: but not rolf :-)
[10:54] ronron: what is this popup for ?
[10:54] benjo: there is a payment problem at the moment
[10:54] ronron: lol
[10:54] benjo: and this is a notice that some things dont work til 12 h
[10:54] benjo: :-D
[10:54] ronron: our site does not work, but it s ok guys :D
[10:55] benjo: ;-)
[10:55] ronron: we are SERIOUS :D
[10:55] ronron: but actually rolf could talk to me abotu this task...
[10:55] benjo: i'm sure he forgot :-D
[10:56] benjo: inserting a popup for 1 hour :-(
[11:01] ronron: if(date("Y-m-d H:i:s")<"2005-08-16 12:00:00")
[11:01] ronron: yup for one hour :D
[11:02] benjo: kewl
[11:12] benjo: what do you think is better to earn money: pay per sign up or 50% recurring?
[11:12] ronron: wait i va a link abt that
[11:14] benjo: 44 uniques on my site since yesterday evening :-)
[11:16] ronron: did you refer the site?
[11:17] benjo: what do you mean
[11:17] ronron: on google, etc
[11:17] benjo: yes adwords
[11:18] benjo: but it´s too dear ;-)
[11:18] benjo: i want to try to promote a partnerprogram now with adwords
[11:19] benjo: what do you think about that
[11:19] ronron: never tried it so... :D
[11:19] benjo: :-D
[11:20] benjo: "promoting pr0nsites for dummies"
[11:20] benjo: lesson 1: never use adwords
[11:20] benjo: ^^
[11:50] ronron: hey rofl i m there !!!
[11:50] benjo: ^^
[11:50] benjo: it´s because he cannot speak english
[11:50] benjo: he is too shy
[11:50] benjo: or maybe he is gay and loves you
[11:50] ronron: a guy who can say we talk later then is american
[11:51] benjo: ^^
[12:50] benjo: i'm so anxious to my first conversion ;-)
[13:05] ronron: lol
[13:05] ronron: sorry i m a bit slow today
[13:05] ronron: i have a new medicine that makes me feel asleep
[13:06] benjo: lol
[13:06] benjo: *wait*
[13:06] benjo: nothing
[13:06] benjo: :-(
[13:06] benjo: *wait*
[13:06] ronron: ???
[13:07] ronron: but which programs do you promote ?
[13:07] benjo: no signing
[13:07] benjo: (Link:
[13:07] benjo: :-D
[13:07] benjo: and
[13:07] benjo: (Link:
[13:07] benjo: = ultracams
[13:08] ronron: hmm sexmoney :(
[13:08] benjo: not so good?
[13:08] benjo: the second is netdebit
[13:08] ronron: bastards :D
[13:08] benjo: why=
[13:08] ronron: i used their email program
[13:08] ronron: they pey you up to 1€ per confirmed mail
[13:08] ronron: i made put their thing on my site
[13:09] ronron: =700 mails from my site
[13:09] ronron: at the end of them onth they deleted all these mails
[13:09] benjo: that´s what i´m afraid for
[13:09] ronron: they told me "you spam"
[13:09] benjo: i can´t control th em
[13:09] ronron: but i just respected their rules
[13:10] benjo: maybe they can tell me i have 1 signing instead of dozens
[13:10] benjo: ;-)
[13:10] benjo: wankers
[13:10] ronron: lot of programs do that
[13:10] benjo: :-(
[13:10] ronron: i made my own stats system, to control clicks
[13:10] benjo: i would do it as well :-D
[13:11] ronron: most of programs had fake stats comparing to my system
[13:11] benjo: ok you can control clicks but not the signings or
[13:11] ronron: yup but even clicks are fake :D
[13:11] benjo: :-|
[13:12] ronron: for me, the most serious are the one who pay me
[13:12] benjo: sure
[13:12] ronron: like intermax / gammacash
[13:12] benjo: links?
[13:13] ronron:
[13:13] benjo: lol
[13:13] ronron: and
[13:13] benjo: ok
[13:14] benjo: and which site do you promote?
[13:14] ronron: i dont understand why it takes 2months to add two categories
[13:14] ronron: hm a lot
[13:14] benjo: one category each month
[13:14] ronron:
[13:14] ronron: err meatcash
[13:15] ronron: pussycash (you can promote imlive from them, very nice)
[13:15] benjo: but aren´t they all for the american market?
[13:15] ronron: (Link:
[13:15] ronron: most of them yup
[13:16] ronron: nice for you :
[13:16] ronron: (Link:
[13:17] ronron: err it s that : (Link:
[13:18] benjo: cool
[13:18] ronron: rolf, sysadmin
[13:38] benjo: great banners waiting to be published in your mailbox :-)
[13:39] ronron: ...
[13:39] benjo: .
[13:40] benjo: lol
[13:40] benjo: rolf found a website with a board about the christian day thing
[13:40] benjo: and he told me that he´s going to post some homevideo-ads :-D
[13:40] benjo: and now he´s asking ralf how to hide the IP
[13:41] benjo: :-D :-D
[13:41] ronron: ...
[13:41] ronron: i want to jump from the window and run,run,run
[13:41] benjo: run jonathan, run!
[13:41] ronron: \o/ german movie, cours, lola, cours !
[13:42] benjo: :-D
[13:43] benjo: I´m going to that party this evening and say through a huuuuge amp: "hey chrstian guys, interested in hot sex contacts to unmarried women? just click on (Link:!)!"
[13:44] ronron: lol
[13:44] ronron:
[13:44] benjo: ^^
[13:46] benjo:
[15:18] ronron: (y)
[15:18] benjo: ^^
[15:19] benjo: we should make stats
[15:19] benjo: a "hi-score" :-D
[15:19] ronron: THE hi-o-CONTEST
[16:09] benjo: do you know google adwords?
[16:09] benjo: i mean...
[16:09] benjo: do you *know* it
[16:12] ronron: i used it for my previous jobs
[16:12] benjo: ok
[16:12] benjo: so you can probably explain me what the CPC is exactly ;-) i didn't get this
[16:13] benjo: :-@
[16:15] ronron: its the amount the guy who wnats google to display his ads on adsense pays each time an ad is clicked
[16:16] ronron: (so hard to translate in english)
[16:17] benjo: but how is it related to the amount of displays and clicks? i mean... i can set the cpc on my own... what´s the different if i set it to 0,50 ct or to 2,00 € ?
[16:21] ronron: hmm you want to put ads from others or put YOUR ads on other sites?
[16:22] benjo: i want to put ads for my site on google
[16:22] ronron: argh
[16:22] ronron: it will cost you a lot then
[16:23] benjo: hm
[16:24] benjo: i can set a maximum
[16:24] benjo: :-)
[16:24] benjo: but i`d like to try if it works
[16:24] ronron: it works, it s google :D
[16:25] benjo: :-)
[16:25] benjo: but i want the money which is paid to be invested in quality visitors ^^
[16:29] benjo: any idea to get qualified traffic a cheaper way than adwords?
[16:29] benjo: ;-)
[16:29] ronron: everybody uses google
[16:29] ronron: do not trust people that guarantee to bring you 1,0000,0000,000000,0000*6² visits
[16:30] benjo: no but how´s the best way to start? toplists, banner exchange, ...?
[16:31] ronron: for free and targetted traffic, toplists
[16:32] ronron: then you could buy that
[16:32] ronron: (Link:
[16:36] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 16 16:36:02 2005.
[16:40] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 16 16:40:26 2005.
[16:40] benjo: coool
[16:55] benjo: what are you listening to?
[16:59] ronron: sound that was on the rs-mmc on my gf-s phone
[17:00] benjo: aight
[17:29] ronron: always the same :
[17:29] ronron: so i subscribed to the lists, i ll check with balint tomorrow to include the mini banners / we get listed once a click is made)
[17:29:29] rolfi_nrw a dit : ok, you mean for ?
[17:30] benjo: lol
[17:30] ronron: i could turn into a murderer
[17:30] ronron: when i read that
[17:31] benjo: :-) :-| :-(
[17:31] benjo: :-) :-| :-( :'-( ]:->
[17:31] ronron: smiley time
[17:31] benjo: i'm the smiley pimp
[17:31] benjo: the king of all smil0rrrzzz
[17:31] benjo: 11
[17:32] ronron: when are you leaving
[17:32] ronron: i don t want to be the first hehe
Session Close (benjo): Tue Aug 16 17:34:11 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Aug 17 08:51:23 2005
[08:51] benjo: tonight
[08:51] benjo: germany : holland
[08:51] benjo: 4:0
[08:51] ronron: france - cote d ivoire :D
[08:51] benjo: :-D
[08:51] benjo: 1:0
[08:51] benjo: :-D
[08:51] benjo: you'll win that
[08:51] ronron: zidane-thuram-makelele :D
[08:51] benjo: ^^
[09:09] ronron: [09:07:01] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : need titel + description for ivanja
[09:08:20] rolfi_nrw a dit : we are still not in the 2nd toplist on ... can you check pls, if it works
[09:08:36] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : can i have these infos
[09:08:41] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : as i said yesterday
[09:08:51] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : we need to be validated manually for each toplist
[09:09:01] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : is the guy does not check new entries, we have to wait
[09:09] ronron: fed up with this guy
[09:10] benjo: :-|
[09:10] ronron: the SPACE BAR KILLER
[09:10] benjo: that makes no fun
[09:10] benjo: lol
[09:10] ronron: his answer :
[09:10] ronron: you can also add to more toplistes, the more traffic we have, the better...
[09:10] benjo: lol
[09:10] ronron: text ?
[09:11] ronron: if you can give me just a title + description, it would be nice
[09:11] benjo: alright
[09:15] benjo: title:
[09:15] benjo: Porno-Sofortdownload, 100% anonym!
[09:15] benjo: desc:
[09:16] benjo: (Link: - Hunderte Pornomovies in DVD-Qualität zum Direktdownload. Komm rein und hol dir dein Gratisvideo!
[09:16] ronron: thx
[09:16] ronron: when rolf will give me the texts
[09:16] ronron: "it s ok rolf, i already have teh m:D"
[09:16] benjo: " i learned germen in the meantime"
[09:16] benjo: ^^
[09:17] benjo: german
[09:21] ronron: (Link:
- Die größte Porno-Video Datenbank im Netz -
Hier bekommst Du alles, was Du suchst:
Teens - Cumshots - Hardcore - Blowjobs - Anal - Lesben - Omas - Pissen - Schwanger - Dicke Titten - Nylons - Big Dicks - Asian - Gang Bang - Hobbynutten -
Fetisch - Interracial - Voyeur - Amateure - Bi-Sex -
Hol Dir jetzt dein Gratis Movie ! Einfach nur deine Handy-Nummer eintragen.
[09:21] ronron: a bit too short
[09:25] benjo: ^^
[09:25] ronron: he forgot "church sex"
[09:25] benjo: for the christians
[09:26] benjo: cool
[09:26] benjo: (Link:
[09:33] ronron: ...
[09:33] benjo: :-|
[10:32] ronron: (Link:
[10:33] ronron: (Link:
[11:02] benjo: that makes no fun
[11:02] benjo: discussing with this guy
[11:02] benjo: makes no sense
[11:02] benjo: only 2 minutes ago he said, everything is hosted at this guy
[11:02] benjo: and now he says that we host everything but the content
[11:02] benjo: fuck
[11:06] benjo: but i think richard realises rolf's way to work now
[11:06] ronron: \o/
[11:06] ronron: i ll take his place
[11:06] ronron: and will earn $10000/week
[11:06] benjo: when he came in he said to rolf "rolf, why don´t you discuss this with your crew?"
[11:07] benjo: and rolf said "they have the same opinion"
[11:07] benjo: wanker
[11:07] ronron: so he talked to me just to hear me saying "yes"
[11:07] benjo: yes
[11:08] ronron: it was not "jo, do you agree with me?" but "jo, you agree with me, huh? SAY IT !!!"
[11:08] benjo: but without knowing anything about that project it´s hard to have an opinion
[11:08] ronron: lets sum up
[11:08] ronron: we are goign to make a site with ????? content that will be hosted ??????? ans it should be done for ??????,20??
[11:09] ronron: \ö/
[11:09] benjo: right
[11:09] benjo: my infos are:
[11:09] benjo: 1.) a guy (mr. internet) has a lot of content
[11:09] ronron: (Link:
[11:15] benjo: 2.) richard wants to coop with him
[11:16] benjo: 2.) a.) i dunno why
[11:34] *** You have been disconnected. Wed Aug 17 11:34:41 2005.
[11:34] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 17 11:34:59 2005.
[11:56] benjo: so flexible this company
[11:56] benjo: i told him to register a partnerprogram like sexmoney and put a banner on homevideo, just to see if it works
[11:57] benjo: and why give away the traffic
[11:57] benjo: but he said it will take a while, cause somebody in ireland needs to register for that!?!?
[11:57] ronron: x_x
[11:57] ronron: i can subscribe with my account then :D
[11:58] benjo: i thought about that :-D
[11:58] benjo: steal some traffic
[11:59] ronron: let s take profit of theri ignorance
[11:59] benjo: i just change the links on the banners to my sites for a while, and nobody would notice that :-D
[11:59] benjo: of course
[12:59] benjo: can you plz redirect the domain (Link: to (Link: ?
[12:59] benjo: ^^
[13:02] ronron: hm it s your site??
[13:02] benjo: B-)
[13:03] benjo: just a partnerprogram
[13:03] benjo: ultracams
[13:03] benjo: but mine :-()
[14:27] ronron: (Link:
[14:30] benjo: sometimes i have a bad conscience
[14:30] benjo: cause 90% of the day i make my own stuff
[14:31] ronron: not me, i do it for years :D
[14:32] benjo: hm i think we don´t have to worry with such an project manager :-)
[14:32] benjo: everytime i see his screen, he´s looking at homevideo
[14:32] benjo: just scrolling up and down
[14:32] ronron: checking toplist rankigns
[15:27] benjo: did you turn off your ?
[15:27] ronron: dunno
[15:28] benjo: i tried it yesterday already
[15:28] benjo: and it didnt work
[15:28] ronron: i did not pay :D
[15:28] benjo: :-D
[15:29] ronron: it did not make me earn lot of money so
[15:29] benjo: your tgp runs better?
[15:29] ronron: i focus on xmovies, not onlnie yet
[15:29] ronron: but i have the time
[15:29] benjo: ^^
[15:30] ronron: i had the license
[15:30] ronron: but my gf has to transfer all the texts
[15:30] ronron: it ll take time
[16:43] ronron: this afternoon is probably the longest i have ever had at telepronto
[16:43] ronron: maybe it s because rolf is not there to talk to us
[16:43] benjo: yeah we have nothing to make jokes about
[16:56] ronron: (Link:
[16:57] ronron: don t open this file when rolf or richard are behind
[17:34] ronron: time to go :D
[17:34] benjo: hm yeah
[17:36] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 17 17:36:13 2005.
[18:13] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 17 18:13:36 2005.
[00:30] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 18 00:30:13 2005.
[08:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 18 08:36:25 2005.
[08:46] ronron: 3-0 :D
[08:46] benjo: :-
[08:46] ronron: zidane scored :D
[08:47] benjo: congratulations
[08:47] benjo: :-)
[08:55] benjo: (Link:
[08:55] benjo: that chat-bot at the top
[08:55] benjo: it´s quite good i think
[08:56] benjo: but rolf told me that was developed for 20-50,000 € :-D :-D :-D
[08:57] ronron: but the pic does not update ?
[08:57] benjo: no
[08:57] ronron: lol
[08:57] benjo: ^^
[08:57] ronron: 20000€
[08:57] ronron: ahem
[09:05] benjo: LOL
[09:05] benjo: i hate this
[09:05] ronron: ?
[09:07] benjo: the imprint of says "netcon europe". i asked rolf "who is this netcon?" and he: "no idea, never heard of"
[09:07] benjo: !!!!!!!!
[09:07] ronron: lol
[09:07] benjo: what the fuck did he talk about on yesterday?
[09:07] benjo: for 6 hours
[09:08] benjo: and he´s not able to tell us anything about this "new project"
[09:12] benjo: omg
[09:12] benjo: mobile-stuff-site stopped
[09:12] benjo: now
[09:12] benjo: BUT WHAT TO DO?
[09:12] ronron: working on your own projects
[09:13] benjo: i would like to talk to richard :-|
[09:13] benjo: tell him that rolf is a shithead
[09:13] ronron: richard, rolf is a shit head
[09:13] benjo: yes
[09:14] benjo: and tell him that jonathan & benjamin are both better project managers as he is
[09:14] benjo: :-)
[09:14] ronron: :D
[09:14] ronron: ok, let s go
[09:14] benjo: if rolf was not here, it would go much better
[09:14] benjo: everything
[09:14] benjo: :-/
[09:19] ronron: yes but, yes but,yes but
[09:19] benjo: "i would waste time if i made a concept" :-D
[09:19] ronron: it shocked me
[09:19] ronron: so if it s not a waste of time if i don t do anything, it s ok for me
[09:20] benjo: yeah
[09:21] benjo: this company wastes so much money paying this guy and let him be responsible for anything
[09:24] ronron: fed up
[09:24] benjo: me too
[09:25] benjo: i give up
[09:25] benjo: now it´s a sharing
[09:25] benjo: god damn
[09:26] benjo: i`m 90% sure that he has *no* clue himself
[09:30] ronron: but this site
[09:30] ronron: will it be our site or ???
[09:31] benjo: I
[09:31] benjo: DONT
[09:31] benjo: KNOW
[09:31] benjo: i asked him:
[09:32] benjo: "rolf, did i understand it right, that we make the layout and they only provide the content?"
[09:32] benjo: he:
[09:32] benjo: "yes"
[09:32] benjo: but
[09:32] benjo: why does he want to redirect 20 of *our* domains to a website which is not ours?
[09:32] benjo: they start to make advertising in tv & print tomorrow :-D
[09:33] ronron: lol
[09:33] benjo: no not lol
[09:33] benjo: thats true!
[09:33] ronron: your last sentence is the best
[09:33] ronron: i ve have ever read
[09:34] benjo: we could also redirect 20 of our domains to my or your sites
[09:34] benjo: same sense
[09:34] ronron: :)
[09:34] ronron: rolf is not at least able to send us a mail with the main aspects of the thing
[09:34] ronron: as if he slept during the meeting
[09:35] benjo: yes!
[09:35] benjo: that meeting was 4 or 5 hours!
[09:35] benjo: what did they talk about?
[09:35] ronron: we should ask richard about the whole thing
[09:36] ronron: what is it about / delays / what are we intented to do
[09:36] benjo: hm...
[09:36] benjo: this is nearly like "rolf is a stupid noob"
[09:37] benjo: we should talk to rolf before and make clear, that this way to work is crap
[09:37] benjo: and if he doesnt understand, we go to richard
[09:37] ronron: REVOLUTION !
[09:37] benjo: VIVA LA REVOLUCION!
[09:38] benjo: no but this REALLY sucks
[09:38] benjo: ^^
[09:38] benjo: this is reALLY shit!
[09:38] ronron: we talk later then, i have 20 domains to check for a redirection :D
[09:39] benjo: whow this will take 2 days!
[09:39] ronron: lol
[09:39] ronron:
[09:40] ronron: Hi Jonathan,

please put on these domains the free counter `Extreme Tracking´.
9 more domains will follow.

We will make a redirection to (Link: then.
Or do we need to have access to their server ?

If there is a problem, please inform me.
[09:40] ronron:

[09:40] benjo: i got this too
[09:40] benjo: but even this:
[09:40] ronron: --> do we have access to their server ?
[09:40] benjo: he said, they want to promote only *one* site
[09:40] benjo: but why then redirecting domains like and promote them?
[09:41] benjo: "--> do we have access to their server ?" yes this was great
[09:41] ronron: yes, we have
[09:41] benjo: of course we have rolf
[09:41] ronron: if you give me them
[09:42] ronron: so i have to open 2300000 extreme traking accounts :D
[09:43] benjo: ^^
[09:43] ronron: so i can only do that in one way ------> frames :D
[09:43] benjo: yes
[09:43] benjo: great for SEO
[09:43] benjo: ^^
[09:43] ronron: cause is i make a meta redirect, the counter won t have the time to load
[09:44] ronron: unless i put the message : wait 10 secondsm the ocutner will be loaded then you ll be redirected to a mega-site
[09:44] benjo: lol
[09:45] ronron: hmmm, i don t want to shock rolf if i learn him the word "frames"
[09:45] benjo: ^^
[09:45] ronron: WTF ? we can put to pages on one !!!!
[09:45] ronron: then we could make bundles sites, like HOMEVIDEO feat. IVANJA on the same page !
[09:46] benjo: lol, thats what i wanted to say
[09:46] ronron: :D
[09:47] benjo: yesterday evening in earned 23 € chatting with some twats :-D
[09:48] ronron: huh
[09:48] ronron: from your site or???
[09:49] benjo: ye0r
[09:50] ronron: we ll tell me more during the pause
[09:50] benjo: (y)
[10:26] ronron: (Link:
[10:39] benjo: the toplists are all from
[10:39] benjo: and i'm not listed anywhere
[10:39] benjo: :-(
[10:43] ronron: is the same for me
[10:43] ronron: choose others
[11:02] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Aug 18 11:02:03 2005.
[11:30] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 18 11:30:27 2005.
[11:34] ronron: lol
[11:34] benjo: ^^
[11:34] benjo: omg
[11:34] benjo: lol
[11:34] benjo: systemise
[11:34] benjo: :-D
[11:34] ronron: systemazationmental, inc and sons
[11:35] benjo: i got scared
[11:35] ronron: adding few vids should be done in 5 mins lol
[11:48] benjo: atta atta icky ickyx
[11:48] ronron: techno music
[11:49] benjo: ^^
[11:51] ronron: rolf is really self confident
[11:51] benjo: i will not longer call him ROLF but till now ROTFL
[11:52] benjo: ok that was bad
[11:52] benjo: ^^
[11:52] *** You have been disconnected. Thu Aug 18 11:52:21 2005.
[11:54] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 18 11:54:16 2005.
[11:58] benjo: another 4 sms
[11:58] benjo: after 10 sms i send them a message:
[11:58] benjo: YOU ARE TEH STPUID!!!!11
[11:58] benjo: ^^
[11:58] ronron: lol
[12:02] benjo: this guy paid my fags for today ;-)
[12:44] benjo: "ben, you can start with the layout for"
[12:44] benjo: "ahem, ok."
[12:48] benjo: i can´t work
[12:48] benjo: all these wanker SUCK
[12:48] ronron: going to write a mail
[12:48] ronron: about this stats thing
[12:49] ronron: rolf won t understabnd one word but
[12:50] ronron: but the actual site won t exist anymore and will be replaced by your layout ?
[12:50] benjo: I DONT KNOW
[12:50] ronron: lol
[12:50] benjo: :-(
[12:50] ronron: let s make a mail summing up these points
[12:50] benjo: that whole thing makes me angry
[13:01] benjo: if he would at least tell me why they don´t take the layout which is online already
[13:02] ronron: yup
[13:02] benjo: he is the most incompetent person for this job i can imagine
[13:03] benjo: my grandmother is better in organisation
[13:03] benjo: and she makes great cookies
[13:04] ronron: lol
[13:04] ronron: just sent you a mail
[13:04] ronron: just tell me what you think abt it
[13:07] ronron: wghen i told rolf about this stats thing for
[13:07] ronron: frameset or not,etc?
[13:07] ronron: his answer was "i ll call these guy this afternoon, i have to eat now"
[13:07] ronron: \o/
[13:08] benjo: i think the mail would be useful, even if rolf won't be able to the most questions concerning topic II.
[13:09] benjo: i asked him the same questions and he said "ok i have to call that guy again"
[13:09] benjo: what was that 5-hour-meeting for?
[13:09] benjo: did he play with his balls secretly under the table the whole time?
[13:10] benjo: frustrating
[13:10] ronron: hm it s richard@telepront ?
[13:10] ronron: i will bcc him
[13:10] benjo: the day will come where we both are going to be invited to be present at such meetings too
[13:11] benjo: hm...
[13:12] benjo: i dunno yet how richard´s possible reaction can be. maybe he talks to rolf and says "jonathan and ben are cowards to talk to you"
[13:12] benjo: dunno on which side he is ;-)
[13:12] ronron: we do not talk about rolf in the mail
[13:13] ronron: we just need to know abotu what s going on
[13:13] benjo: hm yeah that´s right
[13:13] ronron: and i think that uit s normal to need this kind of infos
[13:13] benjo: for sure
[13:13] ronron: and it s not like "we send the mail to richard, but not to rolf
[13:13] benjo: but do you want to tell rolf that you set richard in BCC before?
[13:13] ronron: i ll send it in CC
[13:14] ronron: then rolf will see to whom it ll have been sent
[13:14] benjo: hm... dunno what is better...
[13:17] ronron: so? :D
[13:17] benjo: hm
[13:17] benjo: ;-)
[13:17] benjo: maybe cc would be better!?
[13:17] benjo: maybe otherwise he would feel deceived
[13:19] benjo: richard will come to rolf and say "answer the questions for them"
[13:19] benjo: rolf will say "sure"
[13:19] benjo: and few minutes later it will be the same situation as now
[13:19] ronron: so i just send it to rolf
[13:20] ronron: and if we do not have any answer
[13:20] ronron: i ll mail richard to
[13:20] ronron: as rolf will take 2 days to ansyer
[13:20] benjo: ok that way sounds good
[13:20] ronron: i ll have the time to work on my own projects
[13:20] ronron: you too
[13:35] ronron: show me your layout :D
[13:35] benjo: :-D
[13:35] benjo: :-|
[13:35] ronron: :'-(
[13:36] benjo: any reaction yet?
[13:36] ronron: no
[13:36] ronron: he must be typing an answer
[13:36] benjo: ^^
[13:36] benjo: possible
[13:42] benjo: lol, have you heard the story of that "bernd"?
[13:42] ronron: the guy who left
[13:43] benjo: yes
[13:43] benjo: just left without saying a word
[13:43] ronron: i could do the same
[13:43] benjo: nobody knows where he is and why he left
[13:43] benjo: no i think that rolf has eaten him!
[13:43] benjo: beware!
[13:43] ronron: lol
[13:44] ronron: would be nice to leave their flat like that
[13:44] benjo: ^^
[13:45] ronron: i won t forget to steal the wonderful Watson Color TV
[13:45] benjo: i have a watson tv as well ^^
[13:46] ronron: yep but this one is a piece of collection
[13:46] benjo: you collect tvs?
[13:46] benjo: :-D
[13:46] benjo: from every flat a tv
[13:47] ronron: :)
[13:47] benjo: as a souvenir
[13:47] ronron: no i would take a rolf statue
[13:48] benjo: lol
[13:48] benjo: you can buy at every toy-store
[13:48] benjo: it´s called "minimi"
[13:48] ronron: :D
[13:48] ronron: i have the image of mini-me in my head
[13:49] ronron: can t stop laughing
[13:49] benjo: (Link:
[13:52] * benjo reboots
[13:53] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 18 13:53:04 2005.
[13:56] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 18 13:56:07 2005.
[14:00] benjo: alright 13 sms today til now
[14:01] ronron: argh
[14:01] benjo: 13 * 0,82 ct
[14:01] ronron: how do you subscribe to this program ?
[14:01] ronron: AAAARGH
[14:01] benjo: ^^
[14:01] benjo: you need to fill out a contract and send it back to them
[14:01] benjo: but there are a lot of providers who offer that
[14:02] benjo: my one has only german connection
[14:02] ronron: yup but 13 for germany only uis ok for me too
[14:02] ronron: :D
[14:02] benjo: .-d
[14:03] ronron: i have that is not used, so :D
[14:03] benjo: cool domain :-)
[14:04] ronron: but i m really impressed by your stats
[14:04] ronron: german people are richer then frenchm to spend so much money in sms :D
[14:04] benjo: all i did was loading up a site that looks really crappy ^^
[14:05] ronron: you found the good idea
[14:05] ronron: juste imagine what it could convert with more girls, etc etc
[14:05] benjo: alright you make the promotion and i give you 40% :-D
[14:06] ronron: lol
[14:07] benjo: i intend to make a kind of single-portal with lots of fake girls
[14:07] benjo: and the cool thing with the sms-chat-frontend i can add as much "operators" i want
[14:09] ronron: my fabulous webcam thing lol
[14:10] ronron: did you check rolf answer?
[14:10] benjo: no
[14:10] ronron: Those 27 domains (7 more will be added) are advertised on Videotext shortly.
Which statistic method is used, is up to you. The stat should clearly
how much traffic comes from which domain. The method you can decide. I agree
with you,
the search engine registration should be considered.
[14:10] ronron: AND?
[14:10] ronron: i give up
[14:10] ronron: so i decide, but i don t have infos
[14:11] ronron: There will be no documentation. We don`t want to waste time.
[14:11] ronron: this sentence is collector
[14:12] benjo: are you satisfied with the answer?
[14:13] ronron: no
[14:13] ronron: :(
[14:13] benjo: ;-)
[14:14] ronron: just answered
[14:15] benjo: har har cool
[14:15] benjo: thats what he need
[14:15] benjo: ^^
[14:16] ronron: i forgot to say that i need the DNS infos of their site, but i don t want to shock him with words he don t know
[14:16] benjo: lol
[14:16] benjo: send it!
[14:16] benjo: "i forgot, i need the dns stuff"
[14:16] benjo: ^^
[14:18] ronron: i ll do a simple reidtection then
[14:18] ronron: in html :D
[14:18] ronron:
[14:18] benjo: lol
[14:18] benjo: aight and tell him it takes abt. 2 days
[14:19] ronron: no !
[14:19] ronron: 1 domain = 1 day
[14:19] benjo: ok
[14:19] ronron: i ll have finished it in november, when they will tell me i m fired :D
[14:20] benjo: :-D
[14:20] ronron: look :
[14:20] ronron: last email from rolf :
[14:20] ronron: Hi Jonathan,

these are the 20 Domains, 7 more will be added, so in total 27.

pls make the stats for each domain then.

Thanks, Rolf

[14:20] ronron: (l)
[14:21] benjo: omg
[14:21] ronron: i think this job is a joke made by MTV or smthg like that
[14:22] ronron: can t be true
[14:22] benjo: lol
[14:22] benjo: hidden camera or sth
[14:22] benjo: ashton kutcher
[14:22] benjo: jonathan & ben, you got punk'd!
[14:22] benjo: aaargh, ashton you mean fool!
[14:22] ronron: actually, my gf answered to an ad on internet
[14:22] ronron: to be filmed in our everyday life :D
[14:23] benjo: lol
[14:23] ronron: but it s paid so why not
[14:23] benjo: do you know "the apprentices"?
[14:23] ronron: no
[14:23] benjo: with donald trump and so on
[14:23] benjo: american tv-series
[14:25] benjo: however
[14:28] benjo: 16 sms
[14:30] ronron: argh
[14:30] ronron: 24 calls
[14:30] benjo: that works fine :-)
[14:30] ronron: and 1 membership :D
[14:30] benjo: = $ ?
[14:30] ronron: hmmm
[14:30] ronron: 15 + approx 24*.6
[14:31] benjo: in which period? only today?
[14:31] ronron: yupe today
[14:31] ronron: but i have to share this ammouns with the webmaster
[14:31] benjo: not bad!
[14:31] ronron: :(
[14:31] benjo: ah
[14:32] ronron: hm when you redirect to sxxter
[14:32] ronron: you don t pass an aff id or smthg ?
[14:35] ronron: "jonathan, we will change everything so do not continue"
[14:35] ronron: hopefully i did not begin
[14:37] ronron: Anna (18) sucht Sexkontakte
100% Privat! Anna (18) sucht geile Sexkontakte zu versauten Männern!
[14:37] ronron: 31st
[14:37] ronron: nice
[14:37] ronron: 24/14
[14:37] ronron: sure that some of your calls come from this list
[14:38] benjo: maybe
[14:41] ronron: AND???
[14:41] ronron: it s getting blurrer
[14:42] ronron:
[14:42] ronron: thats what rolf skype me
[14:42] ronron: COOOOOOL
[14:42] benjo: lol
[14:43] ronron: with that i can make a site
[14:44] ronron: can you try to put it on janas :D ?
[14:44] benjo: ^^
[14:45] ronron: 1 hour ago , i did not know what was it about, no it s worse
[14:45] ronron: now
[14:47] benjo: lol
[14:47] benjo: now we are a partner
[14:47] benjo: an affiliate
[14:47] ronron: 53000000 differents links
[14:48] ronron: but i ll check the content at home this evening
[14:48] ronron: maybe i can grab things
[14:48] benjo: yeh yeh
[14:51] ronron: ebuchte Mitgl. / Monat : 30000 = ????
[14:52] benjo: like "booked members / month"
[14:52] benjo: dunno what this means
[14:56] benjo: this poor guy is so overextended
[14:57] ronron: just imagine if i had made this redirection +extremetracking for each site
[14:57] benjo: :-D
[14:57] ronron: " no finally, we do not make that"
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Aug 18 15:03:37 2005
[15:03] benjo: let´s make teh br34k0rrrrzzz
[15:19] ronron: Jonathan, please make the text `INFO´on (Link: still a bit smaller
[15:21] benjo: :-D
[16:02] benjo: i need a clear information as well :-D
[16:04] ronron: asshole
[16:09] ronron: "then tell it to richard"
[16:09] ronron: if i tell it to richard he ll see
[16:09] benjo: sorry i didn´t listen to your conversation
[16:09] benjo: what was it about
[16:09] benjo: i was phoning the next room
[16:09] ronron: he needed a defined date
[16:10] benjo: yes i got that
[16:10] ronron: then i told that when it s us who want an information
[16:10] ronron: we can hang ourselves
[16:10] benjo: ^^
[16:11] benjo: and then he became angry?
[16:11] ronron: it s me lol
[16:12] ronron: now i have to open 27 extreme tracking accounts \o/
[16:13] ronron: even if we ll change it next week
[16:13] benjo: :-D
[16:13] ronron: as if they were going to check the stats for every domain one by one every day
[16:14] benjo: why dont you make 27 fake-stats
[16:14] benjo: normal html and you put some values manually :-D
[16:15] benjo: they can´t control it anyway
[16:15] ronron: lol
[16:15] ronron: fake extremetracking pages
[16:15] ronron: only gif files
[16:15] benjo: ^^
[16:15] ronron: what s the link jonathan ?
[16:15] benjo: (Link:
[16:16] ronron: "\Q:\\stats_go_to_hell.gif
[16:16] benjo: lol
[16:23] benjo: LOL
[16:23] benjo: now it comes:
[16:25] ronron: i ll kill him
[16:26] benjo: wait
[16:26] benjo: he should tell it to you on his own
[16:26] ronron: what ?
[16:26] ronron: O_o
[16:27] benjo: i think they changed it again
[16:27] benjo: no domain tracking
[16:28] benjo: (*_*)
[16:29] ronron: (Link:
[16:29] benjo: :-)
[16:32] benjo: alright rolf
[16:33] benjo: (Link:
[16:37] ronron: (Link:
[16:38] ronron: (Link:
[16:47] ronron: so now i have to change the DNS for 90% of the 20 domains
[16:47] ronron: \o/
[16:47] benjo: omg
[16:48] ronron: cause even if a folder is present for each domain on GermanyWebs (with an index page and all)
[16:48] ronron: the domain point to hv without passing by these pages
[16:49] benjo: the problem is:
[16:49] benjo: i`m afraid you need to go to david :-D
[16:49] ronron: the man who talked in his beard, now in theaters
[16:53] benjo: he reminds me of somebody
[16:53] benjo: ah now i remember
[16:53] benjo: (Link:
[16:54] ronron: :-o
[16:55] ronron: he changed his opinion
[16:55] ronron: we give up the partnership
[16:55] benjo: ^_^
[16:55] benjo: on some day everybody goes crazy in this house
[16:55] ronron: but he s not totally sure
[16:57] ronron: i don t know so you do what you want
[17:03] benjo: 30 min left :-(
[17:03] ronron: yup wanna go home :D
[17:04] benjo: 22 sms B-)
[17:04] ronron: argh
[17:04] benjo: i'm going to order my porsche this evening
[17:05] ronron: the burago version
[17:06] benjo: don´t care, mainly expensive
[17:06] benjo: and maybe a litte cayenne for my gf
[17:07] ronron: and me, i ll stay forever here, at telepronto
[17:07] ronron: FOREVER
[17:07] benjo: :'-(
[17:07] benjo: you can work for me soon
[17:07] benjo: :-D
[17:09] ronron: each time rolf send me a mail
[17:09] ronron: he skype me "you got mail"
[17:09] benjo: argh
[17:09] ronron: as if i had AOL
[17:09] benjo: the same for me
[17:09] benjo: i`m sure he uses aol at home
[17:09] benjo: ^^
[17:09] ronron: the mail :
[17:09] ronron:
Hi Balint, Hi Jonathan,

please put on these Domains a counter and redirect it to (Link:

7 more domains will follow ( and still more ... ;-)

Regards, Rolf
[17:09] benjo: cause it´s so easy
[17:09] benjo: :-D
[17:10] ronron: x_x getting crazy
[17:10] benjo: OMFG
[17:24] ronron: let s dance
[17:33] ronron: 17h29 16s
[17:33] benjo: ^^
[17:35] ronron: gogogo
[17:36] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 18 17:36:08 2005.
[18:06] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 18 18:06:47 2005.
[22:46] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 18 22:46:51 2005.
[08:37] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 19 08:37:59 2005.
[08:49] benjo: at "needed time" i'll write "3 hours - 2 weeks"
[08:51] ronron: i don t know what to fill actually
[08:51] benjo: me neither
[08:51] ronron: i could make a mini program that randomize dureations
[08:51] benjo: lol
[08:51] benjo: i´ll change task 1
[08:51] benjo: thinking about what to fill in
[08:52] ronron: creating new pages for girls :D
[08:52] benjo: :-)
[08:52] ronron: 6 months
[08:54] benjo: apropos
[08:54] benjo: 32 sms
[08:54] benjo: yesterday
[08:54] ronron: i have to subscribe to this thing
[08:54] ronron: :D
[08:55] ronron: but i don t understand anything :(
[09:08] ronron: ...
[09:08] ronron: help me
[09:08] benjo: ^^
[09:08] ronron: gimmi my medicines
[09:09] ronron: i will emmm
[09:10] benjo: ?
[09:12] ronron: the thing is that he does not understand one word of what i say
[09:12] benjo: yes sure
[09:12] ronron: he can only say "hmmm", "yes,but","the guy told me"
[09:16] benjo: dunno what to fill in task 10 "layout banner"
[09:16] ronron: put FUCK OFF
[09:16] benjo: STFUN
[09:19] ronron: [09:06:29] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : hmm is it sure for euromillions ?
[09:13:15] rolfi_nrw a dit : you got mail
[09:19:15] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : with your system, if i m at AOL, i m considered as american
[09:19:28] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : so if i m english, i don t have the right to have aol
[09:20] benjo: :-/
[09:20] ronron: * Some French AOL users appear to come from Great Britain or Germany due to the way that AOL routes their traffic through proxy servers. Other countries may appear to come from the US if AOL routes the traffic through US proxy servers.
[09:20] benjo: did you tell that to rolf?
[09:20] ronron: very reliable
[09:21] ronron: yes but if it s not 99% reliable but 95% its ok
[09:21] benjo: ^^
[09:24] ronron: rolf does not even answer to my messages
[09:24] ronron: ...
[09:25] ronron: [09:24:36] rolfi_nrw a dit : you are right. Nevertheless, Richard wants to have this Geo-Tracking on
[09:25:07] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : ok it will be a fake thing then, i d rather put a static tool with pre inserted values
[09:25:22] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i think i will never understand this way of working+
[09:25] benjo: (y)
[09:28] ronron: [09:26:21] rolfi_nrw a dit : What do you mean with fake-thing ?
[09:26:40] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : it won t be reliable, but richard will be happy so
[09:27:17] rolfi_nrw a dit : yes, ok. that is most important ....
[09:28] benjo: LOL
[09:28] ronron: rolf must be the slave of tpronto
[09:28] ronron: don t want to lose his job
[09:28] benjo: yes thats what i think
[09:28] benjo: he is an asslicker
[09:29] benjo: he's afraid to get fired
[09:29] benjo: because he knows himself, that he´s a internet-n00b
[09:29] benjo: ^^
[09:31] ronron: [09:26:21] rolfi_nrw a dit : What do you mean with fake-thing ?
[09:26:40] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : it won t be reliable, but richard will be happy so
[09:27:17] rolfi_nrw a dit : yes, ok. that is most important ....
[09:31] ronron: i did not want to tell him what i needed
[09:31] ronron: oops
[09:31] ronron: [09:29:42] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : anyway i can t work on it as i m waiting for an answer from david for the db
[09:29:51] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : hard for me to fill your excel file then
[09:30:54] rolfi_nrw a dit : what do you need from david ?
[09:31:03] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i already asked him
[09:31:07] rolfi_nrw a dit : ok
[09:32] ronron: because then he s going to see david and tell him nonsense
[09:32] benjo: aight but that isnt your problem if he talks nonsense ;-)
[09:49] ronron: did you fill the tasks file?
[09:49] benjo: yes
[09:49] benjo: making banner: 30 min
[09:49] benjo: making "final" banner: 1. min
[09:49] benjo: dunno what "final" banner means, but...
[09:50] ronron: it s the ultimate banners
[09:50] ronron: with power in them
[09:52] ronron: asked to david to give me access to a db
[09:52] ronron: ----> i will check that later is proably somewhere in the phpmyadmin config+
[09:53] benjo: god damns
[09:53] ronron: it would take him 1 min to do it
[09:53] ronron: as if he did not know mysql :/
[09:53] benjo: you ony need phpmyadmin?
[09:54] ronron: i have an access to
[09:54] ronron: but i dont have all the rights
[09:54] ronron: i asked him to create a db, he did it
[09:54] ronron: but he did not give me an access to so...
[09:55] benjo: :-/
[10:03] benjo: T3H BR34K !!!!!!11
[10:20] ronron: [10:18:51] rolfi_nrw a dit : yes, the content and layout things have to be cleared up. We want to have a tool, with which we can track, from what domain the user is coming (redirected to, how many customers we get from those domain and how many money we got from those domain. Later on, we can relate the different domains to the different media-campaigne (tv, print, vtx, online) and see, which campaign is the most effective. Let`s say it this way: a webstatistic combined with
an income -statistic
like: campaign A: Domain 1: Visits 13222:
User (Abos) 151: Price 19,90 €
Turnover: 3004 €: Payout 1802,40 €

campaign A: Domain 2: Visits 9417:
User (Abos) 87: Price 19,90 €
Turnover: 1731.30 €: Payout 1038,80 €


campaign B: Domain 1: Visits ...:
User (Abos) ...: Price ... €
Turnover: ... €: Payout ... €

Please think on it, how such a tool could be done
for (Link:

Thanks, Rolf
[10:20] ronron: O_o
[10:20] ronron: HYPER COMBO FINISH
[10:26] benjo: (Link:
[10:57] ronron: mmm
[10:57] ronron: mmmm
[10:57] ronron: mmmmmm
[11:06] ronron: lol
[11:06] ronron: "ok"
[11:06] benjo: :-D
[11:07] ronron: i ll make extreme tracking account till my death
[11:07] benjo: what you can do for yahoo you can do for extreme tracking as well ;-)
[11:07] benjo: ^^
[11:07] ronron: :)
[11:07] benjo: :-|
[11:19] benjo: do you have experience with mambo?
[11:19] ronron: ?
[11:19] benjo: and i dont mean the music
[11:19] benjo: ^^
[11:19] ronron: i tohught programming language
[11:19] ronron: hmm no
[11:19] benjo: the cms
[11:20] benjo: (Link:
[11:32] benjo: MEGALOL
[11:32] benjo: richard: "rolf, please pick up my mobile from downstairs"
[11:32] benjo: rolf: "sure" *run*
[11:36] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Aug 19 11:36:05 2005.
[11:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 19 11:36:12 2005.
[11:55] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 19 11:55:01 2005.
[11:56] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 19 11:56:40 2005.
[12:52] ronron: ...
[13:15] ronron: so, it took Balint 10 minutes and ben 20 minutes to fill out the lists. I don`t know, why you need hours...
Tell me only the approximate time to do the tasks, if you cannot quantify it, better fill in more than less time ... or only write Ì don`t know, because you still need this or that information´
[13:06:28] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : I NEED HOURS CAUSE i can t tell how long it will take me to make a developemtn without knowing ANYTHING about the specs of the project
[13:06:34] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : ok then i invent delays
[13:08:25] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i m sorry but in every society i worked for for each project we had a documentatzion + planning
[13:08:28] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : here we have nothing
[13:08:32] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : + synopsis
[13:15] ronron: [13:08:57] rolfi_nrw a dit : better evaluate more time for each task then less ...
but I think you are in webprogramming and building up webmaster-programs, so I think it would not be that complicated for you
[13:09:15] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : yeah a webmaster progem is like a html site...
[13:09:40] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : building a webmaster proagram is easy when all the infos are given to you
[13:09:41] rolfi_nrw a dit : take it as it is. we have no documentations.
[13:09:45] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i can t invent the specs
[13:10:30] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : but we could do documentations
[13:10:34] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : we d earn time
[13:11:12] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : instead of saying "do that" and then"oh no finally don t do that", and then "err finally you should do that"
[13:16] ronron: and i DID NOT SAY iot was complicated for me. What is complicated is to work in these conditions. I know what i m able of in development, thank you
[13:17] benjo: :-(
[13:17] benjo: "take it as it is, we have no documentation"
[13:17] benjo: lol
[13:17] benjo: *he* is responsible for that!
[13:19] ronron: [13:18:55] rolfi_nrw a dit : if you have problems to work here, you should discuss it with Richard. If Richard is telling me this or that should be done the quickest way, then there is no more time to write a documentation.
[13:19:24] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : ok then i ll write to richard
[13:21] benjo: i'm really curious abt richards opinion to that
[13:21] ronron: if richard is clever, he ll understand that rolf does do his job
[13:22] ronron: only give few sentences per day, but never send a mail with mais documentation
[13:23] ronron: here it s "lets make a website, jon and ben"
[13:23] ronron: GO GO GO
[13:24] benjo: lol, yeah
[13:24] ronron: but anyway, respect to you
[13:24] ronron: it took 10 minutes to you to make your tasks list
[13:24] benjo: he has to realise that producing a website is
[13:24] ronron: i'm so slow :)
[13:25] benjo: he has to realise that producing a website is *much* faster when there is a documentation with at least a *few* infos abt the project
[13:25] ronron: they have the right to change their opinion
[13:25] ronron: but they must have a main idea of the project
[13:26] ronron: when you see that rolf told us 3 different things about this project in the same day...
[13:26] benjo: that´s the other problem: he does not know much about that himself
[13:27] benjo: that can have different reasons
[13:27] benjo: they dont tell him much
[13:27] benjo: or hes only stupid
[13:27] ronron: on monday they will tell us that (Link: will finally be a site for flowers amateurs
[13:27] ronron: yes but when you go to the meetings, you should at least trying to understand what is said
[13:28] ronron: he just listens
[13:28] benjo: yes he listens but has NO clue what they are talking about
[13:28] ronron: but must be thinking about the fact he ll watch buffy the vampire slayer on tv this evening
[13:28] benjo: ^^
[13:28] ronron: alone with his hamster
[13:29] benjo: 5 hours meeting
[13:29] benjo: result:
[13:29] benjo: make a website
[13:29] benjo: .
[13:29] ronron: actually you made a website :D
[13:29] ronron: you r so professionnal
[13:29] benjo: haha yeah
[13:29] benjo: call me website-o-saurus
[13:31] benjo: but now i want to go home
[13:31] benjo: no websites anymre
[13:32] benjo: are you going to write to richard?
[13:32] ronron: last time i had a mini meeting with richard and ad
[13:33] ronron: i told them it would be nice to have written documentation, not only words, and plannings
[13:33] ronron: and richard told me i was true
[13:33] ronron: and then he asked rolf to organize something like mini meetings few times a weeks, just to discuss about the projects
[13:33] ronron: nothing changed sicne this day :D
[13:34] benjo: dickhead
[13:34] benjo: that would be the best, having mini-meetings
[13:34] benjo: just to answer questions
[13:34] benjo: richard and ad HAVE TO realise that he is not the best man for this job!
[13:35] ronron: the last meeting i made was with balint and rolf
[13:35] ronron: we talked abt this webmaster program
[13:35] benjo: i never had a meeting
[13:35] ronron: and in one hour, balint and i talked a lot and it was really useful to talk with him abt that
[13:35] ronron: rolf only spoke two times, trying to understand what we said
[13:36] ronron: before you came the main thing was "Content server separation"
[13:36] ronron: but i m sure that rolf does not know why we want to do that
[13:36] ronron: everyday, i heard content separation
[13:37] benjo: never heard anything about that topic till i'm here
[13:37] ronron: everyday rolf called him and :
[13:37] ronron: Hi balint
[13:37] ronron: What about this content server separation ?
[13:37] ronron: bla
[13:37] ronron: bla
[13:37] ronron: bla
[13:38] benjo: and now he forgot?
[13:38] ronron: it s not a "priority" anymore
[13:38] benjo: is it on your list at least? ;-)
[13:40] ronron: i also asked 4 times to rolf if i can have an access to the server where the site is hosted (Link:
[13:40] ronron: no answer
[13:40] benjo: lol
[13:41] ronron: it s as if "we are going to make a website, ben and john"
[13:41] ronron: "oh fuck, i forgot we don t have internet connexion"
[13:41] benjo: frustrating
[13:56] ronron: [13:55:22] rolfi_nrw a dit : Jonathan, pls check, if the extremetracking tool is
only tracking each single day, or also weeks and months accumulated. We need monthly stats too.
Otherwise pls implement another monthly stat-tool or written script
[13:56] ronron: going to kill him
[13:56] benjo: ...
[14:03] benjo: i'm going to bring some weed next week so that we can pass the daily faster ;-)
[14:04] ronron: i yould remember my job at totem (virtuagirl,etc)
[14:04] ronron: it was everyday during the pauses
[14:04] benjo: yes at my former company even during the work
[14:04] benjo: the boss himself and so on
[14:06] ronron: and my last job, it was every afternoon when everybody was left
[14:08] benjo: on some days they began to smoke in the morning ^^
[14:09] ronron: when i see how i was every afternoon at totem, i prefer not imagine what it would have been if i smoked in the morning :D
[14:09] benjo: :-D
[14:10] benjo: the same
[14:10] benjo: only earlier ;-)
[14:20] ronron: lol
[14:20] benjo: ^^
[16:04] ronron: 6 tv is done :D
[16:04] benjo: (y)
[16:07] benjo: (Link:
[16:07] benjo: this is the onlineshop with the outlet in mönchengladbach i told you
[16:07] ronron: thx
[16:11] benjo: i have my own clothes store btw
[16:11] benjo: (Link:
[16:13] benjo: i made shirts for my band :-)
[16:14] ronron: it s your site?
[16:14] benjo: yes
[16:14] benjo: but its an affiliate programm
[16:14] benjo: sth like tis
[16:14] ronron: spreadshirt
[16:15] benjo: yes. you can design your own shirts and so on, and publicise your own shop then
[16:16] benjo: it is on-demand-printing
[16:16] benjo: if somebody orders a shirt, they produce it and deliver it
[16:16] ronron: and share revenues
[16:16] benjo: i can decide how much money i want to earn for each shirt
[16:17] benjo: they say for example 1 shirt = 14 €, and i can sell them for 20 € and earn 6 €/shirt
[16:17] benjo: they pay me every month
[16:17] ronron: do you have sales?
[16:18] benjo: the designs are only from my band, like merchandising. and we were very popular the last 5 years, but now we gave up. so i had a lot of sales during that time
[16:28] benjo: a guy wearing my jacket (Link:
[16:28] benjo: ^^
[16:28] ronron: lol
[16:29] ronron: where did you find this pic ?
[16:29] benjo: :-)
[16:29] benjo: i typed in google "guys wearing ben's stuff"
[16:29] ronron: lol
[16:29] benjo: no it´s a site of a friend of mine
[16:30] benjo: uhm (Link:
[16:30] benjo: me
[16:30] benjo: + 20 kg
[16:31] benjo: omg (Link:
[16:31] ronron: elvis is alive :D
[16:31] benjo: ^^
[16:35] benjo: fucking 1 hour left :-(
[16:35] ronron: that s what i told to myself 2mins ago
[16:35] benjo: je suis trop fatigué pour travailler aujourd-hui
[16:36] ronron: ich bin err.....errr....guten tag die neue deutsche welle
[16:37] benjo: lol
[16:37] benjo: where did you get this?
[16:37] ronron: what ?
[16:37] benjo: "guten tag die neue deutsche welle"
[16:38] ronron: neue deutsche welle comes from a fler sound
[16:38] ronron: played on viva
[16:38] ronron: i usually remember titles of this wondrful songs
[16:38] ronron: bitte gib mir nur ein wort
[16:38] ronron: \o/
[16:38] benjo: ^^
[16:39] benjo: "wir sind helden" rightß
[16:39] ronron: that s it
[16:39] ronron: Nous sommes des héros
[16:39] benjo: biensur
[16:48] benjo: dyou know that
[16:48] benjo: (Link:
[16:48] benjo: ?
[16:48] ronron: yup
[16:48] ronron: nu ma nu ma yeah
[16:51] ronron: (Link:
[16:53] ronron: (Link:
[16:53] benjo: lol
[16:53] benjo: (Link:
[16:53] benjo: this is sad
[16:54] ronron: he s deutsch, no ?
[16:54] benjo: w00t
[16:54] benjo: david hasselhoff?
[16:54] benjo: michael knight?
[16:54] benjo: he is american as an american can be
[16:54] ronron: hasselhoff
[16:55] ronron: Pimp my Lamp
[16:55] ronron: (Link:
[16:55] benjo: do you know the "best picture ever"?
[16:55] benjo: (Link:
[16:55] ronron: wait :D
[16:55] benjo: (Link:
[16:55] ronron: (Link:
[16:55] ronron: argh
[16:56] benjo: you wanted to show me that
[16:56] ronron: yup
[16:56] benjo: ^^
[16:56] ronron: there is also the animated gif version
[16:59] ronron: (Link:
[16:59] ronron: and (Link:
[16:59] benjo: lol
[17:02] benjo: americans dont know anything abt europe
[17:02] ronron: marseilel in spain :D
[17:03] benjo: at least it´s europe :-D
[17:03] ronron: (Link:
[17:03] benjo: ^^
[17:04] ronron: a cafe in london wanted to have a "frenchy" style in its name
[17:04] ronron: (Link:
[17:04] ronron: :D
[17:04] benjo: whats "couilles"?
[17:04] ronron: balls
[17:05] benjo: lol
[17:05] benjo: dog balls
[17:05] benjo: cool shop
[17:05] ronron: (Link:
[17:06] benjo: lol
[17:08] ronron: (Link:
[17:09] benjo: do you know that: (Link: ?
[17:09] ronron: it s same style as happy tres friends no ?
[17:10] benjo: a bit
[17:10] ronron: a reason for me to use my mega earphones
[17:12] ronron: i love the exorcist
[17:14] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 19 17:14:22 2005.
[17:16] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 19 17:16:51 2005.
[17:25] benjo: dix minutes :-(
[17:25] ronron: zhen minuten
[17:25] benjo: zehn yes
[17:26] benjo: ME WANT TO GO HOME
[17:26] benjo: NOW
[17:26] benjo: NOT IN 10 MINUTES
[17:26] ronron: ME TOUT
[17:29] ronron: so i made my minute of work this afternoon
[17:29] ronron: 6tv, changing one url
[17:29] benjo: lol
[17:29] ronron: +10sec to upload the file
[17:32] ronron: hm what is the name of thy guy who were with us in last pause, i can never remember it
[17:32] benjo: with that longer hair
[17:32] benjo: ?
[17:32] ronron: yup
[17:32] benjo: rAlf
[17:32] ronron: how many ralf here?
[17:32] benjo: oh no sorry
[17:33] benjo: that was sven
[17:33] ronron: with sunglasses
[17:33] benjo: yes
[17:33] benjo: sven
[17:33] benjo: the old fart
[17:33] ronron: = ?
[17:34] ronron: i don t even try to translate it in french
[17:34] ronron: :|
[17:34] benjo: ...
[17:34] benjo: FEIERABEND!!!!
[17:34] benjo: = closing time
[17:34] benjo: NOW
[17:34] benjo: ALRIGHT
[17:34] ronron: monchengladbach, cha la la la la la la
[17:34] ronron: feierabend
[17:34] benjo: BORUSSIA
[17:35] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 19 17:35:26 2005.
[18:11] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 19 18:11:48 2005.
[22:07] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 19 22:07:54 2005.
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Session Close (benjo): Mon Aug 22 08:34:47 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Aug 22 09:02:25 2005
[09:02] ronron: can you make sales stats for ivanja jonathan ? Ö_Ö
[09:02] benjo: how often did you try to explain him that...
[09:07] ronron: i talk to the walls
[09:07] ronron: "let s call balint"
[09:08] benjo: ^^
[09:09] ronron: first joke of the week
[09:09] ronron: rolf 's call
[09:09] benjo: lol
[09:10] benjo: i forward you the mail from david
[09:10] ronron: :D can t wait
[09:10] benjo: half english half dutch
[09:12] ronron: and now do you know what you have to do ?
[09:12] benjo: uhm
[09:12] benjo: HI!
[09:12] ronron: i don t really catch the thing :D
[09:12] benjo: me neither
[09:13] benjo: but i couldnt be arsed to go to david and ask because i wont understand a word
[09:13] benjo: acustically
[09:13] ronron: /var/named/ directory to here (q:\DNS\ ) so Benjamin can apply the changes
[09:13] ronron: :|
[09:13] ronron: X-Files
[09:13] benjo: i've never changed any dns-crap
[09:13] benjo: but when i'm finished you can call mr mr. DNS
[09:14] ronron: Supreme DNS Rebelz
[09:14] benjo: :-D
[09:15] ronron: "I would say i don t know about that but you have to do it anyway " Rolf, 2005
[09:15] benjo: M.)
[09:15] ronron: actually i have to know to which domain a domain ponits to make the stats, but it changes everyday so :D
[09:16] ronron: oh yes ask me rolf :D
[09:17] benjo: give it to me
[09:17] benjo: fo shizzle ma nizzle
[09:20] ronron: i will ask to my Mutha
[09:20] benjo: lol
[09:21] benjo: the access to the new server seems to be in the mail i forwarded to you
[09:21] benjo: but i dunno how to access there
[09:22] benjo:
[09:22] benjo: admin : d4v1d root : 12344321
[09:22] benjo: lol d4v1d
[09:22] benjo: l33t
[09:24] ronron: (Link:
[09:30] benjo: ;#######################################################
;# namrd Config fuer :
;# Betreut durch : Rolf
;# OpenTracker ID : 1 ;#######################################################
$TTL 86400
2005060703 ;Serial
3600 ;refresh
600 ;retry
86400 ;expire
3600 ;Min TTL
MX 10

www IN A
[09:32] ronron: GO GO GO
[09:36] benjo: have a look at q:\dns\named
[09:36] benjo: :-(
[09:37] ronron: \o/
[09:37] ronron: if it continues like that, i think i won t stay longer here
[09:37] benjo: :-(
[09:37] benjo: i would like to have a better job as well
[09:37] ronron: cool you have to edit all this files manually ?
[09:37] benjo: but its hard to find
[09:37] benjo: err
[09:37] benjo: yes
[09:38] benjo: but he asks me to make a script
[09:38] ronron: i have to implement the domains manually too in my db :D
[09:44] benjo: a script would be cool, cause i have to change them in some days again...
[09:44] benjo: :-(
[09:45] ronron: argh
[10:49] ronron: (Link:
[10:49] benjo: know that
[11:14] ronron: Jonathan, I received a new list (or did I sent it to you already on friday evening?) Those 20 domains should point to
(Link: Balint already made the dns changes for the homevideo-pages. Pls switch the rest over to (Link:

pointing to
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: homevideo
(Link: (Link:
(Link: (Link:
(Link: (Link:
(Link: (Link:
(Link: homevideo
(Link: (Link:
[11:14] ronron: Argh
[11:17] ronron: (Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: unzensiert
(Link: homevideo
[11:17] ronron: oops
[11:17] ronron: [11:15:17] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : we should organize ourselves better
[11:15:23] rolfi_nrw a dit : yes
[11:15:48] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i ve begun to work on this tstas tools, and you ask me to do something that was ajourned on friday...
[11:16:49] rolfi_nrw a dit : yes ...
[11:17:03] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : so wah tare the REAL priorities ?
[11:18] ronron: AND THE ANSWER
[11:18] ronron: get ready :
[11:18] ronron: [11:17:52] rolfi_nrw a dit : the 20 domains are advertised in Videotext starting tomorrow. The statistic-tool should be finished til end of the week.
[11:19] benjo: :-O
[11:19] ronron: i was into this stats thing ans i have to change priorities again
[11:24] ronron: last news . ok, I will mail you the domain-list. The, what is on, is from a friend of Ad, David tolfd me. So we should not change the content without his agreement. So, pls change nothing on
[11:24] benjo: :-D
[11:24] ronron: it s a friend of Ad, but he does not pay him :D
[11:24] benjo: hell
[11:30] ronron: gonna kill him
[11:30] benjo: cool i give you 5 $ if you do that
[11:31] ronron: ok, I will mail you the domain-list. The, what is on, is from a friend of Ad, David tolfd me. So we should not change the content without his agreement. So, pls change nothing on
[11:31] ronron: oops
[11:31] ronron: [11:27:58] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i jut make the redirection, i won t have the time to make the stats today
[11:28:40] rolfi_nrw a dit : ok, if we have it tomorrow, it is ok
[11:28:57] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : have what ?
[11:29:44] rolfi_nrw a dit : the problem is, for that 20 domains, we need to have a stat
[11:30:20] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : but you won t have teh stats tomorrow, as i wantded to do the same stats system for all our domains
[11:30:24] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : and it takes time
[11:31] ronron: it wants the stats for the domains tomorrow !
[11:33] ronron: +
[11:33] ronron: mail from netvision
[11:33] ronron: i have to change all the url again
[11:33] benjo: :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
[11:34] benjo: he´s talking abt the stats at the moment
[11:34] ronron: but he killed me "no we don t need the stats today"
[11:34] benjo: another change will follow ^^
[11:34] ronron: "but tomorrow"
[11:34] benjo: lol
[11:41] benjo: lol
[11:41] benjo: [11:32:51] Ben : hi balint
[11:32:51] Ben : i'm changing the dns entries at the moment. what shall i do with those who point to
[11:32:57] Ben : leave them as they are?
[11:36:47] domokosbalint : Hi Ben
[11:37:05] domokosbalint : wait i have to ask Rolf :)
[11:42] ronron: vicious circle
[11:42] ronron: rolf : "wait i will call balint"
[11:45] benjo: [11:37:25] domokosbalint : or maybe someone else
[11:37:42] domokosbalint : i'm not sure any more who should be asked and what should be done
[11:37:58] Ben : me neither :-/
[11:45] benjo: same prob
[11:47] ronron: \o/
[11:47] ronron: tpronto will be in the guinness book of records soon if it continues
[11:47] benjo: as the company with the most wankers?
[11:48] ronron: i want to change the dns => ask the woman who do the cooking
[11:48] benjo: lol
[12:45] benjo: i'm afraid my ctrl and my v keys will be damaged after that
[12:47] ronron: you ll never beat rolf with his space key
[12:47] benjo: yes probably
[12:47] benjo: he has a space key out of steal
[12:47] benjo: originally produced for NASA use
[12:49] ronron: with land rover suspensions
[12:50] benjo: :-D
[12:53] ronron: what is the mail about ?
[12:53] benjo: mail?
[12:53] ronron: from manuel
[12:53] benjo: ah
[12:53] benjo: uhm
[12:53] benjo: it sais free sushi at 15 in the kitchen ;-)
[12:54] ronron: i have too much work to do !
[12:54] ronron: i could not eat sushi
[12:54] benjo: :-D
[13:12] ronron: seems nice : (Link:
[13:13] ronron: first at us box office
[13:16] ronron: can you try ?
[13:16] benjo: not found
[14:26] ronron: can you go on ?
[14:26] benjo: yes
[14:26] ronron: done?
[14:26] benjo: what?
[14:26] ronron: gone on 6tv?
[14:26] benjo: yes
[15:00] benjo: err...
[15:00] benjo: (Link:
[15:00] benjo: is our domain
[15:00] ronron: sure?
[15:00] benjo: yes
[15:02] ronron: no we have lost it
[15:02] benjo: huh
[15:02] ronron: (Link:
[15:04] benjo: lol
[15:04] benjo: we have abt 20 domains that use that domain in any kind of way
[15:04] ronron: ?
[15:04] benjo: nameserver, mailserver and so on
[15:05] ronron: so why woudl we redirect to this shit?
[15:05] benjo: \me = ????
[15:05] benjo: i dont give a shit
[15:06] ronron: so we could use these domains :D
[15:06] benjo: ooops, i guess we lost the other domains which are related to as well :-D
[15:07] benjo: B R E A K
[15:07] ronron: i think it s more than normal, when you see that our domains related infos are only listed on a little excel file
[15:07] benjo: ^^
[15:34] benjo: lol, 1337 g00gl3
[15:35] benjo: (Link:
[15:54] benjo: i made my first sale
[15:54] benjo: B-)
[15:54] benjo: :-D
[15:54] benjo: 1,25 € !!!!
[15:54] ronron: :D
[17:24] ronron: 10 minutes :D
[17:24] benjo: :-)
Session Close (benjo): Mon Aug 22 17:34:46 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Aug 23 08:57:00 2005
[08:57] benjo: the first one who cancelled
[08:57] ronron: ?
[08:57] benjo: miguel... he cancelled his job
[08:57] ronron: it was miguel, right?
[08:57] ronron: i can t remember names
[08:57] benjo: yes
[09:00] ronron: he said why ?
[09:00] benjo: similar reasons like we have ;-)
[09:27] ronron: :'-( i don t have the right to eat this marvelous sweets
[09:28] benjo: the right?
[09:29] ronron: i must eat (Link: and drink water only for one week :D
[09:29] benjo: lol?
[09:29] benjo: really? stomach problems?
[09:29] ronron: no that s true
[09:30] benjo: poor guy
[09:30] ronron: i hope i ll lose the kilos i took since i arrived :D so that s a good point
[09:30] benjo: :-D
[09:49] ronron: wtf is he doing
[09:49] ronron: he does not know ctrl+a feature ?
[09:49] benjo: lol
[10:21] ronron: Jonathan, can you make that text `Info` on still a bit smaller ? Thanx
[11:25] ronron: :D
[11:25] benjo: tell that will take a while
[11:25] benjo: cause its *very* complicated
[11:41] ronron: rolf is a rocker \o/ U2 \o/
[11:41] benjo: lol
[11:42] benjo: his favourtite band is guns n roses
[11:42] benjo: *really* !!!
[11:43] ronron: so.. he knows what is the REAL life
[12:51] *** You have been disconnected. Tue Aug 23 12:51:50 2005.
[12:52] *** You are currently disconnected. Messages will not be received.
[13:27] *** You are currently disconnected. Messages will not be received.
[13:27] ronron: thanks for this tom jones extract
[16:38] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 23 16:38:24 2005.
[16:38] benjo: lol [Offline Message (8/23/2005 [15:23])]
[17:25] benjo: lol
[17:25] benjo: SHUT UP
[17:25] ronron: i love his song :'-(
[17:43] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 23 17:43:40 2005.
[18:20] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 23 18:20:03 2005.
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[19:35] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 24 19:35:02 2005.
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[08:37] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 25 08:37:09 2005.
[08:47] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 25 08:47:40 2005.
[09:26] ronron: Hi Jonathan,

please change the fontsize of INFO on (Link: back to 11.

We got user complaints, that people cannot cancel their memberships...

Thanks, Rolf
[09:26] ronron: it was a mail this time
[10:33] ronron: did you see kung fu hustle ?
[12:44] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 25 12:44:05 2005.
[12:44] benjo: not yet, but i'd like to soon
[12:44] benjo: LOL
[12:45] benjo: he told me abt that yesterday
[12:45] ronron: watched it yesterday, really really nice
[12:45] benjo: i've seen the previews
[12:45] benjo: very cool
[12:45] benjo: i like martial arts movies anyway
[12:45] benjo: if they are funny the better ;-)
[12:52] ronron: everybody is depressed when he works at tpronto
[12:52] benjo: ^^
[13:21] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Aug 25 13:21:02 2005.
[15:28] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Aug 25 15:28:26 2005.
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Session Close (benjo): Thu Aug 25 17:36:15 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Aug 26 11:03:04 2005
[11:03] benjo: the way he says "yes" SUCKS
[11:04] ronron: yes, you are right
[11:05] benjo: oh, yes
[11:05] ronron: people are sometimes stupid
[11:05] benjo: ^^
[11:05] benjo: ah oh uh yes
[11:06] benjo: AAAARGH
[11:07] ronron: lol
[11:08] benjo: didnt listen
[11:08] ronron: an idea, coming into my mind, nothing serious
[13:14] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Aug 26 13:14:34 2005.
[13:14] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 26 13:14:42 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Fri Aug 26 13:16:45 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Aug 26 13:21:16 2005
[13:21] benjo: btw:
[13:21] benjo: LOL
[13:21] benjo: they wanted you to let balint sleep in your flat?
[13:21] benjo: :-D
[14:07] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 26 14:07:42 2005.
[14:12] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 26 14:12:29 2005.
[14:25] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 26 14:25:30 2005.
[14:31] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 26 14:31:58 2005.
[14:55] ronron: wow sex24 is a success
[14:55] ronron: we beat unsenziert !!!
[14:55] benjo: ^^
[14:55] ronron: with 70 hits/day
[14:55] benjo: whoarrrr
[14:55] ronron:
[14:57] benjo: did you make this?
[14:57] ronron: that s my tool
[15:00] ronron: it s the same that on my site, but with less functionnalities hehe
[15:00] ronron: just add to copy paste code
[15:00] ronron: and change colors :D
[15:00] benjo: ]:->
[15:03] benjo: now i'm sitting as big as rolf standing
[15:29] ronron: (Link:
[15:47] ronron: (Link:
[15:48] benjo: muharharhar
[16:06] ronron:
[16:07] ronron: my best friend at work
[16:07] ronron: the officiel HOUR
[16:07] ronron: official
[16:11] benjo: cool
[16:11] benjo: my watch goes wrong
[16:11] ronron: ma phone / watch / computer go wrong
[16:12] benjo: :-(
[16:31] ronron: HOME............................home...
[16:33] benjo: :'-(
[16:33] benjo: couldn't be arsed to go by FUCKING train today
[16:33] benjo: but better than staying here ;-)
[16:33] ronron: train is romantic
[16:33] benjo: lol
[16:33] ronron: depends if there mgladbach football match the evening
[16:34] benjo: har har
[16:35] ronron: \o/ i could not stop launghing when i heard everybody singing that song arrived at the train station
[16:35] ronron: but in france it s as ridiculous as in france
[16:36] benjo: :-D
[16:36] benjo: what's "saute"?
[16:36] benjo: sauter
[16:36] ronron: JUMP
[16:36] benjo: ah
[16:36] ronron: -_-
[17:33] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Aug 26 17:33:48 2005.
[18:40] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Aug 26 18:40:10 2005.
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[08:47] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 29 08:47:54 2005.
[09:47] ronron: illustrator cs 2 ???
[09:47] benjo: (y)
[09:47] ronron: (Link:
[10:52] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 29 10:52:25 2005.
[10:54] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 29 10:54:34 2005.
[11:38] benjo: ...
[11:40] ronron: ...
[11:42] benjo: cool
[11:42] benjo: html
[11:43] ronron: he s so dumb
[11:48] ronron: i hqve to be flexible
[11:48] ronron: so let s do html
[11:48] ronron:
[11:48] ronron:
[11:48] ronron: done
[11:48] benjo: dont forget
[11:48] benjo:
[11:54] ronron: he does not understand anything
[11:55] benjo: unfortunately
[11:55] ronron: we ll talk abotu prgrm language after
[11:55] ronron: but tell me how long it ll take
[11:55] benjo: i fed up with that stuff completely
[12:39] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 29 12:39:46 2005.
[12:42] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 29 12:42:05 2005.
[12:56] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 29 12:56:10 2005.
[12:58] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Aug 29 12:58:03 2005.
[13:53] ronron: (Link:
[13:53] ronron: oops
[13:53] ronron: (Link:
[13:53] ronron: (Link:
[13:53] ronron: (Link:
[13:53] ronron: (Link:
[13:53] ronron: WUNDERBAR
[14:00] benjo: uhm
[14:00] benjo: LOL
[14:01] ronron: "emion ask me if i can hack the google server to put the fake pages on it"
[14:02] benjo: ^^
[14:11] benjo: (Link:
[14:16] ronron: ...
[14:16] ronron: i cant argue anymore
[14:17] benjo: forget it, i tried to explain it too often
[14:17] benjo: makes no sense
[14:17] benjo: we could talk nonsense the whole day, wouldn't make a difference
[14:18] ronron: "rolf, the best way to get listed on google is that :(Link:"(Link:
[14:19] benjo: the best way to get listed on google is that
[14:21] benjo: STFU
[14:22] ronron: i foudn THE solution
[14:22] ronron: always say YES to rolf
[14:23] ronron: then he sits down and thinking again
[14:23] benjo: lol
[14:23] benjo: i'll try
[14:23] benjo: it will be hard
[14:23] benjo: but i'll try
[14:24] ronron: he told that unsenziert is given up ???
[14:25] benjo: a bit ;-)
[14:25] benjo: nothing clear about that
[15:48] benjo: rolf confused
[15:48] benjo: his mother shouted
[15:48] ronron: ?
[15:48] benjo: the noise outside
[15:48] benjo: nevermind
[15:48] benjo: ;-
[15:48] benjo: )
[15:49] ronron: ah ok i just understood :D
[15:49] benjo: :-D
[16:03] benjo: this is too funny
[16:03] benjo: rolf is trying to install a "time-mangagement-tool" since hours
[16:04] ronron: he ll have to type in this software the time spent to install it
[16:04] benjo: yup
[16:04] ronron: 3 weeks
[16:38] ronron: ----> home
[16:38] benjo: :-/
[16:38] benjo: me 2
[16:40] benjo: har har
[16:50] ronron: going to kill him
[16:50] ronron: he did not even listened to what the netvision guys said
[16:50] ronron: so i change the things for nothing
[16:51] benjo: @=
[17:04] benjo: 30 min
[17:04] benjo: :-)
[17:04] ronron: \o/
[17:08] benjo: have you seen "team america"?
[17:08] ronron: nope
[17:34] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Aug 29 17:34:36 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Mon Aug 29 17:34:43 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Tue Aug 30 12:00:02 2005
[12:00] benjo: cool documentation
[12:00] benjo: rolf is quite happy
[12:00] benjo: "wow, is it really so simple?"
[12:00] benjo: ^^
[13:50] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 30 13:50:02 2005.
[13:51] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 30 13:51:59 2005.
[14:53] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 30 14:53:56 2005.
[14:55] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 30 14:55:55 2005.
[17:25] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Aug 30 17:25:21 2005.
[18:05] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 30 18:05:07 2005.
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[23:27] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Aug 30 23:27:10 2005.
[01:14] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Aug 31 01:14:55 2005.
[08:39] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Aug 31 08:39:16 2005.
[08:49] benjo: news:
[08:49] benjo: rolf is not our boss anymore
[08:49] benjo: imam has now the personell responsibility
[08:49] benjo: ^^
[08:49] ronron: and rolf ?
[08:49] ronron: he will clean our desks every evening ?
[08:50] benjo: lol
[08:50] benjo: he´s still kind of "project manager"
[08:50] benjo: but imam is going to tell us what to do and what not to to...
[08:50] ronron: fake-project-manager is his official title
[08:50] benjo: lol
[08:50] benjo: print cards
[08:50] benjo: rolf krüger, fake project manager
[08:51] benjo: ben, fake webdesigner
[08:51] benjo: in real life i play keyboard
[08:51] benjo: :-D
[08:51] ronron: jonathan, future-no-working-at-telepronto
[08:51] benjo: ben, fake webdesign & keyboards
[08:51] benjo: future?
[08:51] ronron: yup i think so
[08:52] ronron: mainly cause of my health problems :)
[08:52] benjo: :-/
[08:52] benjo: so you are going to cancel the job soon or what?
[08:53] benjo: undsubscribe the telepronto abo
[08:53] ronron: on 15they are going to put a tube for 24h in my stomach :D
[08:53] ronron: then i ll know if i haev to be operated or not
[08:53] benjo: damn
[08:53] ronron: if yes, i ll leave and take good time in france
[08:54] ronron: if no, ill be condemned to subscribe toplists till my death
[08:54] benjo: lol, so you'll be lucky if the decision is to operate
[08:54] ronron: we can say that :D
[09:13] benjo: i thought he would say "we can talk...... uhm.... later then"
[09:13] ronron: lol
[10:42] benjo: do you know a site to book hotels in france?
[10:42] benjo: all the german databases have no entries for dunkerque :-D
[10:42] ronron: which town
[10:42] ronron: ok ok
[10:43] benjo: only fucking etap hotels
[10:43] benjo: i found
[10:45] benjo: oh
[10:45] benjo: (Link:
[10:45] benjo: ^^
[11:14] benjo: roooaaarrr
[11:14] benjo: we'll have a meeting!
[11:14] benjo: a *real* meeting!
[11:14] benjo: the times they are a-changing
[11:17] ronron: with smthg to eat ?
[11:17] ronron: :|

[11:17] benjo: probably some cookies
[11:17] benjo: maybe beer
[11:17] benjo: dunno
[11:18] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Sep 30 11:18:58 2005.
[11:19] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Sep 30 11:19:07 2005.
[11:39] ronron: but abt this "meeting"
[11:39] ronron: when ? who ?
[11:39] benjo: ^^
[11:40] benjo: i recommended to make it some hours ago
[11:40] benjo: he said "great idea"
[11:40] benjo: after 1 hour i asked "when will we have the meeting?"
[11:40] benjo: he said "i have to talk to imam first"
[11:40] benjo: then he did it
[11:40] ronron: (Link:
[11:40] ronron: you r my hero
[11:41] benjo: but i´m not keen on asking him every 10 minutes, when the meeting will be
[11:41] benjo: this motherfucker
[13:16] benjo: yesyes
[13:16] benjo: ^^
[13:16] ronron: champaign would have been a great solution #_#
[13:17] benjo: :-D
[13:18] ronron: ok we ll talk hum....later
[13:18] ronron: he nealry forgot the last word
[13:18] benjo: lol
[13:18] ronron: a proof of his weakness
[14:44] benjo: errr
[14:44] benjo: what is rolf´s work then?
[14:44] ronron: cleaning the desk :D
[14:44] ronron: as i said this morning
[14:44] benjo: :-D
[14:45] ronron: btw i don t like this thing about noing down everythign we do
[14:45] benjo: noing down?
[14:45] ronron: noting
[14:46] benjo: ah
[14:46] benjo: if rolf delays this whole stuff again and the bosses make stress, i´m going to talk to imam and tell him that rolf is the only sucker who is responsible for that
[14:47] ronron: \o/
[14:47] benjo: i'm sure he´s telling him "jonathan and ben work so slow, i can´t do anything against this"
[14:47] benjo: just to defend himself
[14:47] ronron: actually i m not confident into imam too
[14:48] benjo: me neither, but it´s easier to talk to him instead of richard or ad
[14:48] benjo: but we´ll see how it works now
[14:49] ronron: we ll launch these sites in delays
[14:49] ronron: it won t work
[14:49] ronron: the will be angry
[14:49] ronron: i'll leave :D
[14:49] benjo: me too
[14:50] benjo: (if i find a new job)
[14:50] benjo: ;-)
[15:56] benjo: so? actually i dont have anything to do on the member area!? ;-)
[15:57] ronron: hmm no
[15:57] ronron: a teble
[15:57] ronron: table
[15:57] ronron:

[15:57] ronron: done
[15:57] benjo: cool
[15:57] ronron: i forgot one td
[15:58] benjo: can i make at least a css file O-)?
[15:59] benjo: with background colour and so on
[15:59] benjo: i feel so useless
[15:59] benjo: :-D
[15:59] ronron: body,td,div{font-family:arial;font-size:10px; font-variant:small-caps}
[15:59] ronron: done :D
[16:02] ronron: yes i have to change unsenziert domain again :D
[16:03] benjo: err.... LOL
[16:23] ronron: (Link:
[16:24] benjo: "dudes, i look at porn. i also know Jesus as my Lord and savior."
[16:26] benjo: ehm... q:\jonathan\ ?
[16:27] ronron: wow nice job
[16:27] benjo: :-|
[16:27] ronron: :/
[16:27] benjo: you will quit laughing when you have to make only html shit in near future
[16:27] benjo: :-D
[16:27] ronron: margin-top: 0px; (l)
[16:28] benjo: change everything as you want
[16:28] benjo: ^^
[16:28] ronron: table{font-size:6325px}
[16:28] benjo: (y)
[16:43] ronron: lol the template
[16:44] ronron: why these animals?
[16:44] benjo: :-)
[16:44] ronron: show it to rolf
[16:44] benjo: has seen it already
[16:44] benjo: and, lol, he said:
[16:45] benjo: "i don´t like these animals, can you plz change them"
[16:45] benjo: muarharharh
[16:45] ronron: x_x
[16:45] ronron: leave the elephants then
[16:45] benjo: ^^
[17:10] benjo: can you use the html?
[17:10] ronron: i ve to learn first
[17:10] ronron: actually i dunno what to do with that :D
[17:11] benjo: lol
[17:11] ronron: rolf told tomorrow so TOMORROW
[17:11] benjo: ALRIGHT
[17:36] *** "benjo" signed off at Fri Sep 30 17:36:21 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Fri Sep 30 17:36:32 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Sat Oct 01 09:26:48 2005
[09:26] benjo: hm... dunno which partner programm would be cool for the domains
[09:26] benjo: an american would be recommended i think
[09:27] benjo: bang bros?
[09:27] ronron: for which domain ?
[09:28] benjo:
[09:28] benjo: and
[09:28] ronron: ah i thought these domains where for the cumshot niche
[09:28] benjo: no no
[09:28] benjo: my personal ones
[09:29] benjo: nothing to do with here ;-=
[09:29] ronron: gammacash offers a pay per click program
[09:29] ronron: it does not pay that much, but easy to implement (=150$/mo for me)
[09:30] ronron: meatcash has nice content (not good quality, but themes are nice), i made sales with them
[09:30] ronron: bangbrosonline is nice too, converts well with assparade/givemepink
[09:30] benjo: what´s that pay per click about
[09:30] benjo: inserting banners on the site?
[09:31] ronron: only a link to a free rotating gallery
[09:31] benjo: ah
[09:31] benjo: how do they pay you? by cheque?
[09:31] ronron: yup
[09:32] benjo: so i would just have to redirect the domain to the rotator code, and they pay me for each click?
[09:33] ronron: yup
[09:33] benjo: 0,05$
[09:33] benjo: not bad if you have good traffic
[09:35] benjo: so if telepronto would redirect to that, they would make abt $150 each day
[09:36] ronron: actually there is a rule
[09:36] ronron: you have to generate at least one sale every 1200/1300 clicks
[09:36] ronron: to get paid
[09:36] ronron: but usually you make it easily
[09:37] benjo: yes
[09:37] benjo: if you have so much clicks
[09:37] benjo: some cocksuckers will subscribe
[09:38] benjo: it would be cool to build up a very good working non-adult page, and when there is much traffic, kill it and switch it to gammacash :-)
[09:39] ronron: during the night, you change redirection of tpronto domains to your site :D
[09:40] benjo: they say "You get paid $0.05 per unique hits. Only available for adult sites [...]"
[09:40] benjo: adult sites?
[09:40] benjo: adult domains?
[09:40] benjo: that seems as if its not possible to redirect domains directly to that
[09:42] ronron: n oit s a pice of text
[09:42] ronron: a text link
[09:42] ronron: you can put on your site
[09:43] benjo: ok
[09:43] ronron: as it s a javascript, the text changes automatically, and you choose the periodicity
[09:55] ronron: featuring betty :D
[09:55] ronron: you wanna do a GGG like ?
[09:56] benjo: i told him not to take cohf-content, and asked him if he knows ggg
[09:56] ronron: he secretly knows
[09:57] ronron: "yummie betty, can you eat this 2Liters sperm bowl ?
[09:57] ronron: he loves that
[09:57] benjo: when we both are off at 17:30 he secretly logs in to and chats with the hot girls
[10:04] benjo: pause :-)
[10:21] benjo: people are leaving at telepronto
[10:21] benjo: they are sorting out
[10:21] ronron: ?
[10:22] benjo: kirsten´s contract is not renewed
[10:22] ronron: huh?
[10:22] ronron: i thought she was close to the bosses
[10:22] benjo: yes
[10:22] benjo: i thought so too
[10:22] ronron: but she like us finally :D
[10:22] benjo: ;-)
[10:23] ronron: i wanted to lauch when rolf told during the meeting " i was hired in october to run this internet business"
[10:23] benjo: lol
[10:23] benjo: btw:
[10:23] benjo: did you know that rolf used to work as a post officer before?
[10:24] ronron: x_x
[10:24] benjo: that´s true
[10:24] ronron: just before or ?
[10:24] benjo: i can imagine he was quite good in that
[10:24] benjo: not not directly before
[10:24] benjo: but a few years ago
[10:26] benjo: i think if we dont get this internet business running, they will close it
[10:26] benjo: the problem is that the main responsibilty for that is by rolf
[10:26] benjo: thats dangerous
[10:26] benjo: dont want to give my job in the hands of a noob
[10:26] benjo: ^^
[10:27] ronron: for me that s not a probnlem to leave, anyway i think it s a pity to see how things work here
[10:27] benjo: yes
[10:28] benjo: you'll leave anyway to indonesia
[10:29] ronron: i d have liked to stay there until feb 2006, to get more money, but when i see how things evolve there...
[10:30] benjo: :-(
[10:30] benjo: my hope is that they see that things can go differently
[10:31] benjo: because rolf is a fool, they think "internet business is not running"
[10:31] ronron: it sl ike this niche thing
[10:31] ronron: ok, we can do the site, etc
[10:31] ronron: but.... the domain name has not been bought !
[10:32] ronron: if we don t do that today, it ll be hard to have it working tomorrow to put the files and test everything
[10:32] benjo: for sure
[10:33] ronron: about this niche site, how many pages will compose it ?
[10:34] benjo: about 15 different
[10:34] ronron: :|
[10:34] ronron: you mean 15pages = 1 site ?
[10:36] benjo: no
[10:36] benjo: 15 differnet niche pages
[11:20] benjo: the next layout i make will not contain *any* photo
[11:21] ronron: ?
[11:21] ronron: onyle times new roman text ?
[11:21] benjo: the fucking page could have been finished 2 days ago. but because rolf doesnt like one picture i used, it will take another while
[11:22] benjo: i can´t understand such a foolness
[11:22] benjo: this is only dumb
[11:22] benjo: no other expression for that
[11:23] ronron: and i can t progress neither
[11:23] benjo: yes
[11:23] ronron: as i dont have any data to work on :D
[11:24] benjo: and at the same time he scares that we will not be quick enough
[11:24] benjo: lol
[11:24] benjo: dickhead
[11:38] benjo: lol
[11:38] benjo: every time he has no plan, he laughs
[11:38] ronron: argh - but you create a folder for each domain ????
[11:38] benjo: lol
[11:38] ronron: (looking at my ftp program)
[11:39] ronron: i should have said yes, i could have put it in my tasks list
[11:39] benjo: ^^
[11:39] benjo: :-)
[11:39] ronron: 1/ create 212325 folders for all the domains we have
[11:40] ronron: i just ask him a domain not used
[11:41] ronron: he not able to remember at least one
[11:41] ronron: then i m goign to check by myself
[11:41] benjo: recommended
[11:41] benjo: he will forget it anyway
[11:44] ronron: so if you have to put your graphic somewhere
[11:44] ronron: use path
[11:44] benjo: ok
[11:44] benjo: but
[11:44] benjo: i thought that is your part? ;-)
[11:45] ronron: no i mean like on 6 tv, you changed few things, so if it s the case agin, just know that the site will be located there :D
[11:46] benjo: kk
[11:46] benjo: but probably it will be another domain soon anyway
[11:46] benjo: :-D
[11:57] benjo: MEGALOL
[11:57] benjo: rolf and ralf are installing visio
[11:57] ronron: what for?
[11:57] benjo: only for rolf to make some grafics
[11:57] benjo: ridiculous
[11:58] ronron: we don t need you anymore, ben
[11:58] ronron: :(
[11:58] benjo: :'-(
[12:05] benjo: THIS GUY MUST BE ON DRUGS
[12:05] benjo: crystal or sth
[12:06] benjo: *hyperventilate*
[12:47] ronron: what did he say ?
[12:48] benjo: uhm
[12:48] benjo: make the button bigger
[12:48] benjo: ^^
[12:48] ronron: :D
[12:48] benjo: the cancellation link
[12:48] benjo: :-D
[12:48] ronron: when will rolf admit that he s always wrong ?
[12:49] benjo: dunno
[12:49] benjo: maybe when he gets fired
[12:55] ronron: JONATHAN
[12:55] ronron: 6TV does not work
[12:56] benjo: QUICK!
[12:56] benjo: ALERT
[12:56] ronron: OOOPS sorry.... i was on google, not on 6tv
[12:56] benjo: I'M TOO DUMB
[12:56] benjo: lol
[12:56] ronron: i typed 6.tivi
[12:56] benjo: what does all the text on mean!
[12:56] ronron: :D:D:D
[12:56] benjo: and the logo!
[12:56] benjo: it says "google"
[13:06] benjo: such a loser
[13:06] benjo: dog damn
[13:06] benjo: this hurts
[13:07] ronron: what ?
[13:07] benjo: this troll with the glasses in front of you
[13:07] ronron: lol
[13:08] benjo: "ah, now i see that i have to make texts for that!"
[13:11] benjo: (y)
[13:11] benjo: that was luck
[13:11] ronron: you cna take it 3 hours after
[13:11] benjo: :-)
[13:15] ronron: for your layouts, whatever the site niche concerned
[13:15] ronron: could you make them with the same size ?
[13:15] ronron: i mean XXXpx large
[13:15] benjo: same width is possible
[13:16] ronron: it sj ust to avoid to declare differnet css properties from a site to another about this thing
[13:16] benjo: yes
[13:33] ronron: first niche finished : (Link:
[13:34] benjo: wow
[13:34] benjo: that goes fast
[13:34] benjo: no teen page please
[13:34] ronron: the most difficult part was the title
[13:34] ronron: 100 or 200 px letters ?
[13:34] benjo: 200
[13:34] benjo: so that people can read it
[13:35] ronron: updaed
[13:35] benjo: thats fine
[13:35] benjo: but i still cant read whats written at the top
[13:35] benjo: in that yellow row
[13:36] ronron: cant change it, it s a fake gif file reproducing a html form, rolf gave me the tip about how to do it
[13:36] benjo: hm
[13:37] ronron: but as i don t have visio, i can t do what rolf could have done
[13:37] benjo: now just add an wicked picture of a sexy miami vice girl and we´re through with that
[13:40] benjo: he is so predictable
[13:45] benjo: actually the layout is done, only waiting for rolf´s response now
[13:46] ronron: I DON T LIKE BLUE EYES
[13:47] ronron: i want her to have cum only on her left eye
[13:47] benjo: like that will be the answer
[14:00] benjo: sometimes its possible to convince him
[14:00] benjo: but only when you raise your voice a bit
[14:00] benjo: he gets afraid then
[14:01] ronron: he ll say
[14:01] ronron: yes you are right
[14:01] ronron: but tomorrow everything will be forgotten
[14:01] benjo: fo shizzle ma nizzel
[14:02] benjo: q:\jonathan\layout
[14:02] benjo: congratuliations
[14:02] ronron: i have to sleep a bit first
[14:02] benjo: tell when you opened it
[14:03] ronron: argh i have to cut that :|
[14:03] benjo: of course
[14:04] benjo: what did you think?
[14:04] ronron: why did you put a login button + login form
[14:04] benjo: err
[14:04] benjo: not necessary?
[14:07] ronron: but if people don t have javascript?
[14:07] benjo: ...
[14:07] ronron: the balint memebers area is your layout actually lol :D
[14:08] ronron: no animals
[14:08] ronron: NO
[14:08] benjo: with all the animals
[14:08] benjo: ah
[14:08] ronron: ANIMALS
[14:08] benjo: ill have a look
[14:08] benjo: B-)
[14:23] benjo: finished?
[14:23] benjo: ;-)
[14:24] ronron: i had to reduce the qality
[14:24] ronron: now the uper part is more or less 55kb
[14:25] benjo: but probably it looks so too
[14:25] benjo: ;-)
[14:45] *** You have been disconnected. Sat Oct 01 14:45:05 2005.
[15:52] *** "benjo" signed on at Sat Oct 01 15:52:45 2005.
[16:26] *** You have been disconnected. Sat Oct 01 16:26:14 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Sat Oct 01 16:42:58 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Sat Oct 01 16:59:53 2005
[16:59] benjo: finally: [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:53])]
[16:59] benjo: LOL [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:53])]
[16:59] benjo: you won´t believe it: [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:53])]
[16:59] benjo: the preview pics i use [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:53])]
[16:59] benjo: he just downloaded them from another page and sells them now on homevideo :-D :-D :-D [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:53])]
[16:59] benjo: i said: "you can´t make this, these movies are very popular" [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:54])]
[16:59] benjo: he said "yes yes, but i've seen these movies on a lot of american pages, so i don´t believe that there is any license then" [Offline Message (9/1/2005 [15:54])]
[17:00] ronron: :|
[17:00] ronron: :|:|:|
[17:00] ronron: so i ll leave the hv content on my site
[17:01] benjo: this stupidity is unbelievable
[17:01] ronron: i ll burn my ps2 dvds and will sell them
[17:01] ronron: i saw them on amazon, ebay
[17:02] ronron: there is no license
[17:02] benjo: i would like to know if ad & co. know all this
[17:02] ronron: hmm ad wanted me to spam everywhere i can
[17:03] benjo: hm
[17:06] ronron: anyway it s nice
[17:07] ronron: cause if they begin to be suspicious about us
[17:07] ronron: and want to "punish" us
[17:07] benjo: yeah
[17:07] benjo: i wanted to say that too
[17:07] benjo: they can´t fire us
[17:07] benjo: we know too much
[17:08] ronron: so let s say Q: is our sex content provider
[17:08] benjo: yeah
[17:08] benjo: register
[17:09] ronron: taken :(
[17:09] ronron: :D
[17:09] benjo: :-D
[17:16] benjo: (Link:
[17:17] ronron: OMG
[17:17] ronron: plus he took it from a NL site ?
[17:17] ronron: USA my ass
[17:18] benjo: (y)
[17:33] ronron: argh i don t have the "official"hour
[17:33] benjo: shit
[17:34] benjo: but i think now its time
[17:34] ronron: no internet so let s go home
[17:34] *** "benjo" signed off at Sat Oct 01 17:34:39 2005.
[18:16] *** "benjo" signed on at Sat Oct 01 18:16:17 2005.
[19:06] *** "benjo" signed off at Sat Oct 01 19:06:20 2005.
[21:55] *** "benjo" signed on at Sat Oct 01 21:55:14 2005.
[23:24] *** "benjo" signed off at Sat Oct 01 23:24:54 2005.
[08:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Sun Oct 02 08:36:12 2005.
[08:47] ronron: HI
[08:47] benjo: alright he wants a flash animation on the start page
[08:47] benjo: instead of the picture
[08:47] ronron: tell him no
[08:48] benjo: ^^
[08:48] benjo: do you that
[08:48] benjo: :-)
[08:48] benjo: but only in the middle part
[08:48] benjo: so no slices
[08:49] benjo: only instead of that juicy girl on the left
[08:55] benjo: (Link:
[08:56] benjo: this is crazy
[08:56] benjo: that happens in U.S.A.
[08:56] benjo: not in any third world country
[08:57] ronron: my girlfriend s uncle made a tape of the tsunami in indonesia
[08:57] ronron: he lived just near the beach, and from kilometers you can see a mega wave approaching
[08:58] benjo: crazy
[08:59] ronron: tell rolf that we need to make sites the fastest way possible, and that i d like to have the final layout today
[09:00] benjo: actually you have the final layout already
[09:00] ronron: i mean all the pages
[09:01] benjo: i'm through with the preview page this midday
[09:01] benjo: and the flash thing will be done today as well
[09:01] ronron: ok then
[09:01] benjo: ^^
[09:23] ronron: can you try this link (Link: (with the www)
[09:23] benjo: come to (Link:
[09:23] ronron: strange
[09:23] ronron: if we had the www, we are redirected to another site
[09:24] benjo: i'll see what the dns entry says
[09:25] benjo: hm
[09:25] benjo: the same
[09:25] ronron: \o/
[09:25] benjo: actually
[09:51] ronron: why don t i want to talk with him ?
[09:52] benjo: the funny thing is that he told balint to work on different stuff
[09:55] benjo: hard to understand
[09:56] ronron: we d be lost without your "animal thing"
[09:56] benjo: it is a question of art
[09:56] benjo: postmodern
[10:54] ronron: copyright rolf 2k5
[10:54] benjo: ^^
[11:04] benjo: header is on q:\jonathan\}
[11:04] ronron: yippie
[11:25] benjo: q:\jonathan\layout_cumshot_vorschau.png
[11:26] ronron: :D:|:(
[11:26] benjo: :-)
[11:26] benjo: can you tell me when you've finished a html page? i can make the faq-content then
[11:28] ronron: ok
[11:31] benjo: any preferences concering the flash movie size for the start page?
[11:31] benjo: i think 260 x 300 px would be replace the space
[11:35] ronron: ask Mr Project Manager
[11:35] ronron: that does not maky any difference for me
[12:05] *** "benjo" signed off at Sun Oct 02 12:05:25 2005.
[12:38] *** "benjo" signed on at Sun Oct 02 12:38:06 2005.
[13:10] benjo: everyday somebody is leaving teleporno
[13:10] benjo: today fake french manuel
[13:11] ronron: the only one i was spoke french with :(
[13:11] benjo: you can speak french to me as well but probably i will answer in english :-)(
[13:34] ronron: `_´
[13:34] ronron: "why nine ?"
[13:34] benjo: lol
[13:34] benjo: sucker
[13:34] ronron: you would have said 12 he would have said "why 12"
[13:34] benjo: i'm going to cut his balls and stick them in his ass
[13:35] benjo: and the next time he shits, he shits all on his balls
[13:35] ronron: pay attention, he could be excited by that
[13:35] benjo: :-D
[13:36] ronron: we know how to provide sex to our customers :
[13:36] ronron: (Link:
[13:36] benjo: ^^
[13:36] ronron: so you really need the forms and texts to be in html ?
[13:37] benjo: well
[13:37] benjo: *i* would say so because if not i would have used another font and so on. thougt it would be nice to have page not only out of grafics
[13:38] benjo: of course it's a little bit more work ;-)(
[13:38] ronron: ok so i juste need the pics of the movies, i ll build a html page
[13:38] ronron: instead of cutting and cutting and cutting
[13:38] ronron: and cutting
[13:39] benjo: that´s why i offered you to cut all the grafics by myself few hours ago ;-)
[13:39] ronron: u_u
[13:39] ronron: never heard such a thing :D
[13:40] benjo: i think it would make sense to make a "real" html page, for seo purposes and so on. but if you can convince me that it makes sense to leave it as it is now, tell me
[13:40] benjo: ;-)
[13:40] ronron: so if you cit s just i m lazy :D
[13:40] benjo: :-)
[13:40] benjo: @}->--
[13:41] ronron: so if you can do it, i could check with balint for members zone custom
[13:41] benjo: alright
[13:41] ronron: just do the cut, i ll arrange html after
[13:41] ronron: with css and so on
[13:41] benjo: do you need other grafics as well?
[13:41] benjo: or only the pics
[13:41] benjo: no alright, i'll do it
[13:41] benjo: but you won´t be satisfied with the size anyway :-D
[13:42] ronron: jpg quality 60 gives good results
[13:42] benjo: really jpg?
[13:42] benjo: i'd have used png
[13:43] benjo: in only use jpg for photos
[13:43] benjo: everything else png
[13:43] ronron: png will be incredibly heavy :D
[13:43] benjo: hm
[13:43] ronron: as it s not your personnal site, do it in the fastest way
[13:43] benjo: (y) word
[13:43] benjo: but actually your header is alright
[13:44] benjo: i only make the payment suckers and the preview content
[13:44] ronron: jpg quality 60 too :D
[14:13] benjo: q:\jonathan\gfx[14:13] benjo: the preview page content
[14:13] ronron: thx
[14:15] benjo: this folder will be updated ;-)
[14:15] benjo: with the other stuff
[14:39] benjo: that was claer
[14:43] ronron: ....
[14:43] benjo: uhm.... lol?
[14:43] ronron: dunno what to say now
[14:43] ronron: jonathan will make the download thing
[14:43] benjo: "the download thing", great
[14:43] ronron: we told him 50000 times balint just had to copy the content on ivanja
[14:44] benjo: i'm going to stick his pen in his dick
[14:45] benjo: and the next time he pees, he pees in many directions
[14:46] ronron: he does not remember anything
[14:47] benjo: ^^
[14:47] ronron: i was sure abt that
[14:47] benjo: dabbeljudabbeljudabbelju
[14:47] ronron: i cant type a link without http://wwww
[14:47] benjo: how often did we talk abt that
[14:47] ronron: wwwww
[14:48] benjo: L O L
[14:48] benjo: balint is even poorer than we
[14:48] benjo: cause we just don´t answer sometimes, if its too dumb
[14:48] benjo: or just say "yes".
[14:48] ronron: no
[14:48] benjo: and he still tries to explain everything
[14:48] ronron: he says "yes yes yes yes" to make him shut up
[14:49] benjo: not sure
[14:49] benjo: ^^
[14:49] benjo: he should only say "yes" now
[14:49] benjo: would have the same results
[14:49] ronron: i like these moments of silence
[14:49] ronron: balitn says smthg
[14:49] ronron: and then -
[14:49] ronron: silence
[14:50] benjo: then his brain is working
[14:50] benjo: but....
[14:50] benjo: no.
[14:51] ronron: 10 min to wait
[14:51] ronron: ok hm soooooooooooo......[loading]
[14:52] benjo: [error]
[14:52] ronron: rolf is a neo geo cd
[14:52] benjo: lol
[15:36] ronron: can you give me the texts of the vorschau ?
[15:37] benjo: ye0r
[15:37] ronron: fed up with copying them, as i don t understand what is said
[15:37] benjo: ^^
[15:38] benjo: but wait
[15:38] benjo: rolf will change the text anyway
[15:38] benjo: just put some dummy text
[15:38] benjo: ok?
[15:40] ronron: okok
[15:40] benjo: yesyes
[15:40] ronron: donedone
[15:40] benjo: yesyes
[16:09] benjo: q:\jonathan\flash.swf
[16:10] ronron: week
[16:10] ronron: end
[16:10] benjo: :-D
[16:17] benjo: we have to keep in mind that we have to write a little introducing text in the member area i think
[16:17] ronron: like "OWNED"
[16:17] benjo: lol
[16:18] benjo: "P\/\/N3D"
[16:18] ronron: NEW! we have hidden an info link on the page, by clicking on itm you ll be able to unsubscribe. can you find it ?
[16:23] ronron: i ll stay later today
[16:23] ronron: i can t understand how peopl e can say that at telepronto
[16:23] benjo: :-)
[16:23] ronron: 5h30
[16:24] ronron: PM
[16:24] benjo: yesyes
[16:25] benjo: btw:
[16:25] benjo: lol
[16:25] benjo: when rolf sent me the list of the domains he proposed, i added some of my ideas
[16:25] benjo: and then he was laughing and said like "ha ha, ad won't take one of them!!!!1"
[16:25] benjo: and now i think abt. 50% are mine
[16:26] ronron: please correct your sentence
[16:26] ronron: rolf did not say haha, but HA,HA,HAA,AHA,HA!
[16:27] benjo: HAHA JAH HAHAHA HUHU *breathe* HAHAHA MUHAHARHARHAR *hyperventilate* hahahHA HA
[17:04] ronron: nice site
[17:04] benjo: lame 3d
[17:35] benjo: ding dang dong
Session Close (benjo): Sun Oct 02 17:35:18 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Wed Oct 05 09:08:35 2005
[09:08] benjo: damn, dunno where we stopped on friday anymore
[09:08] benjo: ^^
[09:08] ronron: me neither
[09:08] benjo: lol
[09:09] benjo: let´s go and break stuff
[09:09] ronron: waiting for an answer abt domains from david :D
[09:09] benjo: aaaaaah yeh, i sent you the flash movie :-)
[09:09] benjo: for the motherfucking bitchassnigga startpage
[09:10] ronron: goign to implement it, rofl will be happy
[09:10] benjo: he is going to wank in all directions
[09:10] benjo: :-|
[09:13] benjo: can you give me a html page, so i can make the faqs?
[09:14] ronron: just give me the text
[09:14] benjo: k
[09:46] ronron: i want to leave
[09:46] benjo: ^^
[09:48] benjo: lol, imam asked rolf to change and put an "under construction" page instead
[09:48] benjo: and rolf said "yes no problem"
[09:48] benjo: i'm excited abt whom he will ask abt that
[09:48] ronron: we r going to have a website \o/
[09:50] benjo: lol, now i see your image the first time
[09:50] benjo: the icq-nick-thing-image
[09:50] benjo: avatar
[09:51] benjo: lol
[09:52] benjo: now he has BIG problems
[10:33] ronron: got news about domains :D
[10:33] ronron: Hi,

A question (or better a remark)
They are registerred by GoDaddy I think (at least the I can see
there )

I have to discuss with Imam about access codes etc.


[10:33] ronron: imam's turn
[10:33] ronron: then imam will ask rolf
[10:33] ronron: and rolf will ask david who will ask imam who will ask rolf
[10:33] benjo: hm
[10:34] benjo: the solution could be that you go to imam directly ;-)
[10:34] ronron: no i dont speak turkish
[10:34] benjo: mr. moustache
[10:34] ronron: asterix :D
[10:34] benjo: lol
[10:34] benjo: but i speak turkish, maybe i can translate
[10:35] benjo: one döner kebap avec everything s'il vous plaît
[10:35] ronron: salade - tomates - oignons
[10:35] benjo: say it
[10:35] benjo: go to imam
[10:35] benjo: "one döner kebap please"
[10:35] benjo: lol
[10:36] benjo: that`ll be funny
[10:37] benjo: a friend´s mother had a kebap booth some years ago, and we used to make parties in there at the weekend
[10:37] benjo: kebap parties
[10:38] ronron: mega belly aches parties
[10:42] benjo: do you want the faq text in word?
[10:42] benjo: or mail?
[10:42] benjo: or kebap?
[10:43] ronron: simple mail
[10:43] benjo: old skool
[10:43] benjo: done
[10:44] ronron: thx, you r a god (Rolf2K5)
[10:44] benjo: ^^
[11:27] benjo: hm, do you think we need an anchor navigation on the faq page?
[11:27] benjo: it´s not that much text...
[11:28] ronron: it s nice to display the list of question on the top i think
[11:28] ronron: it avoids the guy to hav a look to the whole page
[11:29] benjo: kk
[11:29] benjo: but take care abt the spaces right + left ;-)
[11:29] ronron: yup
[11:53] benjo: only
[11:53] benjo: LOL
[11:55] benjo: ridiculous
[11:55] benjo: i dont know if you laugh or if to cry
[11:55] ronron: what does he say
[11:55] ronron: ?
[11:56] benjo: he is in big trouble with netdebit now
[11:56] ronron: cha la la la la la laaaaa
[11:56] benjo: ^^
[11:57] benjo: everybody is complaining about the cancellation stuff
[12:00] benjo: this guy will get this company in real big trouble
[12:00] ronron: he will go to Alcatraz
[12:00] benjo: no i think in a dark prison in turkey
[12:01] ronron: he will have a friend there
[12:01] benjo: ^^
[12:37] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Oct 05 12:37:49 2005.
[12:39] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Oct 05 12:39:51 2005.
[12:48] ronron: so which pages do we still need for the cumshots site?
[12:48] benjo: home | vorschau | faq | anmelden | gratis-video
[12:48] ronron: home, i need the text from rofl
[12:48] ronron: vorschau ok
[12:48] ronron: faq ok
[12:49] ronron: anmelden(???)
[12:49] ronron: gratis video i need a layout fronm you (simple)
[12:49] benjo: anmelden: i think an anchor would be enough
[12:49] benjo: to to bottom form
[12:49] benjo: the easiest way ;.)
[12:49] ronron: ok :)
[12:49] benjo: i`ll make a layout for gratisvideo
[13:13] benjo: i'll send this daily task list with imam in bcc
[13:13] benjo: else rolf is going to change the lists
[13:13] benjo: ben today:
[13:13] benjo: - nothing -
- nothgin -
[13:13] benjo: ^^
[13:14] ronron: jonathan
[13:14] ronron: checking the evolution of his records on mariokart64
[13:14] benjo: lol
[13:15] ronron: that s a real job by itself :D
[13:15] benjo: :-D
[13:27] ronron: (Link: :|
[13:29] benjo: lol
[13:30] ronron: i have another one who takes mc donalds burger prints present in front of each restaurant and make real burger of them
[13:31] benjo: yes you sent me that link already
[13:34] benjo: sent you layout
[13:34] ronron: don t want it
[13:34] benjo: me neither, take it
[13:34] benjo: does rolf has to ask imam when he has to shit?
[13:35] ronron: he tells david first
[13:35] ronron: david tells to imam who tells to [...]
[13:59] ronron: giga usefull this meeting
[13:59] benjo: :-D
[14:15] benjo: lol, \internet_unit[14:15] ronron: 3rd millenium
[14:15] benjo: internet tag team
[14:15] benjo: rolf "hitman" krügler vs. nasty boys
[14:16] ronron: in 20XX, chaos reigned in the universe. the internet unit was created on Q:[14:16] benjo: lol
[14:20] ronron: Jonathan, we have to change the text from the
`INFO´-Link on (Link: Minimum font size must be 10 point. (don`t know, what size is it now.) Text should be: Dienst beenden
Please fix it. Thanks
[14:20] ronron: \o_ \o/ _o/
[14:20] benjo: listened to that
[14:20] benjo: but
[14:20] benjo: i still dont understand why this link is on the freepages
[14:21] ronron: first it was on
[14:21] ronron: but rolf read internet for dummies, saying that cancellation ling should be on free pages
[14:21] ronron: i think it was home link instead of "cancellation"
[14:21] benjo: :-D
[14:43] benjo: do you know moonbootica?
[14:44] ronron: ???
[14:45] benjo: (Link:
[14:47] benjo: you should listen to "moonbootica - listen"
[14:47] benjo: nice track i think
[14:47] ronron: do u have it?
[14:47] benjo: unfortunately
[14:47] benjo: no
[14:47] benjo: ^^
[14:51] ronron: he speaks too loud
[14:51] ronron: i can t hear anything
[14:51] benjo: ^^
[14:53] ronron: they have a little jukebox
[14:53] benjo: yes but the song isnt in it or`?
[14:53] ronron: no
[14:54] benjo: :-|
[14:54] ronron: but other soem are good
[14:54] benjo: "listen" is in the german charts at the moment
[14:55] benjo: and they make very good remixes as well
[14:56] ronron: it s german ?
[14:56] benjo: yes
[14:56] ronron: not like our old "french touch"
[14:56] ronron: :(
[14:56] benjo: M.)
[14:56] benjo: ;-)
[14:56] ronron: the quality of our dj is low now
[14:56] benjo: germans make french house as well
[14:56] benjo: :-D
[14:56] ronron: when you see the last daft punk
[14:57] ronron: ß_ß
[14:57] benjo: but air is still cool
[14:57] ronron: i d say always the same
[14:57] ronron: :D
[14:57] benjo: yes
[14:57] benjo: :-)
[15:00] benjo: do you know "the disco boys"?
[15:00] ronron: link ?
[15:00] ronron: without a website i feel lost
[15:00] benjo: lol
[15:00] benjo: (Link:
[15:00] ronron: original first page :D
[15:01] benjo: i was confused too
[15:01] ronron: they do not have stream :(
[15:01] benjo: only the video
[15:02] ronron: (Link:
[15:02] benjo: hm, downst work
[15:02] benjo: yeah
[15:03] ronron: they remix soulwax e talking :D
[15:39] benjo: (Link:
[15:40] benjo: btw, does rolf already know abt your plans?
[15:40] ronron: no :D
[15:40] benjo: now he knows, i told him
[15:40] benjo: lol, just a joke ;-)
[15:40] benjo: :-|
[15:40] ronron: ö_Ö
[15:41] benjo: °_°
[15:41] benjo: does he at least know about your indonesia plans?
[15:41] benjo: that you leave in feb anyway
[15:41] ronron: no
[15:42] ronron: i have to know his birth date
[15:42] ronron: it ll be a present
[15:42] benjo: you can send him a postcard then
[15:42] ronron: no
[15:42] ronron: it will make the stats false
[15:42] benjo: :-D
[15:50] benjo: tomorrow he will commit suicide because of too much people cancelling :-D
[15:51] ronron: and he will tell me to change it again
[15:51] benjo: of cuz
[15:51] ronron: or make a fake site only for netvision
[15:51] benjo: lol
[16:54] ronron: he can t bear what is not heavy metal :-[16:55] benjo: tomorrow i bring my use your illusion 1 + 2
[17:03] benjo: 30 min
[17:03] benjo: :*)
[17:36] *** "benjo" signed off at Wed Oct 05 17:36:05 2005.
[18:18] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Oct 05 18:18:37 2005.
Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Oct 06 09:08:21 2005
[09:08] benjo: evertime richard enters the room, rolf gets up and comes to me and tells me anything
[09:08] benjo: nonsense
[09:08] benjo: just to show richard that he´s the brain
[09:08] ronron: "you see this layout, the colors are too hot ben hu hu"
[09:09] benjo: lol
[09:09] benjo: yes, like this
[09:09] ronron: "we should add a member management system with stats of the altabvista keywords, what do you think, ben?"
[09:09] benjo: i should record what he says
[09:09] benjo: it´s such a nonsense
[09:10] benjo: "uhm, ben, can you show me that"
[09:10] benjo: "i didnt change anything since the last 10 minutes"
[09:11] ronron: lol
[09:14] ronron: maybe he was confused by seeing a woman enter thsi room
[09:15] benjo: a fat woman with a skirt
[09:16] benjo: he loves fat women, especially when they wear miniskirts
[09:16] benjo: they remind him always on his mommy
[09:17] ronron: you know the old "saved by the bell" serie ?
[09:18] benjo: yes
[09:18] ronron: he was one of the guys width horrible clothes and big glasses who were playing chess (screetch's friensd)
[09:19] benjo: lol, yes
[09:19] benjo: and he was always hit by the cool football guys
[09:19] benjo: BUT THEN
[09:20] benjo: he eats a lot of spinach
[09:20] benjo: and he mutates to THE INCREDIBLE BRAIN ROLF
[09:21] ronron: (Link:
[09:21] ronron: :|
[09:21] benjo: :-D
[09:22] benjo: (Link:
[09:23] benjo: in some years he will look like (Link:
[09:34] benjo: do you know the open source cms "contenido"?
[09:34] ronron: no
[09:35] benjo: i need a little bit of help for that ;-)
[09:35] benjo: or let´s say, it´s not depended to that cms
[09:35] benjo: its more php stuff
[09:36] benjo: i made this site with that: (Link:
[09:37] ronron: i see
[09:37] ronron: and you need help for what ?
[09:38] benjo: i need kind of mailform, but with the possibility to attach up to 3 pictures
[09:39] ronron: pics joined with the mail or only clickable link?
[09:39] benjo: with the mail
[09:39] benjo: they dont need to be stored on the server
[09:40] ronron: at least to be joined the file must be uploaded and then stored somewhere during the sending process
[09:40] benjo: ah
[09:41] benjo: thought it would be the same as text
[09:41] benjo: but of course
[09:41] benjo: now i see
[09:41] benjo: ;-=
[09:42] benjo: so 1.) can you do that 2.) when 3.) how much
[09:42] benjo: ;-)
[09:42] ronron: i can make an upload form + mail filling, and sending it to the mail of your choice
[09:43] ronron: of course a folder must be dedicated to store the files uploaded
[09:43] benjo: i can give you access to my server
[09:43] ronron: of course they will be deleted after the mail is sent
[09:43] benjo: that would be good
[09:44] benjo: if you go on (Link:
[09:44] benjo: login admin/admin
[09:45] benjo: then on the top navigation "style --> module"
[09:46] ronron: do you really need a tool like that ?
[09:46] benjo: like what
[09:47] ronron: contenido
[09:47] benjo: no
[09:47] benjo: but the customer
[09:47] benjo: it´s not for me, i just installed it for the client
[09:47] benjo: he wants to edit his page by himself
[09:47] ronron: did you show him the tool ?
[09:47] benjo: yes
[09:48] ronron: you could make something simpler
[09:48] ronron: it s just a presentation site, and he wants to update the content that s it ?
[09:48] benjo: mainly yes
[09:49] benjo: i´ve seen that contenido and thought, that would fit for him
[09:49] benjo: cause its quite easy to handle
[09:49] benjo: insert editing and so on
[09:49] benjo: wanted to install typo3 first
[09:49] benjo: but thats too complex for that
[09:50] ronron: this contenido is too complete too
[09:51] ronron: half of the things are useless
[09:51] benjo: sure, but i can use it for other clients in future as well
[09:52] benjo: and it was the easiest way for me, cause the customer wanted it as fast as possible
[09:52] benjo: ^^
[09:53] ronron: that s this part you want to put a mail form ?
[09:54] ronron: (Link:
[09:54] benjo: exactly
[09:54] ronron: the forum link is strange :D (Link:
[09:55] benjo: you speak better german than you admit :-D
[09:55] benjo: yes, the forum is not my fault
[09:55] benjo: customer´s thing ;-)
[09:58] ronron: any filter on attahed files ?
[09:58] benjo: you mean like size max?
[09:58] benjo: hm, only images... jpg +
[09:58] benjo: gif
[09:58] benjo: i would say
[09:59] ronron: do you have a ftp access or smthg
[09:59] benjo: sure
[09:59] ronron: i ve found a php class i made and use in 3every job i had :D
[09:59] benjo: :-O
[09:59] benjo: do you need access?
[10:00] ronron: yes, i m done with
[10:00] benjo: :-D
[10:00] ronron: waiting for balint s info
[10:01] benjo: alright
[10:01] benjo:
[10:01] benjo: user 33349-contenido
[10:02] benjo: password jonathan
[10:02] ronron: i love my username :D
[10:02] ronron: nice choice
[10:02] benjo: :-)
[10:38] benjo: dont let rolf see that
[10:38] benjo: ;-)
[10:38] ronron: kebab time
[10:39] benjo: :-D
[10:46] ronron: which fields do you need for your for m?
[10:46] ronron: i ll do something liek on yahoo, step by step file add
[10:46] benjo: m?
[10:47] benjo: oh
[10:47] benjo: sorry
[10:47] benjo: :-D
[10:47] benjo: hm...
[10:47] ronron: oh yes fuck my ass
[10:48] ronron: oh,,,,, hmmmm
[10:48] benjo: lol

[10:49] benjo: Name*:
would be kewl
[10:49] benjo: :-)
[10:51] benjo: why did you ask abt the navigation?
[10:52] ronron: to know if they are going to change it from contentbanana
[10:56] benjo: lol
[10:56] ronron: 10pt
[10:56] ronron: not 10px
[10:56] benjo: i even heard balint´s "yesyes" through the phone
[10:56] ronron: no
[10:56] ronron: it s yes x 4

[10:57] ronron: balint is with a beautiful hungarian girl, making love
[10:57] ronron: when rolf called him
[10:57] ronron: so he has a keyboard unplugged next to his bed
[10:58] benjo: ~_~
[10:58] ronron: a make as if he was typing while talking with rolf
[11:03] benjo: lol, he asked me if i have a "color table"
[11:03] benjo: "where all the colours are displayed"
[11:04] benjo: "like that '#F....' and so on"
[11:04] ronron: manual for rofl -> google -> images -> "color table"
[11:04] benjo: :-D
[11:05] ronron: "no, i m a graphist, but i only make b&w sites"
[11:23] ronron: i was so bored
[11:23] ronron: i seached for "" in google
[11:23] benjo: :-D
[12:39] ronron: i slept during your pause
[12:40] benjo: :-)
[12:40] ronron: i was waken up by rolf 's GIGALOL
[12:40] benjo: outrageous
[12:53] benjo: and, do you have a solution for the mailform?
[12:54] ronron: yup
[12:54] ronron: just have to do it :D
[12:54] benjo: :-)
[12:54] benjo: that´s cool
[12:55] benjo: i owe you something after that ;-)
[12:55] ronron: first, i need some music
[12:55] benjo: alright, i'll get some
[12:55] ronron: no it so k
[12:55] benjo: ;-)
[12:56] ronron: i have to find the mp3 in the 12546 elements composing my desktop
[12:56] benjo: lol
[12:56] benjo: use google desktop search
[12:56] benjo: ;-)
Session Close (benjo): Thu Oct 06 12:57:05 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Oct 06 12:57:07 2005
[12:57] benjo: but i can sing a song for you if you want
[12:57] ronron: my desktop has disappeared
[12:57] ronron: i only see the chat window
[12:57] benjo: °_°
[12:57] ronron: i ll call rfl to have a solution
[12:57] benjo: so your completely concentrated
Session Close (benjo): Thu Oct 06 12:57:43 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Oct 06 13:07:19 2005
[13:07] ronron: do you want your user to leave a message too ?
[13:08] benjo: yes would be cool, the field "nachricht"
[13:08] ronron: ah ok nachricht is that
[13:08] benjo: can be abt 4-5 lines high
[13:08] benjo: that input field
[13:44] ronron: the multi fiel upload works
[13:44] ronron: juste need to install the mail sending class
[13:44] benjo: rrooooaaarrr
[14:36] benjo: this day sucks again
[14:36] benjo: very bad
[14:36] ronron: 30minutes
[14:37] benjo: cant wait
[15:05] ronron: PAUSE
[15:30] ronron: (Link:
[15:55] ronron: can you check your mail ?
[15:56] benjo: cool!
[15:56] ronron: the file attachement works, going to test with two pics
[15:56] benjo: great
[15:56] benjo: but the only text was asdasdasda
[15:57] ronron: thats the text a typed :D
[15:57] benjo: yes thats clear ;-)
[15:57] ronron: did you receive smthg ?
[15:57] ronron: with two pics this time
[15:58] benjo: no only one
[15:58] ronron: argh
[16:21] benjo: doesn't work?
[16:28] ronron: it s ok now
[16:28] benjo: it works?
[16:28] ronron: wait you will test it
[16:28] ronron: i just have to change to recipeint mail
[16:28] benjo: :-)
[16:29] ronron: gogogo
[16:29] benjo: ye0r
[16:29] ronron: anyway email validity test and others things are not done, but it s nothing to do
[16:30] benjo: whoarr
[16:30] benjo: ;-) fine
[16:30] ronron: i also need info such as size limit
[16:30] ronron: and formats accepted
[16:30] ronron: i restrained it to jpe/jpeg/jpg/gif/png
[16:30] benjo: hm, i dont receive all the fields
[16:31] benjo: jpe/jpeg/jpg/gif/png is (y)
[16:31] benjo: file size... dunno. max. 2 mb each?
[16:31] ronron: you mean message, phone, etc?
[16:31] benjo: yes
[16:31] ronron: it s normal i did not put it yet
[16:31] benjo: aj
[16:31] ronron: i only wanted to make this img thing work
[16:32] benjo: aight
[16:32] benjo: i`m so happy :-)
[16:32] benjo: i dunno what the server timeout is
[16:32] ronron: the site is a test version ?
[16:32] benjo: yes
[16:34] ronron: can you upload your header img for softerotik (memeberzone)
[16:34] ronron: on germanywebs
[16:34] ronron: i can t fidn it
[16:34] benjo: sure
[16:34] ronron: no it s ok :D
[16:34] benjo: lol
[16:39] benjo: what happens when i reply to the email?
[16:39] benjo: what email-address is this
[16:40] ronron: i ll chekc it
[16:40] benjo: $mailer->set_from($email, 'toto');
[16:41] benjo: if i type my complete adress, it will be the sender of the mail
[16:41] benjo: thats cool
[16:41] benjo: ;-)
[16:44] ronron: it was a 80 y o HI from rofl
[16:44] benjo: :-)
[16:54] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Oct 06 16:54:27 2005.
[16:54] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Oct 06 16:54:49 2005.
[17:00] ronron: so the infos are now sent by mail
[17:00] ronron: i just have to do the form fields check
[17:02] benjo: cool stuff
[17:06] benjo: the images are not deleted from the server?
[17:06] ronron: not yet
[17:06] benjo: kk
[17:11] ronron: i changed the mail to yours
[17:11] benjo: coolcool
[17:11] ronron: thanks for these three ivanja pics
[17:11] benjo: :-)
[17:11] benjo: no prob
[17:15] benjo: i dont get an email :-(
[17:16] ronron: and now ?
[17:17] benjo: yeah
[17:17] benjo: that´s *really* cool :-D
[17:17] ronron: sometimes the server lags
[17:17] ronron: that s why we have to define max file size :D
[17:18] benjo: let´s say 500 kb for each pic
[17:18] benjo: or less?
[17:18] benjo: dunno
[17:19] benjo: anything else left to do?
[17:19] benjo: or is it finished
[17:22] ronron: now files are deleted after sent
[17:22] ronron: i have to verify fields
[17:22] ronron: and check how to implement my code in this contentobanananana
[17:22] benjo: geil
[17:23] benjo: i'm curious abt that ;-)
[17:35] benjo: i think the code should be put in the field "ausgabe"
[17:35] benjo: what means "output" :-D
[17:36] ronron: i don t really know, as an existing module has code on both sides
[17:36] benjo: this "eingabe" feld is senseless, only for the intern option
[17:36] ronron: but when i create a module, how to implement it directly in an article ?
[17:37] benjo: when you click on templates
[17:37] benjo: then left standardttemplate
[17:37] benjo: or better "neues template"
[17:37] benjo: create a new one
[17:37] benjo: then you can choose wich modul should be placed in which container
[17:38] benjo: and then you can go to articles
[17:38] benjo: choose the page "anfrage..."
[17:38] benjo: and choose your template "test" on the right
[17:39] benjo: wait, i do that
[17:39] benjo: see it?
[17:39] ronron: i can t do that
[17:39] ronron: in use by sysadmin :D
[17:39] benjo: oops
[17:39] benjo: now try
[17:39] benjo: that tool-symboö
[17:40] benjo: alright?
[17:40] ronron: no
[17:40] benjo: i could show you but rolf will be curious :-/
[17:40] ronron: i dunno how to tell him "put my module upload in bla bla
[17:41] ronron: let s come earlier tomorrow
[17:41] ronron: or by msn if you have internet at home
[17:41] benjo: i have internet of course but no msn -(
[17:41] benjo: aren´t you online by skype in the evening?
[17:42] ronron: no skype on my laptop :|
[17:42] ronron: NEVER
[17:42] benjo: skype != icq
[17:42] ronron: can you just try to put this module on a page, just to see ?
[17:42] benjo: sorry
[17:42] benjo: yup
[17:42] benjo: but
[17:43] benjo: actually, what you type in the field "eingabe"/input is only in the backend
[17:43] ronron: put the code in output then
[17:43] benjo: aight
[17:44] benjo: could you log out please?
[17:44] benjo: i can´t use the article
[17:44] benjo: "used by admin" :-D
[17:45] ronron: and now?
[17:46] benjo: aight
[17:46] benjo: (Link:
[17:46] benjo: i put the whole content to the "ausgabe" field
[17:46] benjo: shite, i have to leave now
[17:46] benjo: so do you have icq @ home?
[17:47] benjo: your always idle when i see you on my list
[17:47] ronron: i m always online ta work
[17:47] ronron: but i ll do the effort to put it online at home
[17:47] ronron: (can t wait for the google messenger:D)
[17:48] benjo: :-(
[17:48] benjo: oops
[17:48] benjo: :-)
[17:48] benjo: alright very very much thanks till now
[17:48] benjo: see you later
[17:48] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Oct 06 17:48:31 2005.
[18:16] *** "benjo" signed on at Thu Oct 06 18:16:28 2005.
[20:10] benjo: are you there?
[23:08] *** "benjo" signed off at Thu Oct 06 23:08:52 2005.
[09:25] *** "benjo" signed on at Fri Oct 07 09:25:15 2005.
[09:25] ronron: ARGH
[09:25] ronron: aaaaaaargh
[09:25] ronron: help....meeeeeeeeeeeee
[09:25] benjo: wh00t?
[09:26] ronron: rolf did not brush his teeth, and don t stop coming and talking to me
[09:26] ronron: i have to do these graphic changes on cumshot niche, woohoo
[09:28] ronron: and he has witch's nails
[09:30] ronron: don t want to do these fucking graphic changes
[09:31] benjo: muhaharhz
[09:31] benjo: me neither
[09:31] benjo: now he´s going to hack my pc
[09:32] ronron: ralf is coming :D
[09:32] benjo: lol
[09:32] ronron: i m going to cut his head to avoid let him touch your pc
[09:33] benjo: rolf called me, i told him the secret path to the files
[09:33] ronron: /secret/path/to/the/files/
[09:33] benjo: q:[09:33] ronron: but i can have access to them no ?
[09:34] benjo: i didn't make the layout in photoshop
[09:34] benjo: nut in photo impact
[09:34] benjo: he sends me the file by email and i convert it to psd
[09:34] benjo: and send it back to you
[09:34] ronron: dunno what to do with this logo
[09:34] ronron: but now i understand you better
[09:35] ronron: ben, do a website -> wow das ist geil ! -> ben can you change the name of the site, look at these cum sites, name of the site = domain -> change it
[09:36] benjo: °_°
[09:36] ronron: he does not want cumshot movies
[09:36] benjo: really?
[09:36] benjo: i'm happy that i`m not there at the moment
[09:37] ronron: if the domain was
[09:37] benjo: i would become really angry
[09:37] benjo: lol
[09:37] benjo:
[09:37] benjo: going to register
[09:37] ronron: then i have to write cumshotrolf instead of cumshot movies...
[09:51] ronron: can t you make a poor logo on your layout ?
[09:52] benjo: yes
[09:52] benjo: i send you the layout as psd now first
[09:52] ronron: i will give that to rofl
[09:52] ronron: here is the logo
[09:52] benjo: :-D
[09:52] ronron: DAS IST GEIL
[09:53] benjo: sent you the psd
[09:53] ronron: you forgot the attached file :D
[09:54] benjo: :-(
[10:06] benjo: alright
[10:11] ronron: can you do me this coca cola logo in another way
[10:11] ronron: can t find the good font, i don t have so much fonts on my pc
[10:11] benjo: (Link: :-D
[10:11] ronron: ok, time new roman then
[10:11] benjo: he only doent like the font?
[10:11] ronron: yup
[10:12] ronron: i think that being places there is not a good idea
[10:12] ronron: but he likes that
[10:14] benjo: places?
[10:14] ronron: placed
[10:14] ronron: under the menu, rolf s ideas are shit
[10:14] benjo: ah, the domainname
[10:14] benjo: actually that was my idea ^^
[10:15] benjo: didn´t wanted to change the whole header gfx, that was the easiest way
[10:15] ronron: i would have put it on the left top
[10:15] ronron: i know it s easy :D
[10:15] benjo: ok i had that first, but rolf wanted the picture to be shown completely
[10:15] ronron: but it s like having yahoo url in the middle of an article of their news
[10:15] ronron: i know he told me the same......
[10:16] benjo: but he is the marketing expert
[10:16] benjo: °_°
[10:16] ronron: "NO, we are going to hide hes cum filled lips!"
[10:16] ronron: -_-
[10:18] benjo: aight, i'm off for abt 2 hours
[10:18] benjo: cu
[10:18] benjo: ;-)
[11:41] *** You have been disconnected. Fri Oct 07 11:41:26 2005.
Session Close (benjo): Fri Oct 07 17:35:31 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Fri Sep 09 10:00:08 2005
[10:00] benjo: yo yo yo [Offline Message (9/7/2005 [12:58])]
[10:00] benjo: btw, did you work on the conendobanana? [Offline Message (9/7/2005 [13:01])]
[10:00] ronron: haha
[10:00] benjo: ^^
[11:04] ronron: kebab man is there
[11:04] benjo: whoar
[11:05] ronron: i have a question about the thing you did for the domain names
[11:05] ronron: actually, everything has to be made by hand
[11:05] benjo: go go go
[11:06] ronron: david "did not have the time to install a 1Mb program to manage hosts
[11:06] ronron: he told me it s the same yopu made for the 5423641 domains
[11:06] benjo: :-D
[11:06] ronron: i dunno how it works
[11:06] ronron: so if you have infos...
[11:07] benjo: hm, actually.... me neither. david just told me to copy the a records and put them above the old entries with another ip
[11:08] ronron: :D cool
[11:08] ronron: hey i ve found him on google :
[11:08] ronron: (Link:
[11:08] benjo: lol
[11:08] ronron: it s the SAME
[11:09] ronron: yes but which files and where to put them ?
[11:09] benjo: (Link:
[11:09] ronron: strange that rolf did not think about for a niche
[11:09] benjo: he told me the old ip and the new ip, nothing else. but everything i did was for the moving of the "new" server
[11:44] ronron: rah he does not stop entering the room
[11:44] benjo: what does this guy want
[11:44] ronron: meeting with rolf to tell him we are slow
[11:44] ronron: and you shouldbe there :D
[11:45] benjo: :-(
[11:46] ronron: i did not tell you
[11:46] ronron: but richard was shouting at rolf two days ago
[11:46] ronron: he was with imam
[11:47] ronron: rolf did not stop tellign "alles klar,ok, alles klar"
[11:47] ronron: even if i did not understand one word
[11:47] ronron: i think it was important cause richard closed the door after entering
[11:47] benjo: hm
[11:48] benjo: would like to know what that was about
Session Close (benjo): Fri Sep 09 12:37:18 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Sep 12 08:42:39 2005
[08:43] ronron: a new week begins, and i already can t bear rofl
[08:43] benjo: ^^
[08:46] ronron: DAS IST GEIL - DAS IST GEIL - DAS IST GEIL - DAS IST GEIL - DAS IST GEIL - DAS IST GEIL - DAS IST GEIL - i love it, but don t forget that you ll have to do changes in two days
[08:46] benjo: again and again
[08:48] ronron: rolf asked me how long it would take to do this geo tracking tool, i told him one week, so i ll be quiet all this week :D
[08:49] ronron: for only one day of work
[08:49] benjo: :-D
[09:03] ronron: respect to ralf \o/
[09:03] ronron: will rolf accept changes ?
[09:04] benjo: ?
[09:04] ronron: he sent a mail concerning firefox
[09:04] benjo: ah
[09:25] ronron: lol
[09:26] ronron: i had to hurry up when i heard rolf s voice
[09:27] benjo: :-)
[09:28] benjo: did you get that?
[09:28] benjo: t-mobile stopped all webbilling activities
[09:28] ronron: yup :D
[09:29] ronron: they do not seem affected by that
[09:29] ronron: even if it was 60% of our clients
[09:29] benjo: yes, they have at least 50% market share
[09:30] benjo: that means that webbilling isn't very attractive any longer ;-)
[09:31] ronron: we have to be CONFIDENT into our MARKETING DIRECTOR
[09:31] benjo: ^^
[09:33] benjo: i can´t await the end of the day already
[09:33] ronron: there was smth funny on friday
[09:34] ronron: rolf : " hey, ad asks me if it s possible to know on which pages our user are browsing
[09:34] ronron: me : "yes, we can follow this kind of data, but...."
[09:34] ronron: rolf : "so how long will it take, gimmie a delay"
[09:35] ronron: me : "we first have to ask ourselves if it s useful to know tha a niche user came to homepage, then vorschau, then subscribed
[09:35] ronron: rolf : ok then.... i ll find a tool for that on google
[09:35] ronron: i wanted to cry
[09:35] benjo: lol
[09:49] ronron: i think i have to begin working on this shit
[09:50] ronron: i don t like to begin a 8:30
[09:50] ronron: when it s 10 it s as if i was there for hours
[09:50] benjo: :-(
[09:51] benjo: me neither
[09:56] benjo: dont find the fucking webfolder where the cumshot-grafics are
[09:56] ronron: on the server ?
[09:57] benjo: yes
[09:57] ronron: html/gfx ???
[09:57] benjo: but
[09:58] benjo: i replaced an image, but i dont see changes ;-)
[09:58] ronron: which one ?
[09:58] benjo: operators.gif
[10:00] ronron: nothing is working \o/
[10:00] ronron: i think that operators is still one image only :|
[10:01] benjo: ?
[10:01] benjo: yes, but i replaced the image actually
[10:01] benjo: :-)
[10:01] ronron: hm
[10:01] ronron: i ll correct it
[10:02] benjo: but if you look at the date, it should be the new one on the server
[10:04] benjo: must be this file or? (Link:
[10:05] benjo: damn
[10:05] benjo: pause!"
[10:05] ronron: it s this file actually
[10:32] ronron: [10:31:46] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : (Link:
[10:31:58] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : i now have default apache test page
[10:32:04] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : could you fix it ?
[10:32:14] David Hammink a dit : yes later
[10:32:31] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : but i really need to have access to the db...
[10:33] ronron: [10:32:53] David Hammink a dit : yes and I only have two hands and some more people need a lot of things to
[10:33:05] Jonathan Rolandez a dit : ok then it ll be a free day for me
[10:34] benjo: ...
[10:34] benjo: wankers
[10:34] ronron: i prefer telling nothing to rolf
[10:34] ronron: or he ll see david too, poor david
[10:35] ronron: i m web developper, i need to have acces to a simple db, but.... later
[10:35] benjo: what are actually david´s skills?
[10:35] benjo: talking into beards?
[10:35] ronron: having a lot of work :p
[10:36] ronron: btw
[10:36] ronron: you changed boa media ?
[10:36] benjo: it wasnt running, so a friend of mine tried to fix it, but had no time to do it completely ;-)
[10:36] benjo: there must be a mistake in the mailer class
[10:37] ronron: no i mean toe whole site
[10:37] benjo: hm, actually no
[10:37] benjo: or do you mean special
[10:38] ronron: oh, ok
[10:38] ronron: i was on
[10:38] benjo: ah
[10:41] ronron: can you give me the ftp infos once again
[10:41] ronron: did you moved any folder, cause it worked the last time i tried
[10:42] benjo: 33349-contenido / jonathan
[10:42] ronron: actually it can t send the files, cause it s looking for a folder to store them, but it can t be found now
[10:42] benjo: i didnt change anything
[10:43] benjo: tried it several times... sometimes i got a mail, but then without attachment
[10:45] benjo: i think the files are not deleted yet or?
[10:45] benjo: which are stored in the folder
[10:46] benjo: because the sending is in the same loop. if the image is not deleted, the mail will not be send
[10:46] ronron: no it has nothing to do
[10:46] benjo: btw you can change the current files if you want, i made a backup
[10:46] benjo: (recipient address a.s.o)
[10:47] benjo: what does "racine" mean btw?
[10:47] benjo: is it folder?
[10:47] ronron: racine = root
[10:47] benjo: ah ok
[10:47] benjo: :-)
[10:47] ronron: can you give methe link to contenido admin ?
[10:48] benjo: (Link: admin/admin
[10:48] benjo: but actually the standalone script isnt working
[10:48] benjo: i think, if this works, we only have to paste the code into that contenido or?
[10:49] ronron: i think it s a problem of paths
[10:49] ronron: i have to adapt the path depending on the location of the files depading on the contenido folder
[10:49] benjo: ouh
[10:49] ronron: your link is not working
[10:50] benjo: (Link:
[10:50] benjo: login: admin/admim
[10:50] ronron: okok
[10:51] ronron: did you change the code of anfrage ouput ?
[10:51] ronron: cause smthg must have been changed, i can t get access to the edit form
[10:52] benjo: not the code itself but the template
[10:52] benjo: but wait, i'll fix it
[10:55] benjo: can you edit now?
[10:55] ronron: hmm no
[10:56] benjo: the server wracks
[10:57] ronron: what i don t understand
[10:57] ronron: is that everything worked
[10:57] benjo: hm
[11:13] ronron: you should have received smthg :D
[11:13] benjo: yeah
[11:13] benjo: and what was the problem?
[11:13] benjo: ;-)
[11:13] ronron: hmm i m ashamed
[11:14] ronron: actually the files were deleted BEFORE the mail was sent
[11:14] ronron: not after
[11:14] benjo: :-D
[11:16] benjo: and now it works fine?
[11:16] ronron: yup
[11:16] ronron: (the standalone)
[11:17] benjo: you're the MAN
[11:17] ronron: i have to update the code for anfrage
[11:17] benjo: btw, what about the image size maximum?
[11:17] benjo: where does this have to be done
[11:17] ronron: it s a simple input hidden tag in the form
[11:18] benjo: ah
[11:18] ronron: but as there are three uploads max
[11:18] ronron: i have to check if i have to define three input, of only one
[11:18] benjo: ah ok
[11:22] benjo: you can sell it as a contenido mod when it works :-D
[11:22] benjo: ok, selling is hard with an open source cms
[11:23] ronron: so which file size max do you want ?
[11:23] benjo: hm... what do you think?
[11:23] ronron: 690Mb, in case of DivX
[11:24] benjo: hm
[11:24] benjo: maybe better 600 kb
[11:24] benjo: must be enough for an image
[12:34] ronron: i have a job interview this evening :D
[12:34] benjo: really?
[12:34] ronron: finally
[12:34] benjo: cool
[12:34] ronron: on msn :D
[12:34] benjo: porncompany?
[12:35] ronron: in my costume in front of my webcam lol
[12:35] benjo: lol
[12:35] ronron: a web agency in... BALI :D
[12:36] benjo: wow cool
[12:36] benjo: so homeworking for the first time?
[12:36] benjo: or is there a train to bali from mönchengladbachg?
[12:36] benjo: ^^
[12:36] ronron: i told them i can work for them without any pb first from home
[12:36] benjo: pb?
[12:37] ronron: but that i have a flat in indonesia, i have to rule my depart from germany so it d take some time
[12:40] benjo: har har
[13:05] ronron: moi je m occupe en envoyant des cv
[13:07] benjo: ^^
[13:34] ronron: last night a dj saved my life
[13:34] benjo: kebap version
[13:34] benjo: imam special remix 2005
[13:35] ronron: G-G-G-GEIL
[13:36] benjo: WIE GEIL IST DAS DENN
[13:36] ronron: DENN GEIL IST DAS WIE
[14:57] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Sep 12 14:57:39 2005.
[14:59] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Sep 12 14:59:38 2005.
[15:45] benjo: oh
[15:46] benjo: --> memberlogin
[15:46] benjo: Warning: readfile((Link: failed to open stream: Connection refused in /home/GermanyWebs/ on line 4
[15:46] ronron: ------> balint :D
[15:46] benjo: :-D
[15:46] benjo: O-)
[15:47] benjo: i will tell it to rolf and he will tell it to you. you tell it to rolf and he will call balint and they will talk later then. hi!
[15:47] ronron: you forget the key element
[15:47] ronron: Mr Doner Jr.
[15:47] benjo: :-D
[17:35] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Sep 12 17:35:32 2005.
[18:01] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Sep 12 18:01:22 2005.
[19:08] *** "benjo" signed off at Mon Sep 12 19:08:15 2005.
[19:09] *** "benjo" signed on at Mon Sep 12 19:09:56 2005.
[00:11] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Sep 13 00:11:05 2005.
[08:37] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Sep 13 08:37:38 2005.
[08:40] benjo: (Link:
[08:42] ronron: atrgh i can t edit the anfrage thing
[08:42] benjo: if you login to contenido and go to style --> module --> upload2
[08:42] benjo: that is the code
[08:42] benjo: you dont need to edit the anfrage page
[08:42] ronron: ah ok
[08:43] ronron: when the mail is sent successfully
[08:43] ronron: i reload the header to itself
[08:44] benjo: is it a matter of the path?
[08:44] ronron: (to avoid, for example, a double sending of the message
[08:44] benjo: because the path is different than in the standalone script
[08:44] ronron: the problem is that hader update can be done only no text is displayed on the page
[08:44] ronron: before the header is updated
[08:44] ronron: but as the thing is included on a page, i have to rethink how to relod the page
[08:45] benjo: hm...
[08:45] benjo: sounds difficult
[08:59] benjo: coool
[09:01] ronron: ?
[09:01] ronron: does works too ?
[09:01] benjo: i'll try
[09:01] benjo: they tell me
[09:03] benjo: yeah, @gmail works too
[09:05] benjo: huh? 2589 MB?
[09:05] benjo: wasn't it 1 gb?
[09:11] ronron: you don t know google famous pic ?
[09:13] ronron: they give more space day after day
[09:13] ronron: (Link:
[09:13] ronron: to reach INFINITE+1
[09:13] ronron: (it was april fool s day when they put this thing)
[09:14] benjo: :-D
[09:16] ronron: this exitconsole shit
[09:16] ronron: i have to do a script for that
[09:17] ronron: and i m prettty sure ad will say next week "oh finally i don t want it"
[09:17] benjo: probably
[09:17] benjo: :-D
[09:31] benjo: i'm thinking the whole time how to make money with their stupidity :-D
[09:31] ronron: i have the solution
[09:31] ronron: you just have to place 2048*64521 exitconsoles on websites
[09:31] benjo: i would like them to put a fucking banner for a partnerprogramm, so that i only have to change the webmaster id sometimes :-D
[09:42] ronron: when wil he stop making so much noise with his keyboard
[09:43] benjo: ^^
[09:53] benjo: i forgot... how was your job interview?
[09:53] ronron: longer than i thought
[09:53] ronron: 2hours :D
[09:53] ronron: i just have to wait for their news by the end of the week
[09:54] benjo: cool. but their job offer is good
[09:54] benjo: `?
[09:55] benjo: "i can only work sitting on seats out of crocodile leather"
[09:55] benjo: else you can put your job in your ass
[09:55] benjo: :-D
[09:56] ronron: the offer is good of course
[10:00] benjo: picking asparagus would be cooler than this here
[10:01] ronron: now, here it s like my cybercafe
[10:01] benjo: :-)
[10:47] benjo: ah, what sven told me:
[10:47] benjo: police was here
[10:47] benjo: :-D
[10:47] ronron: yup he told me yesterday
[10:47] benjo: ah
[10:47] ronron: but the worst is that an emüployee is in troubles too
[10:47] benjo: yes
[10:48] benjo: i guess this company will not have a long future
[10:48] benjo: if they continue like now
[10:48] ronron: spamming, stealing content :D
[10:48] benjo: yes, only all those copyright things
[10:49] benjo: they can get a really really big fee for that
[10:50] ronron: 2,6M$
[10:50] benjo: at least
[10:50] ronron: just what's needed to buy skype :D
[10:50] benjo: :-D
[10:50] ronron: (Link:
[10:50] benjo: ^^
[10:53] ronron: (Link: :D
[10:54] benjo: lol
[11:14] ronron: poor balint
[11:14] benjo: yesyes
[11:16] ronron: imam sucks
[11:16] benjo: of course
[11:16] ronron: how can he decide things he does not even know?
[11:16] benjo: but kebap rulez
[11:16] benjo: what did he decide?
[11:16] ronron: k3b4p
[11:16] benjo: k3b4p 4 3v4h
[11:16] ronron: i have to check how homevideo works
[11:18] ronron: if the server or billing thing crashes, i wont be there, so you ll have to learn how it works too :D
[11:18] benjo: :-D
[11:18] benjo: :-D :-D :-D
[11:18] benjo: for sure i will
[11:19] benjo: i think i will start to work as a music teacher again
[11:19] benjo: ^^
[11:21] ronron: write an email to jonathan, explaining him how homevideo ans jsp works :D
[11:21] benjo: lol
[11:22] ronron: argh lok at this pic : (Link:
[11:22] benjo: argh
[12:58] ronron: cette petite abeille porte le nom de mayaaaaaaaa
[12:59] ronron: (french version)
[13:05] benjo: is that a french cartoon btw.?
[13:06] benjo: ou allemand
[13:06] ronron: i think it s french
[13:06] ronron: wait
[13:07] ronron: maya l abeilla was the hero of a book written in 1906 by Wldemar Bonsels
[13:07] ronron: but who did the cartoon ?
[13:07] ronron: dunno
[13:07] ronron: - the end -
[13:08] benjo: :-D
[13:08] benjo: talking about maya l abeille
[13:08] ronron: BREAKING NEWS
[13:08] ronron: original title : Mitsubachi Maya no bôken
[13:09] ronron: autrian / japanese cartoon
[13:09] benjo: :-O
[13:09] benjo: crazy
[13:09] ronron: created in 1975 by Nisan Takahashi
[13:09] ronron: 52 * 22 mins episodes
[13:10] ronron: a second season was done in 1982 , Shin Mitsubachi Maya no bôken
[13:10] ronron: voila
[13:10] benjo: (Link:
[13:10] benjo: :-D
[13:11] ronron: i m unmasked
[13:11] ronron: (Link:'abeille)'abeille
[13:11] benjo: ^^
[13:11] benjo: extended french version
[13:14] benjo: shit
[13:14] benjo: now i have this fucking song in my head
[13:15] ronron: lol
[13:15] ronron: YOU GOT MAIL
[13:15] ronron: homevideo documentation sent by balint :D
[13:15] benjo: lol
[13:15] ronron: with that, i control THE INTERNET
[13:15] benjo: :-D
[13:17] benjo: he could have drawed the field "internet" a bit more detailled :-D
[13:18] ronron: i learnt that internet is divided into three parts
[13:18] ronron: with that i can destroy homevideo
[13:18] benjo: lol
[13:26] benjo: lol
[13:26] benjo: "actually i dont give a shit, cause i',m leaving soon"
[13:26] benjo: :-D
[13:26] ronron: and then he will call balint
[13:59] benjo: do you have an idea why this flash works on explorer but not on firefox? (Link:
[14:01] ronron: file:///C|/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/Benjamin%20Brauers/Desktop/tp/cumshotsite/standorte.swf
[14:01] ronron: :D
[14:01] benjo: ooops
[14:01] benjo: :-D
[14:01] benjo: i'm always laughing when that happens to others :-D
[14:01] ronron: i m sure it won t work on internet expl on my computer
[14:02] benjo: must work
[14:02] benjo: because the path is my pc at home
[14:02] benjo: not here
[14:04] benjo: are you in the cms at the moment?
[14:04] ronron: the admin?
[14:04] benjo: yes
[14:04] ronron: no
[14:05] benjo: hm
[14:05] ronron: viva contenido \ö/
[14:05] benjo: :-)
[14:45] ronron: this afternoon is loooooong
[14:46] benjo: in fact
[15:45] ronron: do you have the admin pass to install programs ?
[15:47] benjo: yes, i have a local admin account on this machine
[15:47] benjo: but it´s not the general admin password
[15:47] ronron: so dreamweaver will be only for home :D
[15:47] benjo: :-)
[15:52] benjo: damn, the upstream is lame
[15:53] ronron: ?
[15:54] benjo: want to upload dreamweaver
[15:54] ronron: bring a hard drive with you then
[15:54] benjo: :_)
[17:04] benjo: oh no, the next niche is grannies :-(
[17:05] ronron: GEIL
[17:05] benjo: @=
[17:06] ronron: (Link:
[17:06] ronron: i found the girl for the home
[17:06] benjo: lol
[17:07] benjo: thats cool
[17:07] ronron: an old woman complaints of finding her photo on XXX sites
[17:07] ronron: criminal police investigates in viersen :|
[17:07] benjo: :-D
[17:08] benjo: FBI, CIA, KGB, mossad
[17:08] benjo: all at tp
[17:08] benjo: NOW I SEE
[17:08] benjo: rolf is cia-agent!
[17:08] benjo: he has to spy out this company
[17:08] benjo: thats why he has no plan of internet domain
[17:09] ronron: didn'i you see the lil cams on each side of his glasses?
[17:09] benjo: with two mega zoom objectives :-D
[17:09] ronron: Rolf Bond
[17:09] benjo: 006
[17:10] ronron: -00,3
[17:10] benjo: :-D
[17:24] ronron: rolf is replacing johnny depp in the 2005 version of 21 jump street
[17:24] ronron: everything is getting clear now
[17:25] benjo: lol
[17:28] benjo: can you send me that baywatchkatrina link again?
[17:28] benjo: i dont save history here
[17:28] ronron: (Link:
[17:29] benjo: thx
[17:29] ronron: \o/ nealry the time to leave
[17:29] benjo: yesss
[17:35] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Sep 13 17:35:34 2005.
[19:13] *** "benjo" signed on at Tue Sep 13 19:13:22 2005.
[21:35] benjo: whoa, you finally installed icq? ;-)
[23:52] *** "benjo" signed off at Tue Sep 13 23:52:23 2005.
[08:36] *** "benjo" signed on at Wed Sep 14 08:36:59 2005.
[09:31] benjo: send you the teen layout
[09:32] benjo: :*)
[09:32] ronron: yippie
[09:32] ronron: rolf does nto understand anything
[09:33] benjo: of course not
[09:34] ronron: do you also have the header for the memebers area ?
[09:35] benjo: make it now
[09:43] ronron: JA.....................................JA.......................................JA:...........................................JA............................ OK so see u tonight i want to suck your balls
[09:43] benjo: this nerves
[09:43] benjo: JA
[09:43] benjo: JA
[09:43] benjo: JA
[09:43] benjo: UH
[09:43] benjo: JA
[09:43] benjo: YOU ARE RIGHT, BOSS!
[09:44] benjo: like always
[09:50] benjo: sent you stuff
[09:50] benjo: ^^
[09:51] ronron: yup it goes fast
[10:53] ronron: 0123456
[10:53] ronron: bbb
[10:54] ronron: endlich-18
[11:17] benjo: dunno why he doesn't use skype for talking the whole day to balint
[11:17] ronron: we ll create new categories, such as eyes - nails - hair - knees
[11:17] benjo: would save thousands of $$$$$ :-D
[11:18] benjo: yesyes yesyes
[11:19] benjo: beware of the cruel yesyes machinegun
[11:19] ronron: the redord is actually 6 YES COMBO
[11:19] benjo: :-D
[11:58] benjo: yesyes. its french. or spanish
[12:01] benjo: how is your name pronounced, like rolandé our really spanish?
[12:01] benjo: because it doesnt sound french to me :-D
[12:01] ronron: ZZZZZ
[12:01] ronron: it s french, comes from roland
[12:01] ronron: but spanish people took my region in 18XX
[12:02] ronron: so our name were affected :(
[12:02] benjo: they bastards!
[12:02] benjo: :-D
[12:02] ronron: I M NOT A MANUEL
[12:58] ronron: YOU ARE TOO SLOW
[12:58] ronron: i m going to make a kebab from you gwar ar ar ar
[12:59] benjo: lol
[12:59] benjo: i think iman knows that rolf is stupid
[13:00] ronron: his face is a mask
[13:00] ronron: it s not natural
[13:02] ronron: i heard jonathan
[13:02] ronron: one of his friends ?
[13:03] benjo: hm?
[13:03] benjo: he said jonathan is a fool
[13:03] benjo: :-D
[13:03] ronron: we are going to fire him :D
[13:03] benjo: he said that he doenst like you because you dont have a moustache
[13:04] ronron: yes but he could think that way = asterix = french / jonathan = french => jonathan has an invisible moustache
[13:04] benjo: lol
[13:04] benjo: sent you the preview page btw.
[13:09] ronron: i also need the pic fro gratis mail
[13:09] benjo: yes comes next
[13:14] benjo: done
[13:14] ronron: thx killer avatar man
[13:14] benjo: killer avataR?
[13:15] benjo: do i have an avatar?
[13:15] ronron: yup
[13:15] benjo: me with porn glasses?
[13:15] ronron: with oasis sunglasses :D
[13:15] benjo: hm...
[13:15] benjo: cause i dont see it myself
[13:15] benjo: i see your avatar
[13:15] benjo: :-D
[13:15] benjo: jean le croissant
[13:15] benjo: :-D
[13:16] ronron: in which movie that was
[13:16] benjo: dunno anymore
[13:16] ronron: i have already heard a name like that
[13:16] ronron: like in Godzilla, where all the french guys are named "jean pierre" "jean paul"
[13:16] benjo: or francois
[13:17] benjo: in team america every french is called "jean-francois" :-D
[13:17] benjo: like every american is called "bill"
[13:18] ronron: lol
[13:24] ronron: lol
[13:24] benjo: muaharharhar
[13:24] ronron: YOU WON T MARRY
[13:24] benjo: you *can´t* marry
[13:24] benjo: no time
[13:25] ronron: oh you did not take a gauge pic for gratis video
[13:25] ronron: :(
[13:25] benjo: :-)
[13:25] benjo: its always the same video so rolf wants a pic of the movie which is send
[13:54] benjo: buy my exclusive glasses! (Link:
[13:56] ronron: 32euros :|
[13:56] benjo: for 12 (!!!)
[13:56] benjo: ;-)
[13:57] ronron: as it s not brand new, i would say 1€ max per glass
[13:57] benjo: or a huuuuge banner (Link:
[13:57] benjo: a must-have if you like beer :-D
[13:58] ronron: 1,20 m x 3 m (!!!)
[13:58] ronron: font size = red
[13:58] benjo: :-D
[13:58] ronron: err color
[13:59] benjo: because this is AMAZINGLY HUUUUGEE!
[13:59] ronron: 4 views, you + me
[13:59] benjo: its online since yesterday evening
[13:59] benjo: people pay ~30-40 € for that crap
[14:12] ronron: when he typed the text, he typed enter at the end of each line
[14:12] benjo: yes
[14:12] ronron: even if the sentence is not finished
[14:13] benjo: but you could explain him the meaning of plain text :-D
[14:26] ronron: it s the same
[14:26] ronron: (Link:
[14:26] benjo: :-D
[14:37] ronron: perspicacity
[14:37] benjo: his laughing SUCKS
[14:38] ronron: "OK I AM STIOUPID"
[14:38] benjo: :-)
[14:45] benjo: the worst thing that can happen is when imam + richard watch on my screen and the ikea-site appears
[14:45] benjo: :-D
[14:46] ronron: i switch off the forum i was reading for a wonderful dreamweaver page in code view
[14:47] benjo: that´s what ALT+TAB is for :-D
[15:47] ronron: lol
[15:47] ronron: thx rolf
[15:47] benjo: :-D
[15:49] benjo: i'm still not sure if we aren´t in a tv-show right now, like hidden camera or
[15:53] ronron: "we have decided to...............(drums)........allow people to pay by sending us checks :D"
[15:53] benjo: :-D
[16:18] benjo: sven told me a cool story
[16:18] benjo: about the former "webdesigner"
[16:18] benjo: a girl
[16:18] ronron: :D
[16:18] ronron: and
[16:19] benjo: she was fired, because she redirected the domains to her own pages at night :-D
[16:19] ronron: lol
[16:19] ronron: so we are not the first to talk about that :D
[16:20] benjo: :-/
[16:20] ronron: "i don t understand why every night does not make sales" ROlf, 2K4
[16:20] benjo: but i think rolf himself is open for such things
[16:20] benjo: he only doesnt now how it works :-D
[16:21] ronron: "jonathan, can you print me the list of domains you have on your computer " -> it was file listing on filezilla ftp
[16:30] benjo: i need to find a better way
[16:30] benjo: for my evil plans
[16:30] benjo: not just a redirection
[16:30] benjo: there must be another way ;-=)
[16:31] benjo: maybe a time controlled exit window e.g.
[16:31] benjo: :-)
[16:32] benjo: only when sexy sports clips are on DSF
[16:32] benjo: :-D
[16:35] ronron: can t wait for pissen niche :D
[16:36] benjo: :-(
[16:36] benjo: oma comes next :-(
[16:36] ronron: if you have needs when i ll put exit consoles
[16:36] ronron: just ask :D
[16:36] benjo: :-D
[16:37] benjo: can they notice if i log in to that ftp-server from home?
[16:37] benjo: ;-)
[16:37] ronron: i don t think so
[16:37] benjo: maybe they *could* :-D
[16:38] ronron: they can store an ip
[17:07] benjo: lol
[17:07] ronron: please, please, please, renew your subscription, for god s sake !
[17:08] benjo: never heard such bullshit
[17:08] ronron: we ll send you a free chocolate box to your home
[17:08] benjo: :-D
[17:10] ronron: why don t they look for another biller ?
[17:10] ronron: because their solution is everything expect recurring billing
[17:10] benjo: dunno
[17:11] ronron: and i don t understand why rolf says "it s a good solution"
[17:11] ronron: he should say "AW, THIS IS REALLY SHIT"
[17:11] benjo: because he is not keen on thinking too much
[17:11] benjo: its easy to say "ok everything is fine, this is a good solution"
[17:21] ronron: BUT
[17:21] ronron: but but
[17:21] ronron: it s nearly 17h30
[17:21] benjo: ye0r!!!!!11
[17:22] benjo: 17h30 t3h win!!!!1
Session Close (benjo): Wed Sep 14 17:33:36 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Thu Sep 15 09:31:06 2005
[09:31] ronron: i m fed up
[09:31] benjo: ^^
[09:31] benjo: the new manuel
[09:53] ronron: (Link:
[09:53] ronron: for the niche
[09:55] ronron: we should launch a bet website
[09:55] benjo: its so funny all the people looking at my omifick stuff
[09:55] benjo: i heard that this guy works for tp ireland since a long while
[10:02] ronron: x_x
[10:02] benjo: :-D
[10:02] ronron: i have to be operated the sooner
[10:02] ronron: 2 weeks at home :D
[10:02] benjo: ^^
[10:04] ronron: if i m not operated, i will cut my arms just to avoid doing this shit
[10:04] benjo: lol
[10:05] benjo: tomorrow morning i will disguise myself as imam... paste a moustache, eat some kebaps for breakfast and so on, and then i will go to rolf and tell him that he is fired and has to go asap
[10:05] ronron: wait monday then
[10:05] ronron: i ll be there :D
[10:06] benjo: ok
[10:06] benjo: but first
[10:06] benjo: PAUSE
[10:06] ronron: actually i could do this shit easily, but it s as if rolf and a balint are going to decide for me if i m able of doing that
[10:10] ronron: I FUCK THEM ALL
[10:13] ronron: " hi balint you should send it to us by email all your code related to homevideo, and we will put it in errr visual errr.... software i don t know "
[10:22] benjo: :-D
[10:22] ronron: Microsoft Visual Software Rofl Edition 2006
[10:56] benjo: SHIT
[10:56] benjo: (Link:
[10:56] ronron: :|
[10:56] benjo: if we make a clown niche, we could use the pic
[10:57] benjo:
[10:57] ronron: \o/ don t forget to put rofl's pic
[11:03] ronron: (Link:
[11:03] ronron: :'-(
[11:03] benjo: steven king
[11:03] ronron: i hate clowns since this movie
[11:03] benjo: :-)
[11:03] benjo: i never like clowns
[11:06] benjo: nice party (Link:
[11:07] ronron: (Link:
[11:07] ronron: for fat niche
[11:08] benjo: these girls are nice (Link:
[11:09] ronron: OMG
[11:09] ronron: i won t cut the layout thsi time
[11:09] benjo: :-(
[11:09] ronron: nice site to put on your cv
[11:09] benjo: i wont put this site into my portfolio :-D
[11:10] benjo: actually none of them
[11:17] benjo: what happened to brat hitman hard? (Link:
[11:18] benjo: (Link:
[11:25] benjo: ...
[11:25] ronron: i sent him a mail abt that ü_ü
[11:26] benjo: he doesnt read is mail if you dont skype him "YOU GOT MAIL"
[11:26] benjo: :-D
[11:30] benjo: damn hippies (Link:
[11:33] benjo: this is a nice series too (Link:
[11:33] benjo: miami vice porn
[11:33] benjo: (Link:
[11:33] benjo: now i know where they got all those homevideo bitches :-D
[11:33] ronron: Dee Dee Mc Call
[11:33] benjo: rolf´s tase
[11:33] benjo: taste
[11:33] ronron: from Rick Hunter
[11:34] ronron: monstercock :| (Link:
[11:35] benjo: i would say average
[11:35] benjo: :-D
[11:36] ronron: if he loses some blood, he could brake her nose : (Link:
[11:36] benjo: lol
[11:40] ronron: rofl does a lot of meetings these days
Session Close (benjo): Thu Sep 15 12:12:50 2005

Session Start (336067819:benjo): Mon Sep 19 09:00:40 2005
[09:00] benjo: and, how was your examination?
[09:00] ronron: horrible :D
[09:00] benjo: :-/
[09:00] benjo: i can imagine
[09:01] ronron: i told the guy to anesthesize me, he did not :D
[09:01] benjo: 8-|
[09:01] benjo: so you´ve seen people sticking stuff into your body?
[09:01] ronron: and the results were not complete, dunno why, so i think i have to redo again soon
[09:01] benjo: damn
[09:20] benjo: the last two days were hell
[09:20] benjo: thursday and friday
[09:20] benjo: here too ;-)
[09:20] ronron: rolf did not know what to do, so he sent me a mail
[09:20] ronron: Hi Jonathan,

please add the 15 niche domains also in the traffic stats you made.

Thanks, Rolf
[09:20] benjo: lol
[09:20] ronron: i am going to activate stats for sites that do not exist :D
[09:22] ronron: did he try to rape you ?
[09:22] benjo: mentally
[09:23] benjo: we were argueing about the granny layout
[09:23] benjo: and for sure do the pics suck
[09:23] benjo: cause its grannies
[09:23] benjo: wait
[09:23] benjo: i send you two layouts
[09:23] ronron: :D
[09:23] benjo: one i made when i was angry
[09:23] ronron: can t wait
[09:24] benjo: done
[09:24] benjo: the red one was on rolf´s instructions :-D
[09:24] benjo: really
[09:24] benjo: he gave me all the pics
[09:24] benjo: said red background
[09:25] benjo: i said ok
[09:25] benjo: and did that
[09:25] benjo: and the funny thing:
[09:25] benjo: he *really* liked it!
[09:30] ronron: we should make websitein ascii art then, if he does not like details
[09:31] benjo: lol
[09:31] benjo: we can change everything by copy & paste :-D
[09:48] ronron: so i have to cut the red layout, it would be easy for me :D
[09:49] benjo: ;-)
[09:49] ronron: but \o/ evertything will get clearer during our "WEEKLY MEETING"
[09:50] benjo: :-) yeah
[09:51] benjo: where´s rolf?
[09:51] benjo: cockucking at imam?
[09:51] ronron: argh i had a flash
[09:51] benjo: i`m sure he´s pissed because of the elections yesterday
[09:51] ronron: Cum Mustache VOl 12
[10:41] ronron: and then it will be told to us that we are slow...
[10:43] ronron: HI, long time no see
[10:43] benjo: :-D
[10:45] benjo: AIGHT
[10:45] benjo: oma has finished
[10:45] benjo: sent you the fucking shit
[10:45] benjo: :-D
[10:45] ronron: \o/
[10:45] benjo: big mama is watching you
[10:46] ronron: it will the first time i ll be *really* hot cause of my job
[10:46] benjo: lol
[10:48] ronron: can you send me the background only without repeat ?
[10:49] benjo: je suis en train
[10:49] ronron: depeche toi
[10:49] ronron: :D
[10:49] benjo: ^^
[10:50] benjo: done
[10:51] benjo: alright. i give you 10 minutes for the html
[10:51] benjo: :-D
[10:53] ronron: 2,3,4,7,1254 days ?
[10:54] benjo: :-)
[10:54] benjo: actually that´s not what imam asked
[10:54] benjo: he only asked if your seo gives already some results
[10:55] ronron: lol
[10:55] ronron: no results then
[10:55] benjo: ;-)
[11:03] benjo: ah, please make the "vorschau"-button as a gif, because rolf wants it blinking
[11:03] benjo: :-/
[11:04] ronron: fragen = faq ?
[11:04] benjo: yup
[11:04] benjo: extra button this time ;-)
[11:14] ronron: (Link: :D
[11:14] ronron: can you give me the black vrsion of vorschau button ?
[11:14] benjo: :-D
[11:18] benjo: mailed
[11:21] benjo: your jpg-compression sucks
[11:21] benjo: :-D
[11:22] ronron: if you want 200kb pages it s ok i can make it better :D
[11:23] benjo: i dont care O-)
[11:23] ronron: but it will give the underground style rofl ever wanted
[11:24] ronron: i don t want to answer him
[11:24] ronron: can you tell him something, like "nice weather today"
[11:24] benjo: :-D
[11:25] benjo: i dont want to talk to him neither
[11:25] benjo: nobody wants
[11:32] ronron: so i ve finished, just need your two pages + header :D
[11:33] benjo: argh, the text-space is horrible :-D
[11:33] benjo: the left spacing on the startpage ^^
[11:33] ronron: ?
[11:34] ronron: you mean left text spacing of the text ?
[11:34] benjo: yes
[11:34] ronron: AND LIKE THAT :D
[11:34] benjo: (y)
[11:35] benjo: i know that coders give a shit on layout-stuff :-D spacing is not important...
[11:35] benjo: ;-)
[11:36] benjo: thats cool
[11:36] benjo: ;)
[11:36] ronron: i just know that rolf don t care abt that so i don t care neither
[11:36] ronron: thats the good point with him
[11:36] benjo: right
[11:36] ronron: he already sent me the texts / incredible
[11:36] benjo: whoohoarr
[11:37] ronron: so there are 6 preview movies in vorschau ?
[11:37] benjo: i guess so
[11:37] ronron: \o/
[11:38] ronron: if you want worst image quality i can convert your layout into wbmp :D
[11:39] benjo: :-)
[11:48] ronron: mmmm, mmmmm
[11:48] benjo: ...
[11:48] benjo: :-(
[11:49] benjo: cant hear this anymore
[11:49] ronron: :'-(
[11:50] ronron: imam needs him (oh yesssss)
[11:51] ronron: and rolf was in phone with..... imam
[11:53] benjo: lol
[12:50] benjo: sent you the vorschau stuff
[12:51] ronron: hurray
[12:51] benjo: lol, nice avatar
[12:58] benjo: gratis video also
[13:25] ronron: x_x
[13:28] benjo: now rolf is on the vorschau trip
[13:29] benjo: he wants the button to be MUCH bigger and MORE blinking
[13:29] benjo: :-(
[13:29] benjo: dunno what he smoked this morning
[13:29] ronron: i won t do that
[13:29] benjo: maybe his daddies' pants
[13:30] benjo: lol, the "dienst beenden" button on the oma page is great :-D
[13:31] ronron: his dad died in vietnam
[13:31] benjo: yes because of stinking shorts
[13:31] benjo: "little rolf, i told you not to smell too long an daddies' underwear!"
[13:32] ronron: we could make a movie with this story
[13:32] ronron: and then
[13:32] ronron: he met mustache boy
[13:32] benjo: :-D
[13:33] benjo: moustache boy meets short-smelling rol
[13:33] benjo: f
[14:00] benjo: mua hahar har har, jonathan, muhaharharh, your pic, löOLOLOL
[14:01] ronron: he s astonished cause he does no know how to custom your avatar with something else than default pics
[14:01] benjo: ;-)
[14:29] ronron: you have to make it blink every 1/100 sec
[14:29] benjo: :-)
[14:30] ronron: and make it following the mouse moves, i saw that on a site of my cousin (he s 8yo) last week, i like it
[14:30] ronron: he told me he made it with sonmething called "javascript"
[14:30] benjo: :-D
[14:31] ronron: but i think we need visual software to do javascript
[14:31] ronron: COMBO x3
[14:31] benjo: ask ralf to install it on my pc
[14:42] ronron: OUR MEETING / rolf already forgot
[14:42] ronron: it was a 2 week mega exrience
[14:42] benjo: damn!
[14:42] benjo: you should remind him
[14:42] ronron: i am going to do it by icq :
[14:43] ronron: "so i talked with Richard, he wants 1254 websites to be done for june, 2007"
[14:43] ronron: "so, any questions ?"
[14:43] benjo: lol
[14:43] ronron: "so i don t know what to say, so,
[14:43] ronron: we talk later then, thank you guys
[14:44] benjo: :-D
[14:52] benjo: i´ve sent you the new vorschau button :-D
[14:52] benjo: make it blinking as fast as possible
[14:52] ronron: WOW
[14:52] ronron: WUNDERBAR
[14:53] benjo: "ben, could you please but axl rose in the background of the vorschau button? people will pay more attention because they like axl rose"
[14:54] ronron: axl rose?
[14:54] benjo: w000t
[14:54] benjo: you dont know axl rose?
[14:54] benjo: rolf´s idol?
[14:54] ronron: oh ok, i was thinking abt a pornstar :|
[14:54] benjo: (Link:
[14:55] benjo: lol
[14:55] ronron: which delays for the blink effect ?
[14:56] benjo: 1/10000 sec
[14:56] benjo: or 1-2 days
[14:56] benjo: would be enough
[14:56] ronron: only if rolf is epileptic
[14:57] benjo: pause soon :-)
[15:04] ronron: wow it s fantastic this vorschau thing
[15:05] benjo: OH YEAH
[15:05] ronron: i don t get why rolf always wants to put his gratis mail things as an important element of the site
[15:05] benjo: FASTER, BIGGER!!!
[15:05] benjo: me neither
[15:05] benjo: but i dont discuss with him anymore
[15:05] ronron: it should be a simple button, not a part of the menu
[15:06] ronron: i can make the vorschau thing growingm and when it s fully pixellated a skull heal appears and saying "HAHAHA YOU R HACKED"
[15:06] benjo: lol
[15:06] ronron: rolf saw it in "Hackers - the Movie"
[15:07] benjo: :-D
[15:07] benjo: PAUSE
[15:07] ronron: with 3D viruses
[15:36] benjo: could you tell rolf that there is a fine calculator integrated in windows?
[15:37] ronron: it s too small
[15:37] benjo: :-D
[15:37] benjo: but it makes more noise!
[15:37] ronron: look at his phone :
[15:37] ronron: (Link:
[15:38] benjo: he needs only 4 buttons:
[15:38] benjo: 1. balint
[15:38] benjo: 2. mobileview
[15:38] benjo: 3. boss
[15:38] ronron: imam :D
[15:38] benjo: 4. mommy
[15:38] benjo: no, he can skype with imam :-D
[15:38] benjo: cause he´s not so far away
[15:39] ronron: (Link:
[15:39] ronron: he s got a twin wo took all the intellignce :(
[15:39] benjo: lol
[15:40] benjo: the twin got the intelligence, rolf the bigger glasses
[15:42] benjo: (Link:
[15:43] ronron: ö_ö
[15:43] benjo: god damn, dont make pictures! (Link:
[15:44] ronron: google ?
[15:44] benjo: yes, i searched for "rolf krueglers mom"
[15:46] benjo: fuck, you can feed whole africa with that (Link:
[15:46] ronron: (Link:
[15:47] benjo: you can make thousands of those just of her tits!
[15:47] ronron: (Link:
[15:47] ronron: it s slime
[15:47] benjo: the ghostbusters will get you!
[15:48] benjo: ...your tits!"